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Assignment 6 draft 4


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Assignment 6 draft 4

  1. 1. Assignment 6Film narrative structure analysis
  2. 2. Snow White & The Huntsman Snow White is the Princess of Tabor daughter of King Magnus and Queen Eleanor After his wifes death, King Magnus marries the beautiful Ravenna but evil inside . she periodically drains the youth from young women in order to maintain her beauty. As we see in the next scene where she realise When Snow White comes of age, Ravenna learns from her Magic Mirror that Snow White is destined to destroy her unless Ravenna consumes the young girls heart. She order someone the huntsman to bring snow white to her refuses to hand her over until he knows and helps her . tempts Snow White into eating a poisoned apple William kisses Snow White whom he believes to be dead Eric taught her on Ravenna and successfully kills her in the end The kingdom is once again in order and peace as Snow White becomes Queen
  3. 3.  Explain how the narrative are implicit or explicit?Explicit narrative reasons Explicit narrative evidenceShe is princess. This show that she is th in a beautiful place representing that she is a princess.That she was going to fell in He is willing tolove . but himself first for her which their love start .The war between the good and She is young and strong womanbad . representing the hero .Snow white tempts into eating This show that thepoisoned apple but she don’t innocently anddie . vulnerable of her.
  4. 4. How the film uses conventional narrative structure(Act1) Eric Snow white Ravenna •Eric at first was •Snow white was •Revenna was only doing his job trapped after her happy at this which was parents death. A stage where hunting. prisoner of Ravenna everything was •Normally its •In a lonely house by going in her way. animal. herself from a long •She was the •This time she time . most beautiful order him to bring lady. her snow white.
  5. 5.  How the film uses conventional narrative structure (Act2) Eric Snow white Ravenna •Eric here is looking •Snow white was •Revenna was also for snow white as he having a hard time in having hard time as was ordered to do so. the dark forest as the her prisoner escape •He was brave enough huntsman was chasing (snow white ) to go to the bark her . •which can destroy forest where •She was scared and revenna’s power . everything is dark felt no one was on her magic . side .
  6. 6.  How the film uses conventional narrative structure (Act3)Eric Snow white Ravenna•Eric is now helping snow •Snow white is now her •revenna is braking apartwhite and try to help her own person. as she become weak andescape. •She become stronger helpless .•He is fell in love with her. then ever. •Lose the war . •She lead the war which •Dies at the end . she win at the end.
  7. 7. Why have the film makers done this ? The film makers have done this because they already knew what the audience wanted to see, which was following the liner structure having to start okay then the conflict the ending it with an happy ending .The film makers done this structure because it was on the market ‘why fix things if its not broken . Stam’s theory – allowing audiences to identify them specifically by their familiar and become recognizable .
  8. 8. What impact does this have on theaudience This has impact on the audience as they going out happy with no worries because they know that the good guy won and defueled the bad guys and they lived happily ever after . Smile on their face
  9. 9. What audience expectation havethey established or challenged byusing this structure ? Beginning  The film makers have reinforced the structure which is used to tell a story in. middle  Which is the beginning where the set up happen ,middle the conflict and the end resolution . End