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Broadway musicals


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Broadway musicals

  1. 1. BROADWAYBroadwayMUSICALSmusicals Helemai Valge Helemaiform 11. Valge 11. form
  2. 2. CONTENTS• What is Broadway?• Facts about Broadway• History of Broadway• Broadway musicals• List of Broadway musicals• Chicago• Evita• Wicked• Most popular musicals
  3. 3. WHAT IS BROADWAY?• Broadway is the term given to a number of large, professional theatres(theatrical performance)• Located in the theatre district of New York City• Also street in Manhattan• Runs trough the theatre district at one point – has many of these set on it
  4. 4. GENERAL FACTS ABOUT BROADWAY• Sell $1 billion worth of tickets every season• Every season 12.5 million people attend Broadway shows• Performances Tuesday to Saturday• Broadway plays & musicals are produced with no set run times - continue to run as long as they are popular & bringing in enough money to satisfy investors
  5. 5. • Presented in 40 professional theatres• With 500 or more seats• Highest level of commercial theatre in the English- speaking world
  6. 6. BROADWAY MUSICALS• Very popular and world-known• Presented in different parts of the world• Broadways first "long-run" musical was a 50- performance hit called The Elves in 1857• The longest running (production) musical is „Phantom of the Opera“ - opened in 1988 and continues to run to this day
  7. 7. BROADWAY MUSICALS • Lion King • Mary Poppins • Mamma Mia! • Spider-Man • Chicago • Cats • War Horse • Sisters Act • Hairspray • The Little Mermaid • West Side Story • Grease
  8. 8. • Chaplin• Rock of Ages• A Christmas Story• The Phantom of the Opera• Elf• Matilda• Cinderella• Evita• Jersey Boys• Once• Wicked• Etc.
  9. 9. CHICAGO• musical tale of murder, greed(ahnus), corruption, violence, exploitation(ärakasutamine) adultery(abielurikkumine) and treachery(reetmine)• Paint the town red with merry murderesses Roxie Hart, Velma Kelly, their hotshot lawyer, Billy Flynn, and the iconic choreography of Bob Fosse• Also been shown in Estonia• atch?v=PyL_izT4Rgc
  10. 10. EVITA• Eva Peron talks her way to Buenos Aires and then proceeds to sleep her way up the ladder, becoming a celebrated actress• When her lover, Colonel Juan Perón, becomes elected president she reaches the height of her fame and at the end of her life questions whether or not she took the right path(tee)• Composer: Andrew Lloyd Webber Lyricist and Librettist(helitöö kirjutaja): Tim Rice• m68iXHKF6c
  11. 11. WICKED• Wicked takes a fantasy journey through the unseen side of Oz, sharing a tale of unexpected friendship and love• Family friendly musical• Tells the tale of two women - one born with green skin and shunned and the other beautiful and popular• The two become inseparable school friends, but an opportunity to serve the Wizard causes them to split ways - one continuing on as Glenda the Good Witch and the other as the Wicked Witch of the West•
  12. 12. MOST POPULAR MUSICALS1. The Lion King2. Wicked3. Jersey Boys4. The Book of Mormon5. Mamma Mia!6. Chicago7. Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark8. A Christmas Story9. Rock of Ages10.Mary Poppins11. Evita12.Newsies13.Bring It On: The Musical14.Annie15.Chaplin
  13. 13. USED MATERIAL• =musical• about-broadway.html•• Google pictures•