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Preparing for the REF: The HEFCE Open Access Policy


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Presentation on the HEFCE Open Access Policy, authored by the University of Salford

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Preparing for the REF: The HEFCE Open Access Policy

  1. 1. Preparing for REF2020: The HEFCE Open Access Policy
  2. 2. The minimum requirements 1. Deposit the final peer-reviewed draft (author accepted manuscript) of your paper in USIR within three months of acceptance for publication 2. The bibliographic record must be discoverable ASAP 3. The full text must be accessible ASAP (or once an embargo has elapsed)
  3. 3. What it applies to • All journal articles • Most conference proceedings o Only those with an ISSN o Not conferences that publish as part of a book series • Accepted for publication after 1 April 2016
  4. 4. Embargoes • REF main panels A and B: 12 months • REF main panels C and D: 24 months
  5. 5. REF 2014 96%of all submissions to REF 2014 could have complied with the policy
  6. 6. • If your output doesn’t meet the criteria you may still be able to submit it to the REF • There are a number of exceptions to the Open Access Policy • A list of the exceptions is available from • Contact the USIR team for guidance, Exceptions to the policy
  7. 7. What does non-compliance mean? If an output is submitted to the post-2014 REF that was: •an item within the scope of policy •but not compliant with all of the criteria •and no valid exception was recorded then the output will receive an unclassified score in the REF.