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Colonial clothing 2013


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Colonial clothing 2013

  1. 1. Colonial ClothingAviva Dani Avi Orly Elisheva Aaron Racquel Judah Izzy Daniella
  2. 2. Colonial materialsEveryday clothes weremade of cotton andwoolDressy clothes weremade of silk, velvetand brocade.People used indigo,minerals and evenbugs for dying clothes
  3. 3. Childrens clothingShifts were longdresses that youngboys and girls woreToddlers worepudding cap to protecttheir head
  4. 4. Womens clothingWomen wore longdresses, skirts and anapron on top.Under the gown,women worepetticoats, a pocketand a shift.They wore leathershoes on their feet
  5. 5. MenswearMost men had one ortwo outfitsThey wore looseclothes underneath,breeches andwaistcoats.They wore threecorner hats