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Tool/Task-Fit for Open Innovation Methods


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There is no One-Takes-It-All Open Innovation Method.
Select the right method depending on your goal.

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Tool/Task-Fit for Open Innovation Methods

  1. 1. Unrestricted © Siemens AG 2016 Siemens Corporate Technology | Michael Heiss Method Complexity Experience University collaborations $ A regular university collaboration is not called „Open Innovation“. Establish a ecosysten of long-term trust partnerships Open Idea Contests $$ More effective for B2C than for B2B. External (open) idea contests are at least 3 times more effort than internal idea contests Hackathons, innov. marathons $ Low barriers. Method works internally and externally. Experience needed to define a proper topic/challenge Scouting, Innovation Portal $ Scouting works also for confidential topics. Experience needed to build up the right data-base collection; and to define the search topic E-Broker $$ Works best if you have a concrete (and important) problem to be solved. Do not underestimate the internal effort, even if you pay externals for full service Lead-customer workshops $$ A high-end innovation method. High effort if professionally done Innov. ventures, startup collab. $$ Focus on some search fields, otherwise it is impossible to react professionally on startup requests Crowd funding (intern) $ Internal crowd funding (we call it internally „Quickstarter“) is a new way to select bottom-up innovation projects and to motivate employees HW/SW platform ecosystems $$$$ App-Stores are Open Innovation ecosystems and enable Startups and SMEs to participate. Not only for smart-phone apps: Open Industry Platforms like the Siemens Mindsphere platform next47 $$$ Starts in December 2016: Siemens announced to invest 1 Billion € in startups within the next 5 years. Search fields: AI, Autonomous Machines, Connected (E-) Mobility, Distributed Electrification, Blockchain Applications (see There is no One-Takes-It-All method Tool/Task-Fit Recruiting: find the right people in that field and hire them Marketing: make your company visible in that field Networking: knowledge networking, community bulding Technology: identify a new technology Innovation: generate new business Solution: find a solution for a given problem Business Model: ideas for new business model concepts Source: estimation based on personal experience