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Hek tool-business modelgeneration-canvas


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Hek tool-business modelgeneration-canvas

  1. 1. Business Model Generation CANVAS
  2. 2. Canvas
  3. 3. Patterns for BMG• Unbundling Business Models• The Long Tail• Multi-Sided Platforms• FREE as a Business Model• Open Business Models
  4. 4. revenue streams cost structure Asset sale } K K K K V V Cost-driven C} 46 P A P C R CS P A P C R S 46 Usage fee Value-driven Subscription fee Fixed costs Lending/Renting/Leasi ng K K R R C C H H Variable costs Licensing Economies of scale C$ Brokerage fees C $ R R $ $ Economies of scope Advertising
  5. 5. How to - canvas
  6. 6. Epicenters of Business Model Innovation
  7. 7. Quantity• Ignore the status quo• Forget the past• Stop focusing on competitors• Challenge orthodoxies
  8. 8. Process: Brainstorming Rules• Stay focused (facilitators)• Enforce rules (defer judgment, one conversations at a time, be visual …)• Think visually (Post-it, Paper, Tables)• Prepare (Research)
  9. 9. Workshop: canvas
  10. 10. Extra slide
  11. 11. questionsFor whom are you creating value? Who are your most importantcustomers?What value do you deliver? Which problems are you helping tosolve/which needs are you satisfying?What type of relationship do your segments expect to establishwith them? Which ones have you established?Through which channels do your customer segments want to bereached? How are you reaching them now?What key activities does your value proposition require?What key resources does your value proposition require?Who are your key partners/suppliers?For what value are your customers really willing to pay? How arethey currently paying?What are your most important costs? Which keyresources/activities are most expensive?