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"The war in heaven" visitors - eng 5.4.2020


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Humankind has existed on Earth for millions of years and beyond what modern science can conceive.
We are now, in a very short period of time for the sake of an extremely short-sighted pursuit of economic gain, destroying both the Earth’s biosphere and ourselves.
At the same time, on our planet hidden from the general public there is an extraterrestrial ”visitor” civilization collaborating with a small group of people. Planet Earth exists within a free-will universe and accordingly we have much greater freedom of experience than in other systems that operate upon a formatted structure of predetermined action.
But in a free-will zone there are also drawbacks. One of the “rules” or base agreements is that participants within this reality have the choice to “play by the rules” or to ignore them. “What goes around comes around” is one of the rules within our universe. Humanity will eventually learn the consequences of maneuvering within the structures of universal law.

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"The war in heaven" visitors - eng 5.4.2020

  1. 1. Matti Heinonen Helsinki, Finland 4.4.2020 My Quantum Transformation MQT
  2. 2.  Humankind has existed on Earth for millions of years and beyond what modern science can conceive.  We are now, in a very short period of time for the sake of an extremely short-sighted pursuit of economic gain, destroying both the Earth’s biosphere and ourselves.  At the same time, on our planet hidden from the general public there is an extraterrestrial ”visitor” civilization collaborating with a small group of people.  The rules of the universe state that other civilizations may interfere in the affairs of another inhabited planet for only two reasons. The first is that they are being invited to come and the second is that the planet is about to be destroyed by its own inhabitants.  Now humanity is in a situation where both of the above options are coming true at the same time. Unfortunately, those authoritarian “visitors” do not pursue the interest of humanity, but their own.
  3. 3.  A small power elite of people, who collaborate with the visitors, will reward themselves with technology, power, and wealth, but will unknowingly at the same time sell the future and freedom of humanity “for petty cash”.  What do we really know about the nature of reality?  Many of the ideas presented here are different from the old belief paradigms through which we have been taught to view reality. They do not negate the old, but rather challenge old ideas to evolve.  I suggest to take an open-minded approach to the information contained in this presentation. The implications are so intrinsically profound that at times it seems unbelievable, but this is not a fiction story.  Right now may be the last moments for humanity when we still have an option to decide our own future, before this possibility is taken away from us. Time is short. We need to rebel against the suicidal ignorance of the human condition.
  4. 4. But we cannot understand it if we do not first learn the language and grasp the symbols, in which it is written” ― Galileo Galilei “Philosophy is written in that great book which ever lies before our eyes — I mean the universe
  5. 5.  “There was war in heaven; Michael’s commander and his angels fought against the dragon (Lucifer, Satan, and the apostate princes); and the dragon and his rebellious angels fought but prevailed not.” Rev. 12:7  Modern man understands that these quotes are symbolic expressions of war in heaven.
  6. 6.  The allegory of “the war in heaven” has different meanings.  In the epic war in the Mahabharata fallen angels is represented in the religious battles between the Gods against Demons, Devas against Asuras.  In the Vedas there are the battles of Indra against the demon Vritra. Just as Michael vanquished the dragon, likewise, the God Indra is the killer of Vritra, the dragon.
  7. 7.  Who is combatting and where?  When was the struggle and is it already over?  How is the war fought?  Do we have all the information about the struggle that we need?  How does this combat in heaven affect for each of us personally and humanity as a collective? Topics of Presentation
  8. 8.  There are coalitions of very powerful and intelligent creatures participating to the competition, which are largely invisible to humans.  The dimensions of the combat are vast. The struggle involves, in one way or another, all the civilizations of the local universe and every creature within them.  Some of the civilizations obey the universal laws and some do not. Many rebel civilizations have the capacity for interplanetary and intergalactic travel.
  9. 9.  The greatest threat to Earth and to human life at this time is not:  Poles magnetic reversal,  Nuclear holocaust,  Depleting of natural resources,  Population explosion, or  Global warming.  “The greatest threat to the well being of humanity is that of manipulation and exploitation by forces, which we do not even know are real.”
  10. 10.  “This ‘war in heaven’ is not mainly a physical battle as such a conflict might be conceived on Earth. But this war is very terrible and very real.  While displaying only a few barbarities so characteristic of physical warfare on the immature worlds, this conflict is far more deadly; material life is in jeopardy in material combat, but the war in heaven is fought in terms of life eternal.”
  11. 11.  “We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding it’s fear of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.  It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations.  It’s preparations are concealed, not published. It’s mistakes are buried, not headlined. It’s dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned. No rumor is printed. No secret is revealed.  It conducts the War in short with a wartime discipline, no democracy would ever hope or wish to match.  I am not asking newspapers to support an administration, but I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the people, for I have complete confidence in the response and dedication of our citizens, whenever they are fully informed.” John F. Kennedy Secret Operations Speech 27.4.9961
  12. 12.  “It will be somewhat difficult to make an adequate portrayal of the planetary series of mortals in the universe because you know so little about them, and because there are so many variations.” (565.2) 49:5.1  “There are great differences between the mortals of the different worlds, even among those belonging to the same intellectual and physical types.” (564.3) 49:4.1  “The various planetary types of mortals vary in height. Some of the larger worlds are peopled with beings who are only about 75 centimeters in height.” (562.4) 49:2.20
  13. 13.  Throughout the ancient cultures, from indigenous tribes to ancient Sumerian, Indian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations, there are accounts of visitations by gods and demons from other worlds.  The visitors-from-elsewhere were both feared and worshipped and the foundations of most ancient cultures were built upon acknowledgment of unseen worlds.
  14. 14.  It has long been considered for some of the strange descriptions of the Holy Scriptures to be understood as UFOs.”  In 3 Enoch XXIV: 11, Rabbi Ishmael describes the lord's “chariots -Merkabah” and calls them eagles, explaining that "by this I mean not eagles, but they fly fast like eagles.  Metatron presents Ishmael with the ship's facilities. The vessel begins to shake as the machines start up, the rabbi stumbles, capsizes and after lifted up sings a song of pray.  Metatron describes himself as a “Jewish young man” that has been recruited to the “vessel”. The plane took off and Ishmael felt an acceleration in his body. As the ship climbed, it looked like the sun and moon were derailed.” The Madonna With Saint Giovannino (late 1400s): painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio The Crucifixion Of Christ (1350): Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo
  15. 15.  In modern times we have dismissed ancient recorded accounts of other-worldly visitations as superstitious folly or imaginative fantasy of a primitive peoples.  Much in the same way we attempt to invalidate the extraordinary experiences of people today, by viewing them as mental aberrations.  However, we now have the following undeniable solid evidence that visitors have been on Earth for a long time.
  16. 16. Source: Several documents available in Gaia TV
  17. 17. Source:
  18. 18. Source:
  19. 19. Source:
  20. 20. Source:
  21. 21.  Three-fingered mummified creatures with elongated skulls in Peru are aliens, claims Russian scientist, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, who is a professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at Saint-Petersburg University.  Dr. Korotkov has done DNA tests with creatures, which prove that they are not human. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
  22. 22. Dr. William Brown, Molecular biologist • Molecular biologist William Brown, along with Russian, Mexican, and Peruvian scientists, has studied these mummified bodies and found them not to be related to any species on planet Earth. • Gaia TV has done several extensive documents on the subject.
  23. 23. Sept. 2016
  24. 24. ”It is surely harmful to souls to make it a heresy to believe what is proved.” - Galileo Galilei
  25. 25.  The question is who are these beings?  What are they doing on Earth and in motherships around the Sun?  Do they have something to do with the rebellion?
  26. 26.  As shown in the photos, visitors are already on Earth.  What technology do they use for travelling to and from the planet Earth? Closest Constellation of the solar System, Proxima Centauri, is located 4 light-years from Earth • One alternative for travelling is the time and dimension portals we know (so far) mainly from science novels and movies.
  27. 27.  The distances in (3D) space are so vast that the technology currently used by humanity cannot reach them.  The scientific community has calculated that wormholes are theoretically able to connect two arbitrary points in the universe over the Einstein- Rosen bridge.  Einstein's general theory of relativity also allows for worm holes and black holes.  Currently known solutions include the assumption of the existence of a negative mass, which has been mathematically proven by Dr. Jean-Pierre Petit.
  28. 28.  The Janus Cosmological Model (JCM) describes the universe with two different metrics that handle positive and negative masses in general relativity with no paradox, in very good agreement with latest observational data. The theory is published in peer- reviewed academic journals.  The Janus Cosmological Model merges Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity, Andrei Sakharov's work in particle physics and cosmology, and Jean-Marie Souriau's work in symplectic geometry.  The theory originated in 1977 from French physicist Jean-Pierre Petit, first as a non-relativistic model (Newtonian dynamics) of two enantiomorphic universes with opposite arrows of time: the twin universe theory. Jean-Pierre Petit https://januscosmolo
  29. 29.  In 3D the speed of light follows the theories of relativity.  In another D the speed = x +10 and the distance = x -100, which means the travel time is reduced by factor 1000.  Astrophysicist and mathematician Jean-Pierre Petit, has indicated in his scientific papers that interstellar travel is possible. Source:
  30. 30.  There are two fundamental issues with time:  What is time basically?  Why does time pass?  Physics cannot explain time.  Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity rejected absolute time and confused the concepts of time and place.  In fact, a special theory of relativity also created a negative time solution, i.e., time flowing backwards.
  31. 31.  Einstein’s special relativity equation (where E denotes energy, p momentum, m mass and c is the constant of the speed of light) reads originally: E2 = m2c4 + p2c2  This equation has a “normal” time solution, which describes energy diverging forward-in-time (for example light and heat).  However, it has also another time solution (due to the square root of E2), which describes energy diverging backwards-in-time. This corresponds to energy and matter that converge (for example gravitational forces).
  32. 32.  Einstein decided to eliminate unwanted negative, retrocausal time solution from his equation and created a fix to the equation by simplifying it.  He considered p, which is momentum, equal to zero. The reasoning was that the speed of physical bodies is very low compared to the speed of light.  This is how: E2 = m2c4 + p2c2  Becomes: E2 = m2c4 + 0  Simplified into: E = mc2
  33. 33.  The simplified equation worked fine until 1925 when Wolfgang Pauli discovered that electrons have a spin (a rotation), which is close to the speed of light.  Consequently in quantum mechanics it is necessary to use Einstein’s extended equation with its uncomfortable negative time solution.  An Italian mathematician Luigi Fantappiè did not accept either that the special relativity equation is “fixed”. He thought that this is against the principles of mathematics and science.
  34. 34.  In 1941 working on the dual time solution of the fundamental equations Fantappiè discovered that the positive time solution is governed by the law of entropy. Entropy is the tendency towards dissipation of energy, disorder and homogeneity.  Fantappiè realised that negative time solution has opposite qualities such as tendency towards energy concentration, order, increase in complexity and growth of structures. He named this law of syntropy: Life is not the product of chance, but it is a law of the universe and when creation took place, it must be in the future, not in the past. Luigi Fantappiè
  35. 35.  Newton presumed that time is absolute and nothing can change it. On the other hand, he thought that gravity can travel faster than speed of light or even instantaneously.  Einstein showed in his special relativity equation that speed of light is constant and that speed can change time. In his general theory of relativity, which is in essence theory on gravity and he discovered that gravity can only travel speed of light but it effects time (ex.: GPS).  It is gravity, which enables time travel to past, because you can actually warp or bend time to loop (example: black hole is a natural time machine). Source: Professor Ronald Mallet, The Time Traveller: One Man's Mission To Make Time Travel A Reality
  36. 36.  The media and literature provide a wealth of information about visitors as well as their agenda and even the technology they use.  The problem is that the topic is very sensitive (so-called forbidden topic – even for scientists).  So we are sailing here in very rocky waters.  What some say, others give the same thing a different explanation or name etc.  Here we need to rely heavily on our own reasoning to find the truth.
  37. 37.  Planet Earth exists within a free-will universe and accordingly there is much greater freedom of experience than in other systems that operate upon a formatted structure of predetermined action.  But in a free-will zone there are also drawbacks. One of the “rules” or base agreements is that participants within this reality have the choice to “play by the rules” or to ignore them.  The rules within this system prescribe brotherhood, cooperation and harmony between all portions of reality.
  38. 38.  But the rules also have designed for a polarized universe, where all things exist within a duality of perception (good–bad, love–fear, man-woman etc.).  It is this feature of our system that allows for the experience of “free will” to take place.  Duality allows us and others the choice of breaking the rules or following them, of working with the flow of natural evolution or against it.  Each choice will provide for us a consequence of action, or seemingly so from our focus of perception.
  39. 39.  If our actions move with the flow of evolution we will experience a state of ease, feelings of lightness and pleasure and we will expand or grow into ever greater reality fields.  If we act against the flow of evolution, we will experience the opposite of excitement, heaviness, despair and a shift into ever narrowing fields of reality and identity.  Our choices determine our experience with the polarized system, and consequently we learn to make better choices.
  40. 40.  “What goes around comes around” is one of the rules within our universe.  It applies directly to all that we do and experience.  But in our present state of evolution most of this balancing takes place upon a subconscious level.  Therefore many things may seem “senseless”.  We witness on daily basis violation against ourselves or others and wonder at the seeming unfairness of the universe or “God.”  .
  41. 41.  We see only the surface of events, and without knowing the greater dramas those events are linked to, it can often appear that they are without cause or purpose.  In viewing from the surface only we may easily misunderstand the “rules” (or lack of them) that allow such apparent violations to take place.  Three-dimensional reality can seem quite threatening, unjust and chaotic when viewed from the surface.  However, we will eventually discover that there is order behind the chaos, the justice within the injustice and the reality behind the illusion.
  42. 42.  Thus, the war continues wit the negative civilization factions (service to self) and the "guardian alliances of positive civilizations (service to others).  Unfortunately, we are not out of the woods yet.  War is being waged, among other things, over the control of energy, the earth, the solar system and the Milky Way, and even the fate of humanity.  Groups of rebels have been misusing humanity and planet Erath for thousands of years with their shadow systems.  It's good to know that some of these visitors may look very human and travel here on spacecraft.
  43. 43. How is the battle being fought?
  44. 44.  It seems that for a long time there has been a deliberate program of mass illusion designed to artificially separate spiritual and scientific reality.  With this illusion, non-spiritual science can operate without conscience, ignoring the consequences of neglecting spirituality.  Similarly, spirituality without science stays away from the knowledge through which its aspirations for "eternal life" could be realized.
  45. 45.  We will not find much information of subjects such as ET-life from the “official” viewpoint.  Indeed, the official program is based on the negation of these very aspects of human reality.  Who has trained us to believe that humans are the only intelligent life forms in the universe?  Where did humanity get the idea that the only real reality was that which could be defined through the five known senses?  This is the program! Where do we think these ideas have come from?
  46. 46. “In deliberation and with malice aforethought, the teachings provided in all the Earth planetary schools have been systematically perverted and poisoned.” 50:4:12 (576.2)
  47. 47.  There have been many wars and conflicts over millions of years that generated deviations from the natural order such as planetary grid damage and consciousness body fragmentation throughout our Universe.  The historical events in human Galactic history that generated the most serious damage are the rips and holes in the fabric of space and time.  And the wars that led to the partial destruction of an entire planetary consciousness.
  48. 48.  The hypothesis of an explosion of a planet in our solar system is consistent with well-known scientific findings. It possibly destroyed the planet that now forms the asteroid zone.  The findings also support stories of war in heaven that literally shook the entire solar system and our galaxy.  This event has been described not only in many ancient writings, but also in a Farsight Institute project.  Recently, American scientists discovered, on samples from the planet Mars, that they contain an isotope of uranium, only produced by nuclear explosion.
  49. 49. Magnetic Rope observed for the first time between Saturn and the Sun  If the war in heaven is not mainly a physical battle, what kind of battle is it?  The answer to the question relates to:  Energy  Mathematics/Geometry  Physics  Advanced engineering  DNA manipulation  Mind manipulation
  50. 50. “Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe” ― Galileo Galilei
  51. 51.  “God controls all power; he has made “a way for the lightning”; he has ordained the circuits of all energy.  He has decreed the time and manner of the manifestation of all forms of energy-matter.” 3:2.4 (47.2)
  52. 52.  “Upon the actual outbreak of the insurrection the entire system was isolated in both the constellation and the universe circuits.  The circuits to the fallen worlds were also cut off, so that Lucifer could not utilize this avenue for the furtherance of his nefarious scheme.  And these circuits will not be restored so long as the arch rebel lives within the confines of the system.” 53:7.3 (607.4)
  53. 53.  System was isolated from the universe energy circuits and those to the fallen worlds were also cut off.  Since God controls all energy, the crucial question is – where do rebels get their energy and fuel to continue the war?
  54. 54.  When a planet or galaxy is “blown out of the grid” of its Soul Matrix, which directly connects it to the Time Matrix and thus perpetual energy supply, its energy and its evolutionary potentials become finite.  The system falls into digression, and as its finite energy quotient is exhausted the system has no way to replenish its supply.  The existing energy is recycled within the system, but will eventually become negated as the recycling continually reduces the “thrust” or power contained within its particles.  The matter within such a system depletes, atrophies and eventually (sometimes over hundreds of thousands of years) implodes, its “blueprint” (and thus the possibility of regeneration or replication) fragmented into unorganized units of energy and consciousness.
  55. 55. • If an entity is cut off from the circuits of eternal energy, it has to resort to Bi-Wave Polarity Closed loop System (entropy) and “steal” the energy from somewhere else to survive even temporarily. • God controls the circuits of all energy, which has been historically called among other things Tri-Wave Unity Open Loop System, syntropy, Orgon energy, zero point energy, chi etc.).
  56. 56.  Quantum physics theory presents new possibilities for validating the existence of parallel, interdimensional and inter-time worlds.  Otherworlds civilizations may appear unseen from today’s scientific perspective because they exist in dimensions (or fields of frequency) unknown to contemporary science (such as dark matter and dark energy).  Non-terrestrial visitors reported throughout history, could originate from these unseen worlds or may visit Earth via time travel through unidentified inter- time structures.
  57. 57.  According to some sources, our planet Earth is one of the countless 15-dimensional matrix energy structures.  The Source created Time Matrix in order to search all imaginable experiences and created everything in it.  Therefore, we are part of the Source creating a world of experience. • Sources: Deane, Ashyane: Voyagers II – Secrets of Amenti; • Lisa Renee: Energetic Synthesis:
  58. 58.  The Time Portal System: involves a system of interlocking passageways that keep in motion a set of “locks” or “gates” between time elements in our linear time structure within three-dimensional frequency band.  The Dimensional Lock System: differs from the Time Portal System in that its mechanics operate and maintain the dimensions and frequency bands themselves linking multidimensional universes not just time zones within the same universe/dimension. Source: Deane, Ashyane: Voyagers II – Secrets of Amenti
  59. 59. Vertical Axis Star Gates link the Planetary, Galactic and Universal Templar Complexes Through the 5 Harmonic Universes and their 5 inherent Matter density levels. TIME PORTALS Horizontal & Diagonal Axis  Vertical Axis spiral pairs form the Star Gates of the Dimensional Lock System, which permit passage between space-time location in multiple Universes and Density levels.  Horizontal and Diagonal Axis spiral permits passage between space-time locations in one universe and one Density level. Source: Deane, Ashyane: Voyagers II – Secrets of Amenti
  60. 60.  Star Gates and Portals exist as Black & White Hole Pairs that are connected at the centre by scalar frequency Seal.  When the Star Gates or Portals Activate, the centre seal releases and the spiral pairs merge to form a Merkaba Field. Source: Deane, Ashyane: Voyagers II – Secrets of Amenti
  61. 61.  According to many sources, portals have a specific physical location on the planet, but not necessary those shown on the map.  Rebels also compete for controlling them, so some of are hidden.
  62. 62.  Humans, planets and galaxies possess a Soul Matrix, of which the Soul Matrices of all the systems inhabitants are a part.  All of these grids or matrices are created and connected to the Time Matrix.  The Time Matrix is the energy distribution system which carries life force energy from Source into the dimensional systems. Source: Deane, Ashyane: Voyagers II – Secrets of Amenti
  63. 63. What type of UFOs and Extraterrestrial visitors? The following detailed information related to different types of UFOs and Extraterrestrial visitors are provided by a group of benevolent visitors, which collectively refer to themselves as the Guardian Alliance (GA) in Voyagers books (see literature).
  64. 64. The three-dimensional mechanical-type physically solid UFOs can be placed into the following four categories: 1. those belonging to covert government operations who will maintain a policy of denial regarding sightings of their crafts. 2. those representing interdimensional anomalies from parallel systems that appear as vessels but in actuality represent other phenomena as they appear when interfacing with our system. 3. actual craft from other dimensions that emerge through the Time and Dimensional Portal Systems. 4. actual craft belonging to human or extra-terrestrial cultures that emerge through the Time Portal System from locations within the third dimensional universe.
  65. 65.  There are seven cultures and their subcultures within our three-dimensional Time Portal System who have the knowledge and technology to interact with Earth in such a way.  Two of these cultures are primarily responsible for all visitations (light formation, solid mass and crop circle events).  The remaining five are not involved with our planet or galactic system.  Of these two world cultures one group is more advanced than the other in terms of brotherhood.
  66. 66.  In terms of “alien” visitors, or extraterrestrials, specifically to those visitors are referred to who approach our reality from within the Time Portal System.  That is, they are not interdimensional so much as they are inter-time, emanating from different time coordinates within our three-dimensional interstellar system.  So most of our lightform UFOs are indeed extraterrestrial intelligence interacting directly with us.
  67. 67.  Legions of the Zeta- Dracos alliance and other Visitors from elsewhere who hold agendas that are detrimental to the evolution of humans, are referred as the Intruders.
  68. 68.  The group of benevolent Visitors that collectively refer to themselves as the Guardian Alliance (GA).  The GA is a co-operative organization through which an enormous variety of different interstellar, multi-dimensional and inter-time species and races work together.
  69. 69.  The group that created the most disruption within our genetic imprint was a group known as the Drakon.  About one million years ago, the Drakon began mutating captured humans, seeding the women carried out during their frequent visitations.  During magnetic pole shifts causing weather changes the Drakon hybrids were destroyed and the race was banned from Earth by Guardian forces.
  70. 70.  One group that has presently been identified within the inner circles who investigate visitations is known as the “little greys” or Zeta Reticuli.  They are not from our planetary system, but they have a working knowledge of the Time Portal System in our dimension.  It is the Zeta and affiliated groups, such as the reptilian Dracos, that have been in contact with some governments and are often responsible of what is called the “UFO/alien abduction”.  There are also lizard-like Zeta in numerous colorings and sizes and Zeta that resemble our insect kingdoms, particularly that of the spider-like but larger than our earthly versions.
  71. 71.  The Zeta groups come to us for numerous reasons, some of them to benefit humankind and others to study us for their own purposes and are mostly responsible of “negative” or harmful alien encounters.  Both groups possess technology and operational knowledge of reality systems far superior to that of the human race at this time.  They are avid users of the Time Portal Systems of the third dimension.  The Zeta possess physically solid three-dimensional vessels, but only the smallest ones have approached Earth's atmosphere.  Since they know the mechanics of the Time Portal System they are able to place their vessels just outside of the frequency bands that constitute our three-dimensional system.
  72. 72.  The second group from our threedimensional system presently working with us are the Rhanthunkeana or the Ranthia.  They are from the distant stars of local universe, but they have full mastery over the Time Portal System. (Responsible partly of our crop circles)  The Ranthia are more advanced technologically and spiritually than are the Zeta, and they have been involved in Earth culture since its beginnings.  They have been our guardians in many ways and have helped to protect our species and planet.  They can take on many forms because of this fluidity of form.
  73. 73.  Aethien, which can often seen with the Zeta, are the tall skeletal-like beings that resemble in structure earthly preying mantis insect and can stand up to 3 meters tall.  Aethien are not of the Zeta species but often work with them and assist humans in their encounters with the Zeta.  The Aethien originate from galaxies existing within the dimensions of adjacent Earths, which places them in our interdimensional category.  Aethien represent a species superior to that of the Zeta, and come as emissaries of peace and growth toward brotherhood for all species.
  74. 74.  Many of the visitors involved with Earth have the ability to bend the laws of physicality as we know them.  Many of them are “shape-shifters” and can modulate the dimensional frequencies and time portals sufficiently so as to manifest to us in whatever form they desire.  The Zeta and Aethien use this ability often in dealing with humans, taking on animal forms, human forms or those of solid objects.  Zeta are the least skilled in this area as they lack certain bioenergetics characteristics (the “emotional body” energies) that are required to fully master the art of transmutation. Unlike the Zeta, the Ranthia must be asked to intervene.
  75. 75.  The Zeta did not originally possess the small grey forms we have come to know.  This form resulted from a mutation in their genetic code caused by the frequency blending to which they had subjected themselves.  As a result, they lost connection to Time Matrix and mutation intensified over numerous generations, the form weakening, losing strength and agility, losing power, until the time came when they could no longer tolerate the atmospheric conditions of the planetary home.  As each successive generation paired they progressively lost the ability to naturally procreate their species.
  76. 76.  There is a direct connection between the planet's time portal system and the genetic code with all the forms of life therein.  If the planet's time portals are damaged, this will cause a mutation in the genetic form of all biological life.  As a result of Zeta's unwise action, their planet was detached from its own time portal, causing a mutation in their genetic lineage.  The genetic code of their biology no longer allows direct connection to the Source of all energy.  The Zetas are seeking to restore this connection through the human genome.
  77. 77.  The Zeta began to look for other alternatives. They became involved with experimentation on Earth dimension and in some others.  Meanwhile the health of the Zeta was suffering. The carbon based elements present to some degree in all of the Earth dimensions was rapidly declining their species. Attempts were made at raising the Zeta's biological tolerance level to the carbon elements but these experiments were met with little success.  On planet Earth the scope of the Zeta involvement accelerated just after the First World War and by the time of the Second World War the Zeta had devised a plan of genetic cross-breding. They became interested in creating a Zeta-human hybrid, a mutation, in the hope that such a form would allow the continuation of their species within the threedimensional Earth and adjacent systems.  At first other life forms were studied (cattle, rodents, lizards, birds, etc.), other Earth species, but these experiments were not successful and produced a variety of sorry creatures that the Zeta later destroyed. Finally the human species was approached as a last resort.
  78. 78.  During the Second World War the Zeta came into communications with humans directly. Using these tactics to establish contact and to infiltrate the human governmental systems, agreements were formed between the Zeta and German, the US and British governments.  The Zeta were not particularly concerned at the time with the outcome of World War Two. They had great interest in the Nazi experimentation with genetics and were supportive of their agenda of creating a “superior race,” which they would then use to create the Zeta-human hybrid.  Zeta interest in the Hitler regime began to dwindle over disagreements concerning the Nazi's anti-Semitic policy.  Like the Nazis, the Zeta viewed the Jewish peoples as a race, not simply a religious grouping, but unlike the Nazis, the Zeta believed the Jewish race to be superior genetically, and they were not interested in a human prototype that did not carry the coding particular to the Jewish race.
  79. 79.  The Zeta themselves set in motion to create secret structures for what has become the global, covert Interior Government, which has currently thousands members in most of the major countries.  The Zeta came under the guise of wanting to help humanity and of being concerned with world peace. They presented themselves as “angels” or planetary guardians.  Using their human guise they were able to offer certain strategic and technological advancements to top military groups. Only later, after the “debt” involving the outcome of World War II, did the Zeta begin to demonstrate their desire to have favors exchanged for their services during war time.  The humans, easily enthralled by the sophistication of the Zeta technology, had no idea just how much knowledge the Zeta withheld from them. Nor how the knowledge that was given was used to direct and manipulate the humans for Zeta purposes. The individuals presently involved in the Interior Government still have no idea of the degree to which they have been and are being manipulated.
  80. 80.  It is common knowledge that in the United States has the secret group called Majestic 12, which originally included the persons above. Several documents have been released to the public about the group's activities.  Even the President of the United States is still not told nearly all of the secret activities. President Eisenhower was nervous about the matter and threatened to send the army to take over the secret base where the visitors and their flying saucers are, and consequently got the information.
  81. 81.
  82. 82. Briefing Document: Operation Majestic 12 Prepared for President-elect Dwight D. Eisenhower (eyes only) 13 November, 1952
  83. 83. Retired CIA officers revelations watch?v=1lkDOSogl5Q The person in the picture revealed in the video just before his death where measures were taken by President Eisenhower to find out what the Majic group was up to.
  84. 84.  The individuals who do have direct knowledge of the covert group have agreed to perpetuate the debunking activities set in motion by the covert group at the Zeta's insistence in hope that they will be “let in on the secrets.”  The Zeta factions working against a positive human evolution believe they must take what they need before it is taken from them.  The resources of Earth, upon which they are progressively coming to depend, are viewed as the subject of interspecies competition.  Humans are obstacles that need to be overcome to protect their interest in Earth's resources.
  85. 85.  Human genetic material is quite valuable to some ET groups, and there are interspecies breeding experiments underway, particularly within the Zeta factions.  The Zeta have had some success with this hybrid race and their experimentation continues.  Self awareness and soul awareness are the human’s greatest protection from abduction violation. David Huggins, 73, has painted all these pictures based on his own experience with ET groups.
  86. 86.  Zeta do not really understand the human emotional reactions of pain and anger that so often meet them as they lack “emotional body” energies.  They do not understand that in “neutralizing their competitors” they are violating human reality and spiritual integrity.
  87. 87.  The Zeta who inflict their experiments upon humans without consensual agreements from the soul identity of the human, are making a choice to move against the flow of evolution.  Just as those humans who violate the free will and birthrights of brotherhood of co-inhabitants of Earth are choosing to digress.
  88. 88.  The Zeta are not “evil monsters” desiring to destroy or misuse humanity.  Rather, they are a fragmented race, many of whom live in fear of extinction.  They are a race trying to create solutions for themselves using the only methods they possess.  As is the case within the human species, some Zeta are more aware, enlightened and spiritually mature than others.
  89. 89. “There is no error greater than that species of self- deception which leads intelligent beings to crave the exercise of power over other beings for the purpose of depriving these persons of their natural liberties.” 54:1.8 (614.3)
  90. 90.  In the late 1980s Guardian races decided to help humanity by the request of some humans.  Some Zeta had also grown to higher understanding working with the aforementioned Aethien and other groups such as the Ranthia, to work in brotherhood under policies of non-violation and have committed to serving the flow of evolution, for all species, not only their own.  These enlightened Zeta are beginning to see how the Law of Reciprocity operates.  The Aethien and some other advanced interdimensional races agreed to assist the Zeta in creating mutations in their lineage through genetic engineering. Source: Deane, Ashyane: Voyagers II – Secrets of Amenti
  91. 91.  Aethien are masters in genetic engineering and with the Zeta they created a plan that would serve the good of all species involved.  Previously the Zeta groups attempting to form Zeta-human hybrids were aiming for a being that would function, like humans, within the planet Earth.  If they were successful in creating such a hybrid yet another species would be entered into the Earth in competition for its resources.  This plan was bound to fail and create hardship for the Zeta, the humans and the Earth itself.  As the Zeta already possessed some abilities in multidimensional acclimatization an environment better suited to their biology and needs was found. A planet existing within another dimensional band adjacent to Earth, but not within the third dimension, was chosen.
  92. 92.  The Zeta and all others within the dimensionalized systems are learning these basic lessons, in their own way and through their own path of development.  Learning can seem difficult when moving against the flow of evolution, or it can be achieved with ease when moving within the flow.  Zeta and humans share many of the same lessons, and will play within three-dimensional drama, great teachers to each other and will eventually learn the consequences of maneuvering within the structures of universal law.
  93. 93.  There is a point, where science and spirituality unite. That point is consciousness.  Spirituality is simply part of the universal science, while science is the mechanics of consciousness and its manifestations.  Consciousness is the true spiritual essence of the universe, and all life forms contained within it.
  94. 94.  This talk was presented in a study group in Espoo, Finland in March 2020 and the discussion revealed that most of the participants in the event were thoroughly familiar with the subject matter from various sources.  However, the most immediate important feedback to me about the presentation was the personal experiences with visitors by one of the regular attendees of the study group.  On several occasions, an extraterrestrial entity had arrived to the home of this individual and offered him the opportunity to move to the home planet of the creature. He was also shown this beautiful planet. The person was seriously considering of leaving the planet Earth, but eventually decided to stay despite strong of persuasion, because the permanent move would have required to surrender of one's own free will.  This is an example of the new challenges facing mankind. It's time for us to prepare for these enormous challenges.
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