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2009 Heinz College Alumni Survey Summary


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The Heinz College Alumni Association Board and the college administration would like to thank everyone for their participation in last Fall’s survey. We were pleased to hear from over 360 alumni, spanning the first graduating class of 1972 to the new class of 2009. Please review a summary of the survey results, and see how your opinions are shaping future alumni programming.

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2009 Heinz College Alumni Survey Summary

  1. 1. 2009 Alumni Survey Results<br />H. John Heinz III College<br />
  2. 2. 2009 Alumni Relations Survey – Objectives and Execution<br />Research Objectives:<br />Identify alumni satisfaction and areas of programmatic interest<br />Feedback on current initiatives<br />Determine how to execute in key interest areas<br />Execution:<br />Online survey, contacted ~4,500 Heinz alumni with opt-in e-mail addresses on file<br />Collected responses August through November 2009<br />Response:<br />363 Total Responses (~8% response rate)<br />Relatively representative sample by degree, residency, but skewed to recent grads<br />2000’s decade grads were 71% of respondents, but only 54% of total alumni population<br />
  3. 3. Survey Results Overview<br />Overall response relatively positive, indicate interest and engagement<br />Opportunity areas identified by respondents:<br />Offer more networking opportunities with fellow alumni, more interactions with faculty<br />Create new career building opportunities for alumni<br />Inform about college, news, activities, events<br />Offer more regional activities<br />Develop life long learning opportunities<br />Beyond enhancing our programming, the broader opportunity is to reconnect with more of our alumni<br />New outreach to locate alumni, update their contact info, connect with them in social networks<br />Increase attendance and participation in live events, virtual networks and volunteer/advisory opps<br />
  4. 4. Heinz College Alumni Relations Plans Based on Survey Results<br />Networking/Career Building<br />Promote and create incentives for alumni to join and participate in Heinz College online networks (ex: LinkedIn)<br />Reconcile Heinz College alumni records with CMU database and give Heinz alumni direct access for alumni queries<br />Regional Activities<br />Expansion of new regional events locations, and promote regional speaking opportunities with faculty and alumni<br />Identify new Pittsburgh event opportunities for local alumni and part-time program students<br />Staying Informed<br />New quarterly Heinz College e-newsletter (launched Dec. 2009), assess annual print edition<br />Life Long Learning<br />Evaluate bundling existing online tools, presentations and videos together in easy access format<br />Connect to More Alumni<br />Tap into CMU’s “Loyal Scots” alumni recognition program (more details soon)<br />Evaluate feasibility of recommendations from current Heinz student synthesis project for AAB (more details soon)<br />
  5. 5. Survey Results<br />
  6. 6. Q3: “How well is Heinz College doing OVERALL at serving your needs and interests as a graduate?”<br />63% responded “Excellent” or ”Good”<br />This result was relatively consistent regardless of year of graduation<br />Response was relatively more positive among MISM and non-U.S. alumni<br />
  7. 7. Q4: “In your experience as an alumnus, what has Heinz College done particularly well?”<br />Two-thirds of open responses fell into 3 categories:<br />Keep me INFORMED about college, news, activities, events (37%)<br />Great EXPERIENCE as a student, through coursework or valuable inter-disciplinary approach (18%)<br />Offer good NETWORKING opportunities with fellow alumni (11%)<br />Sample comments:<br />Keep Me Informed: “Received emails and kept me informed of news and opportunities to be involved with school”<br />Good Student Experience: “Interdisciplinary courses. Group based projects. Industry needs addressed. Soft skills were covered.”<br />Networking Opportunities: “Held great networking events and interesting homecomings.”<br />
  8. 8. Q5: “What could Heinz do better to serve its alumni?”<br />More than half of open responses fell into 3 categories:<br />Offer good NETWORKING opportunities with fellow alumni (30%)<br />Create new CAREER building opportunities for alumni (15%)<br />Keep me INFORMED about college, news, activities, events (11%)<br />Sample comments:<br />Networking Opportunities: “Encourage more participation by email, etc. More small gatherings for select groups than on a larger scale.”<br />Careerbuilding Opportunities: “1) Share information about job openings 2) Mentoring for job interviews”<br />Keep Me Informed: “More consistent communication about what's going on at the college and with its alumni.”<br />
  9. 9. Q7: “For each alumni activity below, please rate your satisfaction with the experience.”<br /><ul><li>Highest-rated initiatives include:
  10. 10. Reunion/Spring Carnival
  11. 11. Websites
  12. 12. Network Nights
  13. 13. Improvement opportunities include:
  14. 14. Volunteer initiatives – potentially improve communication/expectations
  15. 15. More programs of interest through regional Carnegie Mellon Alumni Chapters
  16. 16. Job Referrals</li></li></ul><li>Q9: “How likely would you be to take advantage of each of the following if it were offered?”<br /><ul><li>Strongest interest in:</li></li></ul><li>Q’s #10-12: Newsletter Preferences<br /><ul><li>Majority prefer an e-mail (online survey sample bias):
  17. 17. 66% HTML e-mail
  18. 18. 17% Web page
  19. 19. 11% Printed mailing
  20. 20. 6% Facebook updates
  21. 21. …once per quarter:
  22. 22. 58% Quarterly
  23. 23. 29% Monthly
  24. 24. 10% Biannually
  25. 25. 4% Annually
  26. 26. …and are willing to contribute content:
  27. 27. 61% might contribute to “Class Notes” section
  28. 28. 58% might contribute an article in their area of expertise
  29. 29. 45% might contribute “Alumni Spotlight” article
  30. 30. 13% would not contribute</li></li></ul><li>Q13: “If Heinz College were to move all annual reunion activities, normally held during October Homecoming Weekend, to coincide with Carnegie Mellon’s Spring Carnival in mid-April of each year, would you have more or less interest in attending as compared to the past?”<br />Alumni were neutral (68%) to positive (25%) about moving Reunion to April<br />We want to confirm this result – that Heinz College alumni are willing to attend Reunion activities in the Spring instead of the Fall in the future. CLICK HERE to comment on this.<br />
  31. 31. Q15: “Please rate your level of interest in engaging with the Heinz College to:”<br />Greatest interest in:<br />
  32. 32. Q22: “Is there anything else you would like to comment on about the Heinz College?”<br />Two Largest Categories:<br />Positive Comments (33% total): “Thanks; Good Experience; Well Wishes; Proud of Heinz”<br />Improvements (38%): “Ideas for Enhancements; Needs Improvement” <br />Sample comments (Ideas/Needs Improvement):<br />“Emphasis on continuous learning. Easier accessibility to faculty....”<br />“Need to do a better job of Marketing CMU and Heinz in the Midwest! ALSO - organizing alumni in Midwest with a Networking Event, not a party but more of a business-oriented event....”<br />“There needs to be more done to engage/connect MAM alums.”<br />
  33. 33. The End<br />We’re interested in your reactions to this data.<br />Please click here to share any feedbackand to weigh in on when we’ll hold Heinz College Reunion Weekend in the future.<br />