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  1. 1. Euthanasia and religionPresented by: HAMMOUDA Mohamed
  2. 2. Plan Introduction I- Euthanasia *Definition of Euthanasia *Types of Euthanasia II- Religious attitudes *Christian attitude *Jewish attitude *Islamic attitude Conclusion
  3. 3. I- Euthanasia
  4. 4. Definition Euthanasia, somtimes known as « mercy killing », is the ententional ending of a patient’s life by a physician, usually by lethal injection.
  5. 5. Types of Euthanasia Voluntary Euthanasia Non-Voluntary Euthanasia
  6. 6. II-Religious attitudes
  7. 7. Christian attitude Christians are mostly against euthanasia. The arguments are usually based on the belief that life is given by god and human being are made in god’s image . Some churches emphasize the importance of not interfering with the natural process of death. There is a spiritual time to be respected.
  8. 8. Jewish attitude The message of Judaism is that one must struggle until the last breath of life. Judaism forbids doing any thing that might shorten life.
  9. 9. Islamic attitude Human beings should not interfere in process of life It is forbidden to plan or to come to know through self will the time of our own death.
  10. 10. Conclusion The three religions consider euthanasia the equivalent of murder which became against law everywhere in civilized societies. We expect doctors to make patients as comfortable as possible but only god can take away a life .
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention