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Sales Hacks: 22 tricks, shortcuts and other tips to make you more successful & productive


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Deck from April 8, 2013 Sales 2.0 Conference presentation

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Sales Hacks: 22 tricks, shortcuts and other tips to make you more successful & productive

  1. 1. Sales Hacks: 22 tricks, shortcuts & otherbest practices to make you more efficient, productive & successful Matt Heinz President, Heinz Marketing Inc @heinzmarketing
  2. 2. Housekeeping• Copy of this deck• Offers for you – 10 minute brainstorm – Successful Selling – Secrets to Successful Social Selling• Bring me a business card with what you want – It’s that simple…
  3. 3. + LinkedIn Updates• Objective: Automated prospect drip campaigns, direct from sales reps to their prospects• Cost: Free• How it works: – Syndicate content from your company blog – Sales reps “connect” with new leads – Content automatically populates to “Update” fields moving forward
  4. 4. Contactually• Objective: Stay more actively in touch with prospects, based on past email activity• Cost: Free or $19/month• How it works: – Researches & indexes your email automatically – Daily alerts to people you need to follow-up with – Paid version includes signature scraping, social conversation tracking and more
  5. 5. TweetAdder• Objective: Identify and follow prospective customers based on profile keywords, hashtags, associations and more• Cost: $29 (one-time cost)• How it works: – Identify prospects worth following via a variety of criteria – Throttle the follows, automate activity & searches – Works best with actively curated Twitter feeds
  6. 6. LinkedIn Saved Searches +Email Updates• Objective: New leads weekly based on group affiliation or title/role changes• Cost: Free with Sales Navigator subscription• How It Works – Created “saved searches” for groups, titles, locations, etc. – Get weekly emails with new search results
  7. 7. Leads from Twitter• Objective: Identify new leads from Twitter based on buying signals, needs & symptoms• Cost: Free• What to use: – TwitHawk – Nearstream – Socedo
  8. 8. Newsle• Objective: Know every time your prospects are mentioned online, in the news, or in social media• Cost: Free• How it works: – Identify your prospects – Sign up for email alerts – Follow-up
  9. 9. Daily Do Lists• Objective: Engage with social selling best practices daily• Cost: Free• How It Works: – Schedule a daily meeting with yourself at 7:30 am (or whenever you start your work day) – Work through the list
  10. 10. Matt’s Daily Do List1. Schedule (yesterday & today)2. Touch Base (birthdays, Likes)3. Endorsements (skills, Kred, Klout,, MeritShare)4. Spam folder5. Network (Twitter adds, G+ Circles)6. Engage (Comments, LinkedIn Groups)7. Prospecting
  11. 11. Buffer• Objective: Automate throttling and distribution of curated content to up to 20 social channels• Cost: $20/month• How it works: – Identify value-added content worth sharing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (including groups) – One-click to share & choose appropriate channels – Automatically queues content for future distribution
  12. 12. Eight More Social Selling Tools1. HootSuite2. TimeTrade3. UnTweeps4. TextExpander or ActiveWords5. WiseStamp6. Morning Coffee7. SlideShare8. ToutApp
  13. 13. Don’t forget…
  14. 14. Questions?