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Umamão - Pitchdeck

  1. 1. umamão respostas maduras
  2. 2. Elevator PitchUmamão is a community ofacademics and professionalscreating and organizing the worlds knowledgein the format of questions and answers.Think Quora + Wikipedia. - respostas maduras
  3. 3. Team Helder Ribeiro, Founder Computer Engineering dropout from Unicamp, brought leading European local reviews website Qype to Brazil in 2008, closed fastest international deal with business listings provider TeleListas (same GMaps uses), creator of and jack of all trades at Umamão. Arthur Amorim, Co-founder Top of class in Computer Engineering at Unicamp, MSc in Computer Science at École Polytechnique, research internship at University of Cambridge. Gustavo Sacomoto, Co-founder Top of class in Molecular Sciences at USP, published in international journal as an undergrad. Developed new techniques for Text Indexing and Information Retrieval during MSc in Computer Science at IME-USP. Ricardo Panaggio, Engineer Top of class in Computer Science at Unesp, MSc in Recommendation Systems at Unicamp, prolific polyglot programmer, dropped out of PhD to join Umamão. André Lima, Engineer Computer Engineer from Unicamp, 7-year experience as Optimization expert at Petrobras & others, Natural Language Processing enthusiast and True Knower of Algorithms. - respostas maduras
  4. 4. The Problem Google / Bing #fail People turn to humans for helpHead Long TailARTICLES Q&A* Panoramic/reference * Deep / specific / contextualized* Supply-oriented: people write * Demand-oriented: questions are about what they know, specific requests for knowledge to whoever wants to read it * Triviality drives away experts Popularity* Hard to dig deeper "What is X?" is better answered cant ask question to experts with link to Wikipedia article who wrote the article about X. Depth
  5. 5. SolutionCommon language: Topics!Every Wikipedia article is a topic you can ask about(even on Wikipedia itself).* Article/Q&A duality drives new content: . As people read an article, new questions come up . New answers on a topic can be used to improve/create article about it - respostas maduras
  6. 6. Screenshots - respostas maduras
  7. 7. Screenshots - respostas maduras
  8. 8. Screenshots - respostas maduras
  9. 9. Screenshots - respostas maduras
  10. 10. Screenshots - respostas maduras
  11. 11. Market Size* Global303 million Wikimedia unique visitors (comScore, June 2009)* Brazilian professionals5.7M with undergraduate degree (Census 2000)* Brazilian universities5M undergraduate students enrolled in 2009 (Inep 2009) - respostas maduras
  12. 12. Business ModelADVERTISING * Text/static targeted ads (database of interests / skills / education) * Topic sponsorshipRECRUITING * CVs backed by proof of knowledge * Identify talent earlier (college students) - respostas maduras
  13. 13. Competitive Advantage* World-class tech team Top-of-classes at USP, Unicamp & Unesp, research experience in recommendation systems and information retrieval* First to market in Brazil* Focus on academics and professionals* Integration with Wikipedia helps bootstrap content in new languages* Community-building partnership with Wikimedia Foundation coming soon - respostas maduras
  14. 14. Competition* Quora no integration with reference knowledge sources* StackExchange vertical websites, lack of interoperability even among themselves* Facebook Questions English-only, not fully launched, positioning problem* Yahoo! Answers Really. Bad. Quality. - respostas maduras
  15. 15. Marketing Plan* Partner with Unicamp and USP become endorsed teaching tool* Partner with Wikimedia Foundation boast Wikipedia & Umamão as educational tools to universities around the country* Content Competition Example: award book gift cards from Livraria Cultura to months best contributor - respostas maduras
  16. 16. Money / MilestonesRAISED R$200K IN DEC 2010 * Built first production version, functional use with 2k users * Secured another R$150k in Jan 2011SEEKING R$ 1M - 1.5M * Target closing in Sep 2011PRODUCT ROADMAP / GOALS * R$750K - 1M: hire 3-4 key engineers, 1 designer, 1 marketing/sales, 2 community support * R$250 - 500K: marketing/outreach campaigns * 1M users by the end of the year - respostas maduras
  17. 17. Metrics* First 1k users in 1 year (since beginning as a hobby); second 1k users in 1 month (Feb 2011);* First 1k answers in 1 year; second 1k answers in 1 month (Feb 2011). New answers New users source: Mixpanel analytics - respostas maduras
  18. 18. But theres more...STRUCTURED, EDITABLE DATA (think, * Semantic topics . "Campinas" is of type City and has fields: geo coordinates, state, area, population, etc. . Better suggestions: “follow topics / answer questions about your area” . Better ad targeting: “show this ad in questions about cities with more than 100k inhabitants” . Extra revenue through API access to dataSEMANTIC ANSWERS * Quiz-like questions integrated with normal Q&A to gather structured data - respostas maduras
  19. 19. Questions?ADDITIONAL RESOURCES * Strategic Plan of the Wikimedia Foundation (has Brazil as a priority) * Are Q&A Startups a Threat to Google? | Venture Beat * Interview with Umamão Founder (in Portuguese) (amateur video made by Education major as part of a course project)Join us now!