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Managing & Motivating Top Sales Performers


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Your best reps can sometimes get bored, break the rules, set bad examples for the rest of the team... but on their best days they help you manage, motivate and drive performance from the rest of the team.

This session from the AA-ISP Leadership Summit in Dallas explores specific examples, tools and stories of how inside managers are getting the most out of their best reps every day.

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Managing & Motivating Top Sales Performers

  1. 1. Managing & Motivating Top Performers
  2. 2. Managing &Motivating TopPerformersMatt Heinz, President, HeinzMarketing Inc
  3. 3. Agenda• Hiring and identifying top performers• Management best practices• Metrics• Discipline, course correction and incentives• Additional best practice examples• Q&A
  4. 4. Best practices guide
  5. 5. Tips for hiring more top performers• Look for make-up, not just experience• Hire for sales skills, not industry knowledge• Find the good listeners• Align with your commission structure
  6. 6. Identifying more top performers• Are they hungry to learn?• Are they coachable?• Have they struggled and overcome obstacles?• Do they know the difference between selling and solving customer problems?• Do they naturally mentor or inspire others?
  7. 7. 7 keys to inside salesmanagement1. Creativity2. Consistency3. Curiosity4. Conflict Management5. Confidence6. Can-Do, Will-Do Attitude7. Calm
  8. 8. Managing top performers• More selling, less paperwork• Make more than the CEO• No micromanagement• Manage pipeline from bottom up
  9. 9. Bottoms-up management• Start at the bottom of the pipeline, and work up until you find the problem – Opportunity review – Lead review – Activity review – Intangible challenges/roadblocks
  10. 10. Use better metrics• Customer lifetime value• Addressable market size & penetration• Sales cycle length• Deal size• Qualified leads
  11. 11. When top reps break the rules• Find out why• Demonstrate the path to bigger checks• Reinforce & empower their leadership role• Re-evaluate your rules• Learn from them• Get rid of them
  12. 12. Top performers need bigger toys
  13. 13. Getting back above quota• Focus on the numbers• Focus on what they can control• Compare current & previous habits (watch the video tape)• Deal walkthroughs• Evaluate effort, attitude & drive• Make sure your comp plan requires consistent performance• Create longer-period contests contingent on exceeding quota
  14. 14. Mentorship programs• Responsible for new hire• Play manager role w/out management responsibilities• Portion of new-hire comp back to top rep for period of time
  15. 15. Recognition• The power of tangible vs. intangible rewards• Get your executive team involved• Ask for advice on sales & non-sales issues
  16. 16. Questions?• Matt Heinz•• @heinzmarketing