Social Media Strategy


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Social Media Strategy for Santander Universities Mexico: development of APPs, viral videos, social advertising campaigns and content management.

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Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy Santander Universities April – December 2011Mexico
  2. 2. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER SOCIAL MEDIA Repositioning objectives: Align social media strategy with brand communications and objectives; Generate engagement in social media in order to increase our fan base, communicating the valueproposition of Santander Universities; Increase the brand aweareness and knowledge about our products in social media through creativecontents and relevant discussions to users; Define the editorial line, personality and tone of voice, in order to personalize the communication andcreate more closeness with young audiences; Manage our social media profiles as a community, in order to generate a sense of belonging; Viralize contents posting videos in You Tube and generate cross traffic through our website. Profile April 2011 December 2011 % 3,462 57,030 1,547% 1,150 2,523 120%
  3. 3. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER SOCIAL MEDIA Repositioning objectives: Use the Facebook as our main brandcommunications platform and marketing tool  Guide the Twitter strategy in this platform(obtaining market information, feedback and to become a tool of one to one interactionqualified traffic); Complementary with users; Channels Develop applications and games to promote Strategy  Generate and promote conversations oninteraction with the students; relevant topics to enable organic positioning of branded products and Establish and dynamic cross-talk with related improve customer experience;accounts (Santander, Universia, etc..) andstrategic alliances such as Microsoft to impact  Promote content integration betweenmore users and spread the conversations; website and social media profiles; Create and manage Google AdWords  Create hashtags and use the trend topicscampaigns and social ads connected to different to spread the conversations.dynamics and promotions, segmentingaudiences on topics of interest.
  4. 4. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER SOCIAL MEDIA Organic Growth Strategy: ENGAGEMENT + WALL POSTS + ADS = FANS 60.000 Organic Exposure Implementing the organic growth strategy, we win alot of fans per day with low 50.000 investment. FANS 40.000 30.000 OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER
  5. 5. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Fans: Fans en Facebook60,000 57,03050,00040,000 36,477 31,304 31,943 32,50430,000 22,33720,00010,000 6,777 2,580 2,882 3,170 3,452 3,767 738 1,360 1,754 356 0 Sep-10 Oct-10 Nov-10 Dic-10 Ene-11 Feb-11 Mar-11 Abr-11 May-11 Jun-11 Jul-11 Ago-11 Sep-11 Oct-11 Nov-11 Dic-11
  6. 6. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter followers: Seguidores en Twitter 3,000 2,523 2,500 1,969 2,000 1,868 1,757 1,615 1,460 1,500 1,000 500 0 Jul-11 Ago-11 Sep-11 Oct-11 Nov-11 Dic-11
  7. 7. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER SOCIAL MEDIA Content Management: Products and services: interactive content related to the Bank value proposition; Financial Education (online games and opportunities for interaction among students) and transversal contents(tips of how to use products and services connected to the daily routine); News about Santander Universities and highereducation sector, highlighting our financial (products andservice) and institutional (scholarships, academic support)offer; Dissemination of PAES (Program to Support HigherEducation): scholarships, entrepreneur awards andacademic projects aid; Cultural exchange, testimonials and pictures ofstudents sharing their experiences of international mobilityin Santander Universities scholarship programs; Develop career contents, professional tips and links tojob opportunities in the Bank; Generate content about financial independence andentrepreneurship, connecting products and services tocreate new business.
  8. 8. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER REDES SOCIALES Game plan: Repositioning “Lupita” profile in Facebook changing the avatar image by Santander Zero campaign; “Welcome TAB” to strengthen and promote the editorial line; Implementation of Santander Zero APP (social sharing buttons to create viral effect) Targeted social ads to increase brandawareness;Promotion "Suitcase Awarded - Your first long trip” to increase the interaction and the number of comments (Publication of 2photos per day from different places around the world and the student had to guess the locations. The first to correctly answerearn 50 points and the others 10 points. The strategy to score all the participants was intended to expand the number ofcomments and reach more people; Product launches using teasers and viral videos; Publish contents (products, financial services and scholarshipprograms) with the call to action to Web page in order to generatemore traffic; Cross promotions between Facebook and Twitter to increase thefan base and estimulate dialogue between the profiles (PromotionBack to School – "Your first day in the university”); Promotion "What´s the innovation behind this picture?" to increaseawareness of the Entrepreneurial Award campaign; Publication on real time of the photos from the promotional actions“Back to School” in universities in different regions.
  9. 9. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER REDES SOCIALES Game plan:2º Semester / 2011 Implementation of Promotional TAB with exclusive offers for the University Segment (the layout of the TAB is customizedaccording to the current campaign); Promotion "Win a GPS with Autocompara," which invited students to quote the lowest price on car insurance in Autocompara,scoring points along each week to win a GPS; Implementation of Scholarship TAB, with viral video and connection to webpage; Changing the avatar image by Supernet Zero campaign, including call to action to follow us on Twitter; Development of Supernet Zero application that simulates chats presenting the Internet Banking attributes in a fun way andpublication of messages on the wall of the APP users to increase the viral effect; Social media adversiting campaigns: Campaña de anuncios Facebook Presupuesto asignado (USD) Objetivos Historias patrocinadas $ 1,428.57 Incrementar la base de fans, con bajo CPC Incrementar la base de fans, awareness y link directo para el TAB de Becas $ 1,071.43 Becas Incrementar la base de fans, awareness y link directo para la home del Santander Zero $ 3,214.29 APP Empezar de Zero, con los textos enviados para los anuncios Incrementar la base de fans, ampliar el conocimiento del producto Súper Campaña "Tu tarjeta dice mucho de ti" $ 3,857.14 Cuenta Universitaria y apoyar la viralización del nuevo APP Campaña Historicos patrocinados y 15,000 fans + ampliar awareness de la tarjeta Zero, aprovechando la ola $ 3,571.43 Empieza 2012 desde Zero del fin de año Ampliar el conocimiento del servicio Supernet Zero y apoyar la viralización Supernet Zero $ 1,428.57 del nuevo APP TOTAL $ 14,571.43
  11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA App “Empezar de Zero” (Start from Zero): Application to generate Buzz Marketing: “Start from Zero” –a simulation that deletes all contacts, photos and wall posts inthe user profile. The idea is that the game is spread the jokethough Facebook, increasing the awareness about thecampaign and generating producing viral effect.
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA Social ADs on Facebook: Target:15.450.840 users that live in Mexico Age: 18 - 28 years No connected to Santander Universities profile Campaign: Budget: $ 4,400 USD Cost per click (CPC) : $ 0.08 / 0.10 USD Cost per fan (like): $ 0.33 USD Results:We start with 5,350 Fans (likes) and we reach20,000 new fans 3.8 millions of impressions 54,850 clicks (Visits/Page Views) and 11,300 Likes Viral effect: 2,000 new users in the community
  13. 13. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER SOCIAL MEDIA Cross promotion (Facebook / Twitter):
  14. 14. SOCIAL MEDIA Quote your car insurance and discover the lowest price with Autocompara OBJECTIVE Users will need to accumulate points and interact with us over 5 weeks HOW TO PARTICIPATE The user will have to quote the lowest price for a car insurance, based on the 5 photos published on our Facebook profile. The first user that answer correctly the lowest quote get 50 points. The others that post the correct information also win 15 points.
  15. 15. SOCIAL MEDIA Promotion Autocompara – Photos published (from 14th November to 16th December)
  16. 16. SOCIAL MEDIA Personalized link to Autocompara Promotion 1,137 clicks in 5 WEEKS 378 208 223 181 147
  17. 17. SOCIAL MEDIAResults – Promotion Autocompara (14 /11 - 16/12) Reach: unique users who have Engaged Talking seen the post. Week Reach Virality Users about this 14 -18/11 9,623 211 54 0.56% Engaged users: unique users who have interacted with the post 21 - 25/11 12,045 231 69 0.57% Talking about this: unique users28/11 - 2/12 13,902 215 53 0.38% who have created a story about our fanpage 5 - 9/12 16,795 284 80 0.48% Virality: unique users who have 12 - 16/12 18,629 295 89 0.48% created a history of our fanpage / percentage of people who have seen the post Total 70,994 1,236 345 0.48% (Talking about this / Reach)
  18. 18. SOCIAL MEDIARESULTS IN5 WEEKS More than 200 comments 70,994 Users reachedMore than 140 likes
  19. 19. SOCIAL MEDIA More than 90 participants in the promotion Reward: 1 GPS per week
  20. 20. SOCIAL MEDIA30 different text ads on Facebook (TAB Autocompara Promotion) Target: 18-32 years Period: 14th November – 19th December Budget: USD 1,538.36Campaign Type IMPRESSIONS CLICKS CONNECTIONS CTR CPC (USD) AUTOCOMPARA Social Ads 24,458,132 14,681 3,395 0.06% 0.09 The campaign generated 3,395 new fans. 14,681 8,394 Clics propuestos clics obtenidosClics propuestos clics obtenidos
  21. 21. SOCIAL MEDIAPreview del anuncio Conexiones Clics Preview del anuncio Conexiones Clics 400 1687 179 950 295 1461 171 839 203 902 84 327Análisis de los anuncios Advertising on Facebook - Analysis The AD with more clicks (1.687) has the greater promotional impact (Contract your car insurance and win a car everymonth!) Ads with customized messages have great response; Savings of up to 50% was the product attribute that most attracted Facebook users.
  22. 22. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER SOCIAL MEDIA Sharing photos from BTL Back to School Actions to engage local audience
  23. 23. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER SOCIAL MEDIA TAB Schoolarships TAB to invite students to apply toscholarships sponsored by Santander Video to engage the audience onsocial media Video:
  24. 24. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER SOCIAL MEDIA TAB Promotions: Special promotions andbenefits targeted to students
  25. 25. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER SOCIAL MEDIA APP Supernet Zero: Facebook Applicationthat simulates a chat about the advantages of using Internet Banking (Supernet Zero), using a young language to communicate financial services benefits in a funny way.
  26. 26. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER SOCIAL MEDIA APP Supernet Zero: Social sharing functionality to generate viral effect Post in the wall of your Facebook friends
  27. 27. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER SOCIAL MEDIA TAB SCU – – Your card design reflets your personality: Card design customization to share withFacebook friends Promotion inviting the customers to create acard design
  28. 28. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER SOCIAL MEDIA TAB SCU – Your card design reflets your personality
  29. 29. BECAS FÓRMULA SANTANDER SOCIAL MEDIA TAB Customer Service 2.0: Improving customer experiencesolving doubts in a click and usingtutorials