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Looking For A Job Helder Silva


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Looking For A Job Helder Silva

  1. 1. João da Silva Correia Secondary School School Year : 2008/2009 English Helder Silva, nº8, 11th E My Profile Name : Helder Ricardo Tavares da Silva Date of Birth : 28 / 01 / 1984 Age : 24 years old Education :  12th Grade in João da Silva Correia Secondary School, in the year of 2002  Graduation in Medicine in Aveiro’s University, in the year of 2008 Interests: I’ve just ended my graduation in Medicine and I’m anxious to start working. I’m very interested in helping people and I’m going to take my PhD in Psychology next year, so that I can be multifaceted. I love the field of help, and most important, I care about my future’s patient health because, if they’re not happy, I’m not happy.
  2. 2. Curriculum Vitae Personal Details Name: Helder Ricardo Tavares da Silva Address: 312 W, 33rd Street, New York, NY 21032 Telephone: (212) 210-2667 E-mail: Date of Birth: 28th January 1984 Marital Status: Married Nationality: Portuguese Education 2002: Finishing of the 12th grade, with 18.5 values as average, at João da Silva Correia Secondary School; 2002-2008: Graduation in Medicine, 6-years-course, in Aveiro’s University; Work Experience Summer 2001-2002: “Love Bar” – Part-time job as a waiter; Summer 2003-2005: “Foodhere Restaurant” – Part-time job as a waiter. Skills Computer - able to work in windows, office (Word, Excel and Power Point) and other applications regarding the computer (Paint, Movie Maker…); Sport – Two years (1998-2000) in a local football team; Interests Interest in: In my secondary school I participated in various music shows, and music is one of my best interests. Sports, cinema and mostly, helping others. Referees My Employers, my friends and, specially, my family.
  3. 3. Job Search: Job Details Medical Assistant - Training Available @ Medical Careers Online Job Description The Doctor is in, and you should be too -- as their new Medical Assistant. Medical Assistants play an integral part in the medical industry, and are the backbone of any health care facility. Skilled medical assistants are in high demand RIGHT NOW, and demand is expected to grow 35% over the next few years. Hospitals, Private and Public Clinics, Medical Offices, Chiropractors, Optometrists, Podiatrists, Family Doctors, Nursing Homes, Children's Clinics and other Health Practitioners are looking for career minded people like you to fill these jobs immediately. They want trained and licensed professionals they can trust with their patients and that can keep things running smoothly. Best of all they pay between $22,000 to $37,000 a year. We want to help you get the training to become a licensed Medical Assistant. Why work in a dull, unfulfilled, thankless job when you could have a career helping people who need someone like you. Don't delay, now is the best time to begin your Medical Assisting training. Start receiving checks instead bills for a change. Medical Assistant Training Requirements: High School diploma or equivalent. A Desire For A Better Life For Yourself and Your Family Begin your career in the medical field with a job you can be proud of. Doctor's Offices pay better, have better benefits, and looks better on a resume than Wal-Mart does, so don't wait. Apply Today! A benefit package may or may not be available. Request specific information from the employer. Job Summary Company Job ID: JWVMB7IAKTP Medical Assistant - Training Job Title: Available Company: Medical Careers Online Location: US - NY, New York, 10001 AJE Reference Number: 516091745 Job Start/End Date: not provided Job Type: Regular Job Classification: Full Time Hours/Week: not provided Salary Range: not provided N/A Education: None Selected Required Degree/ not provided Formal Training: Required Licenses/ not provided Certificates : Experience: Entry Level (0 - 2 years) Company not provided Homepage:
  4. 4. Application Letter 312 W, 33rd Street, New York, NY 21032 October 8th, 2008 Medical Careers Online New York, NY - 10001 Dear Sir/Madam, I’m writing to respond to your advertisement in the America’s Job Exchange web site for the post of medical assistant in New York. Together I enclose my curriculum vitae. I recently did my graduation in the medicine course and I am very anxious to start working. I believe that your company is the right one to do it. Since I was a little boy I was very fascinated by health, and I hope you can help fulfil that dream. I hope you to consider my summer jobs as waiter, and my forever interest in medicine. For further details, do not hesitate in contact me at any time. Sincerely, Helder Silva
  5. 5. The World @ Work As the name says, this unit was entirely related to work, and it helped me understand better the world at work and the work in the world. First of all, it told me that working is not all about making money, it’s about having fun while at work, enjoy what we are doing, or else we will be sad for the rest of our lives. It also helped me prepare for my future job because I learned how to make a proper interview, how to speak in it and how to prepare for it. I can also say that I know more about social and work discrimination and that we should be in a society were men and women are equal in rights and duties. And finally, we should never give up on our dreams because with will power we can achieve anything and accomplish success! I want, I will, I can!
  6. 6. Job Interview Helder – Hello. Interviewer - Hello, please be seated. Helder – Thank you. Interviewer – So, you are here for the interview. First of all, what’s your name please? Helder – My name is Helder Ricardo Tavares da Silva Interviewer – I see. Why did you apply for the job? Helder – I have the skills and qualifications you need. I love to deal with people, listen to their problems and, above all, heal them. Interviewer - Why did you choose your course as your field of study? Helder – I’ve always been interested in this field, since I was very young I’ve always love medicine and the health in general. Interviewer – Good. So, why did you applied for a position in our company? Helder – I am very interested in your company because I think I will learn a lot from you as it is also the field that really interests me. Interviewer - What qualities would you expect of people when working in a team? Helder – Cooperativeness, enthusiasm and friendship. Interviewer - What do you think are the most important skills for a medical assistant? Helder – Communication, technology and Science skills. Interviewer - Let's talk about your self-awareness. What weaknesses do you have? Helder – As a student, I lack experience. I’m also a little unprepared for the professional world in medicine, but I think working here would resolve that issue. Interviewer –I see. Well, thank you very much, that was it. Do you have any questions? Helder – When will I be informed of the result? Interviewer - You will be contacted with the details soon. Thank you for coming. Good bye. Helder – Good-bye. Helder Silva