Brochure - womens leadership programme


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Smashing YOUR glass ceiling for career success - now recruiting for Jan 2012 intake

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Brochure - womens leadership programme

  1. 1. Women’s Leadership ProgrammeSmashing YOUR glass ceiling for career success © PB Coaching © PB Coaching
  2. 2. Women’s Leadership ProgrammeSmashing YOUR glass ceiling for career successWho is the programme for?The course is recommended for females working just below the seniorcorporate level who have been identified as having the potential to befuture leaders in their organisations.The development programme is for women who wish to grow theirconfidence and overcome the barriers holding them back from realisingtheir career potential.Course overviewDespite the increase in female representation at senior level in business,women continue to face a whole host of challenges as they work towardsleadership roles within their organisations. These challenges often includefeelings of guilt holding back their careers as they juggle work and homelife, a lack of confidence and self-esteem getting in the way of achievingdesired career goals or finding their voice in a male dominatedenvironment. The 4-day Women’s Leadership programme providesparticipants with the knowledge, skills and mind-set to develop successfulstrategies that will enable them to realise their full career potential.Course benefitsBy the end of the programme, participants will be able to:• Better handle some of the specific challenges facing women in leadership roles• Recognise self-limiting behaviours and attitudes and act with more confidence and self-belief• Draw upon feedback gained to increase their presence and impact at work• Assert themselves and lead others more effectively• Articulate a compelling vision for their own career development• Create support mechanisms to sustain progress beyond the course © PB Coaching 2
  3. 3. Benefits to your organisationBy the end of the programme, organisations will benefit from an employeewho is: • More engaged • More impactful • In touch with their ambitions and committed to an action plan to achieve career success • More self-aware and aware of their leadership potentialProgramme contentDAY 1• Introductions and contracting to work together• What you can expect from Pearls membership• What are the biggest challenges for women in leadership?• Emotional Intelligence & Leadership styles: Goleman’s New Leaders• A coaching approach to leadershipDAY 2• Using creative approaches to identify own personal career goals and internal blocks to achieving these• Development of own vision & creating a picture of a desirable future• Development of individualised plan• Co-coaching sessions focusing on workshop materialCoaching session for each delegate between workshop 1 & 2 with a coursetutor to work further on their individual career plans.DAY 3• Authentic Leadership: bringing who you are into what you do• Creative tension: being true to yourself and true to the organisation• Leadership presence: What kind of presence do you have? Widening your range and flexing your style © PB Coaching 3
  4. 4. DAY 4• Where and what next?• Building your support network• Co-coaching sessions focused on where next• Review of the programmeMethods of learningAs well as theoretical input, the programme is highly participative andincludes experiential learning, facilitated debates and group discussions,creative techniques including visualisation, small group work and coachpractice feedback sessions. Participants receive a coaching session with acourse tutor between workshop 1 and 2 to work on their personal careerplan. In partnership with An Inspirational Journey, delegates will receive ayear’s membership of ‘The Pearls’ (subject to approval), please see belowfor details.The Pearls & Calendar of eventsThe Pearls offers bespoke support, direction and guidance and is deliveredin two ways, online and offline.The online support involves the use of an exclusive member’s only websitethat includes: a forum where member’s can interact with fellow Pearls, linksto relevant and interesting reports and press releases, profiles and advicefrom leading male and female role models.The offline support is delivered through bespoke 1-day events spreadacross the UK which are led by leading speakers and role models frombusiness, politics, academia and the media.As part of the women’s leadership programme, you will receivemembership of The Pearls for one year which includes admission to up tothree events. The September 2012 - June 2013 calendar of events is asfollows:• Work Life Balance - 16th January 2013, Yorkshire• Communication & Conflict - 6th February 2013, Birmingham © PB Coaching 4
  5. 5. • Authentic Leadership through Storytelling - 13th March 2013, Edinburgh• Understanding & Utilizing your Strengths - 17th April 2013, Manchester• Developing Personal Resilience – 15th May 2013, London• Self Confidence & Stepping Up – 26th June 2013, Yorkshire• Personal Brand and Reputation – 11th September 2013, Edinburgh• Mindsets/Unconscious Bias – 16th October 2013, Birmingham• Being a Role-Model – 13th November 2013, ManchesterFor further information, please visit and programme detailsWorkshop 1: 16th / 17th January 2013Coaching sessions between workshop 1 and 2 will take place on the 5th /22nd FebruaryWorkshop 2: 7th / 8th MarchProgramme tutors:Pauline ClareSarah WillisJenny StaceyPrice:The cost of the programme is £1,750 + vat, which includes 12 monthsmembership of The Pearls. For existing members of The Pearls, the cost ofthe programme is £1,250 + vat.Register your interestTo find out more about this programme or to register your interest, pleasecontact Helen Houman at PB Coaching.Email: Helen.houman@pbcoaching.comPhone: 0113 3882810 / 07515529299Website: www.pbcoaching.comCoaching premises: 3 Albion Place, Leeds, LS1 6JL © PB Coaching 5