Leveraging	  Generational	  Differences	  For	  A	  More	  Productive	   W orkforce                                       ...
Generational	  Strengths       Baby Boomers                                  Generation Xers                              ...
In	  addition	  to	  merely	  understanding	  each	  other’s	  perspectives	  and	  motivational	  factors	  as	  well	  a...
By	  implementing	  initiatives	  such	  as	  these,	  organizations	  have	  the	  opportunity	  to	  promote:	  	       ...
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Leveraging Generational Differences For a More Productive Workforce


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According to Dale Carnegie, more than 60% of employers are experiencing intergenerational conflict in their workplaces. Optimal collaboration among an organization's generations leads to more engaged employees which, through increased productivity and better performance, results in a competitive edge and long-term profitability. Simple steps can make a big difference and can promote the creation of a generation-nurturing culture.

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Leveraging Generational Differences For a More Productive Workforce

  1. 1. Leveraging  Generational  Differences  For  A  More  Productive   W orkforce ~Sami  L.  BarryMore  than  60%  of  employers  are  experiencing  intergenerational  conflict  in  their  workplaces  according  to  Dale  Carnegie,  a  global  leader  in  talent  management  programs.    As  the  American  workforce  matures  and  evolves,  conflicts  between  generations  will  be  inevitable.    It  is  critical  for  an  organization  to  educate  itself  and  its  employees  on  generational  differences  to  create  and  maintain  a  work  environment  that  encourages  generational  diversity  while,  at  the  same  time,  minimizes  conflicts.    By  doing  so,  an  organization  can  enhance  employee  morale  and  engagement  thus  positively  impacting  productivity,  performance  and  profitability.    The  first  step  to  developing  a  generation-­‐nurturing  culture  is  learning  each  generation’s  upbringing,  personal  and  professional  characteristics  and  key  motivation  factors.    Only  by  understanding  these  important  intangibles  can  an  organization  and  its  employees  build  teams  that  are  collaborative,  adaptable  to  change  and  highly  productive.Seeing  results  of  initiatives  can  take  time  and  both  a  company  and  its  employees  need  to  remain  patient  and  adaptable  to  changing  situations.    By  focusing  on  a  few  simple  things,  an  organization  can  encourage  programs  to  progress  smoothly. Focus on ➡ Strengths that each generation offers ➡ Respecting each generation’s individuality ➡ Similarities among characteristics and motivation factors ➡ Providing opportunities for all employees to share their individual insights ➡ How diverse perspectives can encourage success and long-term sustainabilityIt  is  also  beneficial  for  individual  teams  and  departments  to  work  together  in  developing  their  own  approach  or  unique  action  plan  of  how  to  resolve  their  intergenerational  differences  or  conflicts,  if  there  are  any  present.    In  this  scenario,    employees  are  given  a  better  opportunity  to  express  their  opinions  and  ideas  of  how  to  make  their  particular  team  work  together  most  efficiently  and  productively,  taking  into  account  everyone’s  strengths,  knowledge  and  skill  sets.
  2. 2. Generational  Strengths Baby Boomers Generation Xers Millennials‣ Experienced ‣ Experienced ‣ Creative‣ Independent ‣ Results  oriented ‣ Independent‣ Goal  oriented ‣ Strong  multi-­‐tasking  abilities ‣ Goal  oriented‣ Team  oriented ‣ Independent  and   ‣ Team  oriented‣ Service  oriented autonomous ‣ Strong  multi-­‐tasking  abilities‣ Strong  work  ethic ‣ Adaptable  to  change  and  new   ‣ Adaptable  to  change  ‣ Developed  skill  sets ideas ‣ Excellent  problem  solving  ‣ Open  to  technology ‣ Maximize  use  of  resources   abilities‣ Highly  knowledgeable and  technology ‣ Focus  on  technological  ‣ Highly  communicative  and   ‣ Open,  direct  and  efficient   solutions prefer  face-­‐to-­‐face   communication ‣ Adept  at  bringing  people   communication ‣ Adept  at  resolving  conflict   together  and  embracing   through  open  dialogue diversity Engagement  &  Motivation  Factors Baby Boomers Generation Xers Millennials‣ Team  projects ‣ Autonomy ‣ Structure‣ Work  /  life  balance ‣ Constant  feedback ‣ Mentoring‣ Mentoring  opportunities ‣ Work  /  life  balance ‣ Team  projects‣ Challenging  assignments ‣ Updated  technology ‣ Work  /  life  balance‣ Professional  development ‣ Challenging  assignments ‣ Constant  feedback‣ Attention  and  recognition ‣ Professional  development ‣ Diverse  experiences‣ Clear  performance   ‣ Attention  and  recognition ‣ Updated  technology expectations ‣ Clear  performance   ‣ Professional  development‣ Meaning  and  value  in  work   expectations ‣ Responsibility  early  in  roles and  career ‣ Strong,  competent  and   ‣ Socialization  with  colleagues‣ Strong,  competent  and   inspiring  leadership ‣ Opportunities  to  utilize   inspiring  leadership ‣ Team  projects  with  ability  to   creativity‣ Empowering  structure  that   contribute  individually   ‣ Clear  performance   provides  opportunities  to   ‣ Empowering  structure  that   expectations pursue  new  endeavors provides  opportunities  to   ‣ Strong,  competent  and   pursue  new  endeavors inspiring  leadership ‣ Rationale  for  their  work  and   how  it  provides  value ‣ Empowering  structure  that   provides  opportunities  to   pursue  new  endeavors
  3. 3. In  addition  to  merely  understanding  each  other’s  perspectives  and  motivational  factors  as  well  as  acknowledging  similarities  and  respecting  differences,  individuals  of  each  generation  can  do  specific  things  to  support  one  another,  such  as:    Baby  Boomers  can: ➡ Be  role  models  for  developing  strong  work  ethics. ➡ Coach  Millennnials  on  face-­‐to-­‐face  communication  and  the  benefits  of  practicing  it. ➡ Share  their  experiences  and  skills  by  teaching  and  mentoring  younger  generations,  thus  expanding  their  skill  sets.Generation  Xers  can: ➡ Encourage  independent  thinking  and  autonomy. ➡ Be  role  models  for  efficient  and  succinct  communication. ➡ Demonstrate  how  to  work  through  conflicts  by  having  open  dialogues.Together,  Baby  Boomers  and  Generation  Xers  can: ➡ Assist  Millennials  in  improving  writing  and  communication  skills. ➡ Show  Millennials  how  to  achieve  structure  in  their  positions  and  expand  their  responsibilities  more  quickly. ➡ Boost  Millennials’  confidence  by  asking  for  assistance  in  developing  creative  solutions  to  challenges  while,  at  the   same  time,  learning  from  this  generation’s  excellent  problem  solving  abilities.  Millennials  can: ➡ Be  role  models  for  embracing  change  and  diversity. ➡ Ask  Baby  Boomers  for  mentoring  so  that  they  can  learn  from  this  generation’s  experience. ➡ Promote  fun  and  socialization  in  the  workplace  to  increase  productivity  and  collaboration.Together,  Millennials  and  Generation  Xers  can: ➡ Help  Baby  Boomers  become  more  adaptable  to  change. ➡ Give  Baby  Boomers  the  face-­‐to-­‐face  time  that  they  appreciate. ➡ Provide  recognition  to  Baby  Boomers  for  their  expertise  and  skills. ➡ Show  Baby  Boomers  the  benefits  of  individual  differences  and  competing  points  of  view  in  the  workplace.Together,  Millennials  and  Baby  Boomers  can: ➡ Ask  Generation  Xers  for  advice  on  communicating  efficiently,  conveying  thoughts  succinctly  and  resolving  issues   by  having  open  dialogue.All  generations  can  work  together  by  complementing  strengths,  recognizing  achievements  and  supporting  weaknesses,  creating  a  positive  environment  for  all.  
  4. 4. By  implementing  initiatives  such  as  these,  organizations  have  the  opportunity  to  promote:     ✓ Effective  knowledge  sharing  between  experienced  workers  and  younger  generations ✓ Improved  efficiency  and  synergies  among  teams ✓ A  reputation  for  being  an  employer  of  choice ✓ Enhanced  employee  engagement ✓ Increased  retention Although  having  multiple  generations  in  a  workplace  can  be  challenging  for  organizations,  educating  employees  on  their   similarities  and  differences  is  the  first  step  towards  teamwork  and  engagement.    Simple  steps  can  make  a  big  difference   and  promote  a  positive,  generation-­‐nurturing  culture.    All  of  these  factors  lead  to  the  ultimate  goal  of  long-­‐term   sustainability  and  success  -­‐  for  an  organization  and  for  its  employees.   Sources:  Birkman  International,  Dale  Carnegie,  Ken  Blanchard  Companies,  The  Generational  Imperative   Related  Articles:   The  Mindset  of  Baby  Boomers  &  How  To  Effectively  Engage  Them   Generation  X:    Independence,  Flexibility  &  Recognition  Are  Keys  To  Motivation   Millennials:    Engaging  Them  &  Maximizing  Their  Potential Related  Blogs:     7  Ways  To  Engage  Millennials   3  Effective  Recognition  Programs  For  Generations  X  and  Y   Engaging  Diverse  Workforce  Generations To  read  more  articles  about  talent  management  and  the  A/E/C  and  facilities  management  sectors,     subscribe  to  Helbling’s  quarterly  newsletter  and  blog  at: W:   h el bl i n g s ear c h . c o m B :   blo g. h elblin gs earc h . c o m F o llo w   us   o n   T wit t er :   @h elblin gs ear c h HELBLING & ASSOCIATES, INC. RETAINED EXECUTIVE SEARCH C o n s t r u c t i o n   •   F a c i l i t i e s   M a n a g e m e n t   •   R e a l   E s t a t e   •   E n g i n e e r i n g RESPONSIVE RELIABLE Motivation  and  urgency  to  fulfill  your  needs Comprehensive  and  accurate  market  intelligence RESULTS Performance  that  exceeds  your  expectations RESOURCEFUL RELATIONSHIPSExtensive  network  of  contacts  in  your  industry Consulting  based  upon  trust  and  commitmentPittsburgh www.helblingsearch.com www.helblingsearch.com 724.935.7500