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Example of monologue


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Example of monologue

  1. 1. Good afternoon, my name is ….and I’m going to talk about the fact that women worry more about their diet than men. I’d like to start by saying that obviously this depends on the person. Generally speaking, many people think that women care more about their appearance. A good example of this is that many of them are on a diet and go to the gym on a daily basis. What’s more, they try to eat more healthily than men, what I’m saying is that they try to eat products such as fresh food and low-fat food and avoid eating fatty foods and cut down on sugars. The problem is that in most of the cases, this appearance obsession is related to mass media: magazines, tv, fashion shows have an influence on them. Apart from that, you’ve probably heard that some women are extremely worried about their physical appearance because it is vital for them to find a partner. However, as I see it, things are not what they used to be in the past. Things are changing now and both men and women are on equal terms regarding what we’ve said before. In conclusion, what is clear is that we all should worry about our diet not only to feel good but also to be fit because we are what we eat. If we keep an eye on what we eat and follow a balanced diet, we’ll live longer. -use of linking words - there is an introduction, some ideas and a conclusion -there are some intermediate structures and some intermediate lexis (vocabulary, used to, verbs+ prepositions, use of adverbs, conditional sentences, comparatives…)