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We move


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology

We move

  1. 1. we move ...building an ecology for transformative action @HeleneFinidori - 01/2012 The Dance, second version, 1910, by Henri Matisse
  2. 2. we [can] move mountains & climb them as well... "Intelligent application of energy to a system is the only way to fight entropy" The edge is distributed, everyone is a potential leader - to lead = to move a flow of energy :: intent + action --> Leverage the dynamics of emergence to bootstrap and cultivate the transformative leader in each of us * Initiate & fuel viral transmission, meme propagation, osmosis chain reaction, snowballing, virtuous circle * Radiate collide, swarm, hive, burst, explode, buzz, humm * Leverage pressure, push, channel, funnel, occupy, spur * Engage be the change you want to see... envision, embody, enact inspire, empower, enable
  3. 3. Facing intricacy and complexity we can see ourselves in many ways... Cogs in a mechanized world Supernovas in a cosmologic world Ants in a genetic world Superheroes in a narcissist world Machines in a cybernetic world Geniuses in a singularity world But what is it that makes us human? We :: sense :: attend :: feel :: intent :: reflect :: act :: interact :: consciously... and observe ourselves doing so... We :: learn :: create :: assess :: chose :: decide :: act :: consciously... and observe the impact of our actions In loops that unfold step by step, moment to moment, and back & forth between our 'animal' and conscious self. There are so many metaphors and manifestations of what makes us human... * good sense * judgment * critical thinking * free will * agency * wisdom * mindfulness * sense of ethics * intentions * yearning for meaning * love * empathy * gratitude * passion * curiosity * trust This is what moves US.... what enables us to move things... what we need to articulate and nurture... we are moved by our consciousness aware of itself
  4. 4. we expand the boundaries of our experience From e to we Each human social entity starting with the individual is a whole in itself and a part in a larger whole... Each human social entity has relationships and interactions with other entities of various forms... Venturing and interacting meaningfully with diversity beyond our immediate comfort zone, enables us to expand the boundaries of our sense making. This is accelerated by our increasing interconnectedness: Individual ME Immediate proximity Increased Inter-subjectivity Grasping the whole: WE As a result of our experience we make an increasingly better sense of ourselves, of the others, and of our position in the whole. We expand the perimeter of our learning and the reach of our influence. We build new capabilities. As we explore new edges and expand our horizons, we start to envision our individual 'wholeness' and our collective 'partness' as complementing each other in our belonging to a greater whole. We see more clearly the whole as an emergent system of relationships. A Greater WE connected to our humanity in which we can play a part. w
  5. 5. we unite on intent towards a thrivable future The whole cannot be fully defined by its parts, and the future we desire cannot be mapped as finite series of means for desired outcomes. Rather they are the consequence of a meshing, scaffolding and bootstrapping of a multitude of interconnected outcomes that emerge from the actions and interactions of the parts and converge around clusters of intent. As our horizons expand through interactions into a greater WE, so do our empathy and our mindfullness. We become attentive to ourselves in relation to others, and to the flow of knowledge, needs, possibilities that surround us, creating opportunities for serendipity and synchronicity, and paving the way for trust and commitment. "The greater Living WE is unified by a converging intent around the vision that WE can influence and nurture the emergence of a world where everyone can thrive" we mind we move we nurture
  6. 6. we navigate with an eye on the flow & the dimensionality of the action space Self perspectives we start with a perspective along several dimensions that define who we are, our 'evolutionary activist' identity...what we believe and know... our passions, what we care for, the causes we connect with... the gifts and talents that help us evolve in the inter-subjective space... asses the position and context from which the other actors are acting... connect macro and micro perspectives and dynamics... Possibilities we are lost in information overflow... we need to connect dots and connect with the right people... the talents, organizations, resources, projects, solutions, inventions and issues relevant to our aspirations must be made visible and accessible... brought into our sphere of appreciation, influence, control... suppressing the doubts, the procrastination, the flinch... Impact we keep track of direction and status towards purpose, how actors contribute to it, showing evolution in the making as things emerge... helping adjust focus, action and moves "Gandhi said be the change we want to see. Seeing the possibility of the change and the change in the making would help us enhance our ability to be the change, whichever the position we hold in the action space..." Action Space - Self Perspectives - Possibilities - Impact ➤ Illustrated ➤
  7. 7. navigating the action space
  8. 8. seeing evolution in the making
  9. 9. Join me to discuss how transformative action can be activated @HeleneFinidori - #ActTrans & blog