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Mistakes initial assessment


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Mistakes initial assessment

  2. 2. It’snear to the beachI would like finding a new jobThe English it’s important for that
  3. 3. It’snear the beachI would like to find a new jobEnglish is important for that
  4. 4. So english is easier.I work like teacher in a school…is necesary
  5. 5. So English is easier.I work as a teacher in a school…it is necessary
  6. 6. …without have problems with English.I think is important to….It is a important language
  7. 7. …without having problems with English.I think it is important to….It is an important language
  8. 8. I began to learn it many time agoI meet with foreign peopleAs consecuence,….
  9. 9. I began to learn it a long time agoI meet foreign peopleAs a consequence,….
  10. 10. I teach to my pupils…I am a teacher who teach primary studentsI prefer do it without thinking
  11. 11. I teach my pupils…I am a teacher who teaches primary studentsI prefer doing/to do it without thinking
  12. 12. I decided study English…I hope learn so muchThe reasons that I would like to learn English are…
  13. 13. I decided to study English…I hope to learn so muchThe reasons why I would like to learn English are…
  14. 14. I need improve my English because…I born in MalagaI need it for be a teacher
  15. 15. I need to improve my English because…I was born in MalagaI need it to be a teacher
  16. 16. I like swim, listen music, visit my familyIt is actually necessary to workingSpeak in English is very important
  17. 17. I like swimming, listening to music, visiting my familyIt is nowadays necessary to workSpeaking in English is very important