Webinar execution process sample


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Template to-do list for executing a sales and/or marketing webinar

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Webinar execution process sample

  1. 1. Webinar Execution Process SampleEight Weeks Out Confirm objectives, success metrics, offer(s) following event Identify and “close” featured speaker Confirm date & time with speaker and/or administrative assistant Write event synopsis, email to speaker for approval Collect head shot, bio from speaker or administrative assistant Create event sign-up page via GoToWebinar, add speaker and administrative assistant (if applicable) as panelists Send registration link to speaker and administrative assistant, encourage them to promote via their own networks, communication/social channels, etc. CMO send “thank you for doing this” email to speaker Schedule blocks of time day before, day of and day after for execution activities Add event detail (day/time/topic) to Web site including link to registration page Heads-up on new scheduled event to all-staff email Additional announcement emails to speaker-specific channels (i.e. groups they belong to, etc.) Post current and following month’s webinars in newsletter with registration and short, one-line descriptionFour Weeks Out Draft and complete first registration email Complete outline and first draft of presentation deckThree Weeks Out Add to Facebook & Twitter pages, post on relevant LinkedIn groups Send first registration email to lead database Review and edit presentation deck Confirm/update data sources and references in presentations Speaker notes prepared Draft and complete follow-up registration email Draft polling questionsOne Week Out Follow-up registration reminder email to lead database (minus those who have already registered) Complete presentation deck Create Web page to host video and slide deck and Q&A doc after event Write follow-up email templates, any other instructions for sales team Customize post-event emails with links to upcoming events Draft and complete last-minute registration email to all individuals from past email campaigns who clicked on the registration link but did not register Confirm polling questions are complete Draft and/or customize intro and outro scripts
  2. 2. Ensure speaker has most recent version of PointPoint and GoToWebinar Schedule 30 minute dry run w speaker for day beforeDay Before Email reminder to speaker and administrative assistant about event tomorrow o Request they join 15 minutes before scheduled start to make sure all is ready to go Last-minute registration email to all individuals from past email campaigns who clicked on the registration link but did not register Reminder links on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook Registration totals shared with team, along with follow-up email templates ready to go Do 30-minute dry run with speaker to ensure all audio/video/slides/etc are working on their end Print out speaker notesDay Of Host is in a quiet area, on a land line or VoIP headset for event Log in to GoToWebinar at least 20 minutes in advance Remember to click “begin recording” a couple seconds before the event begins Click “Start Broadcast” 5 minutes early and thank those who have joined earlyImmediately After Event Convert recording, upload to server, build and post to Web page; test that it all works Thank you call and/or email to speaker Pull all attendees & registrations from GoToWebinar Sanitize attendee reports and prepare for import into SFDC Load leads into SFDC; assign accounts and new leads to SFDC users; notify sales team as soon as they’re there Email speaker with “thanks again so much for doing this, it was great” email Order gift basket for speakerWithin 1-2 Days of Event Create PDF of presentation for download Recorded event available on Web site and SlideShare Notification of recording up on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Follow-up emails sent to participants and no-shows with links to presentation and/or recordings Compile and create responses to all questions and post online Catalog keywords for each presentation/recording for Web site indexing and third-party site searchability