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What You Didn't Know About Social Media - The Internal Perspective


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Studies have shown that employees spend at least 30 minutes a day on social networking sites during work hours, leaving companies concerned with the amount of time employees spend on non-related work. As internet access grows and becomes more mobile-friendly, it will be nearly impossible to keep employees from engaging in social networks in the workplace. In this session, Helen Levinson, Principal of Digital Marketing at Desert Rose Design will put a twist on this issue to show how the growing social media trend can work in your favor.

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What You Didn't Know About Social Media - The Internal Perspective

  1. 1. What You Didn’t Know About Social MediaThe Internal Perspective Presenter: Helen Levinson Twitter: @helenlevinson
  2. 2. Social Media PhobiaMost Common Reasons:• Lack of Knowledge• Brand Management• PR Concerns• Employee Time Waster• Who Owns It?• It’s a Passing Fad
  3. 3. Raising Budgets • 60% of companies will raise email marketing budgets • 54% of companies will invest more in social media budgets • 37% of companies will increase mobile and search budgetsSource: 2012 Marketing Trends Survey composed by StrongMail
  4. 4. Trends and Social Media Movement
  5. 5. Online Communities & Content Curation
  6. 6. QR Codes
  7. 7. Location Based Services
  8. 8. Benefits• Employees are connected and engaged with the company and each other.• Strong employer brand that attracts talent.• Customers want to do more business with you.
  9. 9. Augmented Reality Apps
  10. 10. Gamification &Social Gaming
  11. 11. Source: Saatchi & Saatchi: Gamification Study
  12. 12. Source: Saatchi & Saatchi: Gamification Study
  13. 13. Source: Saatchi & Saatchi: Gamification Study
  14. 14. Drive Internal Participation• Collaboration• Earn Points For Tasks• Win Challenges• Earn Badges• Levels — or “leveling up”• Trade Skill Shortages
  15. 15. Managing Your Brand
  16. 16. Positive Exposure
  17. 17. Sara Lee Deli GoalRaise awareness of the brands pre-sliced portfolio,offering solutions while building a strong connectionwith moms via Facebook and other social mediavehicles.Harris Interactive conducted an online survey amongmore than 2,000 U.S. adults, half of which werefemale, on behalf of Sara Lee Deli.
  18. 18. Sara Lee Deli Survey• 55% of American women would only eat a meal they created for a special occasion if it didnt come out the way they expected• 60% of U.S. women who ever make deli sandwiches at home struggle with some aspect of making the perfect sandwich• 95% of U.S. women spend at least one hour preparing the perfect meal for their family and friends
  19. 19. Sara Lee Deli SM ResultsWith more than 85,000 fans, and 4 million views of itsprevious videos, Sara Lee Deli has grown its presenceonline by providing expert tips and recipes, creating funand engaging content and using humor as anentertaining introduction to the brand.
  20. 20. Brand Ambassadors
  21. 21. Wheat Thins Goal• Give customers a mind-blowing customer experience.• Get people talking about crackers and reward unexpected fans.• Establish a fun, young vibe for other campaigns to follow.
  22. 22. Wheat Thin Results• Over 4 million YouTube Channel Views• Commercials were aired for positive feedback• 21,000+ Followers on Twitter• Established new campaign momentum
  23. 23. Negative Exposure
  24. 24. Del Taco & Rainn Wilson
  25. 25. Direct Message Gone Bad
  26. 26. Keep it personal …or keep it strictly business
  27. 27. Keep It Off the Internet
  28. 28. What Can We Learn?
  29. 29. Brand Protection• 74% of employed Americans surveyed believe it is easy to damage a brand’s reputation via sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.• 33% employed respondents say they never consider what their boss would think before posting materials online.• 61% of employees say that even if employers are monitoring their social networking profiles or activities, they won’t change what they are doing online.
  30. 30. Risk Management & Compliance• 27% of executives regularly discuss how to best leverage social networks while mitigating risks.• 54% of CIOs said their firms do not allow employees to visit social networking sites for any reason while at work.
  31. 31. Best PracticesProtect Your Brand• Response Team & System• Corporate Guidelines• Report Suspicious Activity• Manage Feedback / Build Brand Loyalty• Check Out What Your Fellow Employees Are Saying• Use “Social” Etiquette
  32. 32. IBM and IntelIBM and Intel each established guidelines for theiremployees who participate in social media.These market leaders were essentially saying, “have at itout there on blogs, social networks, Twitter, etc. Butmake sure you know the company’s expectations.”These guidelines represent a milestone in large enterprises’comfort with social media.
  33. 33. ConsequencesWhat happens with noguidelines in place?• PR Nightmares• Lawsuits• Loss of Time and Money
  34. 34. What Can We Learn?
  35. 35. Don’t Ban, Educate• Create a Strategy• Define Social Media• Communication Etiquette• Social Media Policy• Social Media Training
  36. 36. Monitor Your BrandMonitoring Tools: Social media provides a way to market yourself, your business, your products and services. Tools such as Radian 6, Sprout Social, and Socialmention help you monitor your brand.
  37. 37. Warren Buffett once famously said… “It takes twenty years to build a reputation,and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, youll do things differently.”
  38. 38. What are the Next Steps?Create a Social Media Plan • Define Corporate Goals • Update Company HandbookCreate Communication System • Survey Your Employees • Integrate Social MediaMonitor & Measure • Adjust as Needed
  39. 39. Questions
  40. 40. Connect with Helen LevinsonLinkedIn: @helenlevinsonConnect with Desert Rose DesignDRD Website: www.desertrose.netDRD Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: