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Close Your Highest Margin Sales Leads

Presentation deck from June 20, 2013 Virtual Sales Summit

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Close Your Highest Margin Sales Leads

  1. 1. Close Your Highest Margin SalesLeadsMatt HeinzPresident, Heinz Marketing @heinzmarketing
  2. 2. Housekeeping• Copy of this deck• Offers for you– 10 minute brainstorm– Successful Social Selling– Secrets to Successful Marketing Automation• Send me an email with what you want–– It’s that simple…@heinzmarketing
  3. 3. Last Slide First1. Find & engage prospects “upstream” beforethey are active buyers2. Participate in their communities as a peer tobuild trust & credibility3. Use research tools to customize approach withnew targets4. Publish your own source(s) of value-addedcontent to attract new prospects to you5. Sales is too important to leave to salespeople@heinzmarketing
  4. 4. This doesn’t write checks!@heinzmarketing
  5. 5. Four steps to a better plan1. Do the math (quantify what successlooks like)2. Create a clear customer profile3. Map the sales and buying process4. Plan to fire lots of bullets@heinzmarketing
  6. 6. Calculating what you needAssumptionsProduct A ASP $ 15,000Product B ASP $ 50,000Opp/Close % 33.0%Lead/Opp % 10.0%Product A CPL $ 15Product B CPL $ 35Q1 2010 Q2 2010 Q3 2010 Q4 2010 TOTALSProduct A Sales # 50 56 63 69 238Product B Sales # 8 9 10 11 38Total Sales # 58 65 73 80 276Product A Sales $ $ 742,500 $ 841,500 $ 940,500 $1,039,500 $ 3,564,000Product B Sales $ $ 412,500 $ 453,750 $ 495,000 $ 536,250 $ 1,897,500Total Sales $ $1,155,000 $1,295,250 $1,435,500 $1,575,750 $ 5,461,500Product A Pipeline # 150 170 190 210Product B Pipeline # 25 28 30 33Total Pipeline # 175 198 220 243Product A Pipeline $ $2,250,000 $2,550,000 $2,850,000 $3,150,000Product B Pipeline $ $1,250,000 $1,375,000 $1,500,000 $1,625,000Total Pipeline $ $3,500,000 $3,925,000 $4,350,000 $4,775,000Product A Leads 1500 1700 1900 2100Product B Leads 250 275 300 325Total Leads 1750 1975 2200 2425 8350Product A LeadBudget $ 22,500 $ 25,500 $ 28,500 $ 31,500Product B LeadBudget $ 8,750 $ 9,625 $ 10,500 $ 11,375Total Lead Budget $ 31,250 $ 35,125 $ 39,000 $ 42,875 $ 148,250@heinzmarketing
  7. 7. People & problems, not products
  8. 8. Marketing plan in 5 questions1. What/who are your targets?• Direct & indirect users, influencers• Address entire buyer ecosystem1. What do they care about? Whatoutcome are they seeking?2. Where do you find them?3. What or who influences them?4. How do they want to engage and(eventually) buy?@heinzmarketing
  9. 9. What do your customers careabout?
  10. 10. The buyer progressionSolutionProblem/PainObjective/Outcome@heinzmarketing
  11. 11. Enumerating needs by roleAudienceVertical #1CEOIT/CIOCFOCMOAudienceVertical #2CEODrivers Pain Points Value Propositions(bullet points) Key MessagesKey MessagesDrivers Pain Points Value Propositions(bullet points)Want the XLS template? Email me:
  12. 12. Prospect Engagement FunnelActive Sales CycleChannels: CRM, 1:1Goal: SellNewCustomerDrip MarketingChannels: Email Newsletters, CRM SystemGoal: Drive Active ProspectsNetwork / Open CommunityChannels: Twitter, Facebook, Blog, LinkedInGoal: Drive RegistrationNetwork-exclusive access to contentValue-added special offersDiscovery eventsWhite papers, top ten tips, etc.Testimonials, Success StoriesProfile-Specific MessagesNew product/service offersReferral & Tell-a-Friend OffersNetwork / Community InvitesNew Opportunity Alerts1:1 with Existing CustomerIn-Market EventsNext Step Accelerator IdeasCustomer Targets (based on persona profiles)@heinzmarketing
  13. 13. Leads & Opportunities@heinzmarketing
  14. 14. Standing out at volume
  15. 15. Know and work the entire orgchart
  16. 16. Long-term perspective, short-termbuying signals@heinzmarketing
  17. 17. Managing referral sources
  18. 18. Lead management process@heinzmarketing
  19. 19. Lead scoring & next stepsScore Description Follow Up ActionA1 PERFECT FIT: BANT criteria andBehavior aligned for immediate need withlarger opportunity.Immediate Follow Up within 4 hours ofreaching Sales Queue.Promote Dreambox TrialA2 Strong Fit: possible smaller or longer termopportunity within a school district orschool.Immediate follow up within 4 hours ofreaching Sales Queue.Promote Dreambox Trial or DemoA3 Good Fit: BANT and strong interestindicated. School-based opportunity.Immediate follow up within 8 hours ofreaching Sales Queue.Introduce demo if a Project andTimeframe are being defined.A4 Potential Fit: Some key BANT criteria notyet determined.Follow Up within 24 hours of reachingSales Queue. Qualify further for BANTdetails.Provide white paper or webcastresources.B1 Potential Fit: School district opportunitybut more BANT definition required.Follow Up within 24 hours of reaching theSales Queue. Qualify further for BANTdetails.Provide white paper or webcastresources.B2 Potential Fit: School or classroomopportunity. More BANT definitionrequiredFollow Up within 48 hours of reaching theSales Queue.Attempt further qualification. Potentialmove back to Marketing Nurture.B3 Potential Fit: Longer term prospectingopportunity. May take longer to evaluatethe solution and secure budget approval.Follow Up within 48 hours of reaching theSales Queue.Attempt further qualification and provideinformative resources. Potential moveinto Nurture
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  21. 21. Opportunity Management• Customer-centric process– Respond to symptoms & buying signals– Needs/objective discovery and digging– Pitch the outcome, then the solution• Tight CRM-based process & tracking– Develop tight reports/dashboards todemonstrate progress@heinzmarketing
  22. 22. If you want more…
  23. 23. Questions?