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Eight Signs Your Marketing Content Is Being Wasted, Ignored, Exploited...Or Worse!


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Presentation deck from September 9, 2015 webinar with North Plains

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Eight Signs Your Marketing Content Is Being Wasted, Ignored, Exploited...Or Worse!

  1. 1. 8 Signs Your Marketing Content is Being Wasted, Ignored, Exploited... Or Worse Matt Heinz President, Heinz Marketing Inc @heinzmarketing #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  2. 2. One hour in one sentence “Sell the hole, not the drill” #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  3. 3. What do customers care about? #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  4. 4. The buying progression SolutionProblem/ Pain Objective/ Outcome #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  5. 5. Marketing plan in 5 questions 1. What/who are your targets? 2. What do they care about? What outcome are they seeking? 3. Where do you find them? 4. What or who influences them? 5. How do they want to engage and (eventually) buy? #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  6. 6. Custom messages by role   Audience Drivers Pain Points Value Propositions (bullet points) Key Messages  Vertical #1 CEO IT/CIO CFO CMO #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  7. 7. Map personas to the buyer’s journeyCategory Persona Stage 0 - Attention Stage 1 - Loosen the status quo Stage 2 - Commit to change Pharma Providers Payers #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  8. 8. Three types of content 1.Proactive 2.Reactive 3.Participatory #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  9. 9. Planning content Theme 1 Week 1 Theme 2 Theme 3 Theme 4 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  10. 10. Editorial calendar exampleMarket Leader Q2 2010 Editorial Calendar Week of May 3 Week of May 10 Week of May 17 Week of May 24 Week of May 31 Week of June Week of June 14 Week of June 21 Week of June 28 Corporate Theme Content Theme Company News (PR) Fiji Release Leading RE free trial Gathering of Eagles Keynote Recap 200th MLS Industry Calendar Mid-year NAR Broker Ops (Bob) Agent productivity tools - what's recommended, what's working (blog, AR) Creating a customer- centric brokerage (blog) Top 10 reasons why brokers should care about social media (blog, AR) 12 ways to motivate, excite and retain your agents (blog) Broker LinkedIn Group Questions What productivity tools are your agents using? Any that have been adopted across the brokerage? What does customer- centric mean at your brokerage? What are your best practices around this? How many conferences to do you attend each year? Which are your favorites and why? What is your brokerage doing with social media? Can you measure specific new business from these investments? How has business been since the home-buyer credit expired? What new promotions have you instituted to replace it? What are your best practices for motivating, exciting and retaining your agents? What is your brokerage doing to encourage and facilitate teamwork and resource sharing? How much training do you provide your agents? What topics do you focus on? Leadership (Ian) The best customer service advice I ever received (blog) Early listing season observations (blog) Why listings matter even in a buyers market (blog) Attracting & recruiting agents (blog) Agents & Teams (Scott) How to share best practices across your team (blog, AR) Team collaboration best practices (blog, AR) How to be more efficient when you don't always share the same workspace (blog, AR) Combining resources across a team to increase marketing impact (blog, AR) Sales & Marketing Advice (anon) Five seller appeasement strategies that won't break the bank (blog, AR) Seller marketing tips from real estate veterans (blog, AR) Best practices for listing presentations (blog, AR) Search & Web Tips (Thad) How to increase your Twitter followers (blog, AR) Why your Web domain is so important (and why it's not) (blog, AR) How to be immediately responsive to your Web leads (blog, AR) How to help local buyers/sellers find your Web site (blog, AR) Using social media to market your listings (blog, AR) Market Leader Voices Five Ways to be a Market Leader (Video) 5 ways to improve your search results (Thad) 5 ways to build a business within a business (Ian) 5 ways to instantly improve your customer service (Scott) TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Ian's Leadership Videos Five Characteristics of a Successful Real Estate Business Building a Customer- Centric Brokerage Why Lead Management Matters (and why it's often ignored) Knowing when technology is important, and when it's not Bringing it all together to grow your business LeadershipCommentaryTraining&Education Guest Posts: Broker Web site success stories (pull from Exit customers) Guest Posts: Best customer service you ever gave or received Guest Posts: Tips and Tricks to Establish Yourself as the Market Leader Spring Season Heats Up Are you growing your market share? Q2 May June New Vision for Real Estate Industry #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  11. 11. Other planning best practices 1. Campaigns vs programs vs “sends” 2. Know the objective (content is the drill, what is the hole??) 3. What is the customer point of view? 4. What stage of the buyer’s journey are you addressing? 5. What is the customer context (i.e. how and when will the content be received?) 6. What is the right format? 7. How will content integrate with other channels or outreach efforts? #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  12. 12. Content creation best practices 1. Topics & outlines 2. Offline brainstorming (how & when) 3. Have a documented production checklist 4. Have a documented quality assurance process 5. Require at least three headline options in your creative brief 6. Require a creative brief (!) 7. Coordinate with other groups – sales, customer service, field? 8. Discipline #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  13. 13. Format cheats 1. Quality content 2. Great stories 3. Less time! #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  14. 14. The Q&A #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  15. 15. The Link Blog #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  16. 16. Serial Content #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  17. 17. Guest Posts #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  18. 18. Crowd Sourcing #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  19. 19. 10 sources of content inspiration 1. Customer questions 2. Stuff you read 3. People you disagree with 4. Your customer-facing teams 5. Trade press 6. Conferences, panels & Webinars 7. Twitter hashtags 8. LinkedIn Answers 9. The news 10. Things you see that are dumb #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  20. 20. 5 common content marketing mistakes 1. Not having a plan up front 2. Writing for the company instead of the customer 3. Not encouraging and participating in two-way communication 4. Not promoting, aggregating and curating great content from others 5. Only producing written content #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  21. 21. Distribution best practices 1. 2. GaggleAMP 3. Triberr 4. Influencers 5. Hashtags 6. Link from old, popular posts #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  22. 22. Influencer engagement best practices1. Build good lists (Little Bird) 2. Give to get 3. Have a pipeline mentality 4. Build relationships 5. Be patient 6. Reciprocate & participate 7. Measure #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  23. 23. Long tail best practices 1. Repurposing 2. Re-edit old posts with new keywords 3. Tools • TweetOldPost • LinkedIn Publishing • Search 4. Seasonal surfacing #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  24. 24. Repurposing #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  25. 25. Conversion best practices 1. Embedded links 2. Relevancy to the buying stage 3. In-asset offers (Docalytics) 4. Newsletter pop-ups #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  26. 26. Conversion best practices 1. Which metrics really matter? 2. Leading vs lagging indicators 3. Integrated systems tracking post-click conversion 4. Long-tail tracking impact (in isolation & across campaigns) 5. Don’t take inactives too seriously #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  27. 27. 1. How does it help them make money? 2. Get sales leadership to buy-in first 3. Show examples of how it works 4. Teach, train, launch, reinforce, measure & celebrate 5. Create systems that make it easy Getting sales to use your content #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015
  28. 28. Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing 877-291-0006 Thank you! #KillerContentNPS9/9/2015