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Media Work


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Media Work

  1. 1. Mike Heimowitz Media Work - - @heimy25
  2. 2. UserZoom "What is UserZoom?" Produced, wrote, filmed, and edited video for
  3. 3. San Francisco Giants "SFG-X" Starring Tony Horton Conceptualized, produced, wrote, and directed 10-video series for and ballpark use
  4. 4. San Francisco Giants "Most Interesting Closer in the Game" Wrote this along with many others in series of videos with same theme for and ballpark use
  5. 5. Adina's Deck "The Case of the Plagiarized Paper" Edited for
  6. 6. SpeedDate "Blogger Speed Dating" Edited video for
  7. 7. Cal Poly Performing Arts Center "Vusi Mahlasela Profile" Produced, filmed, and edited for Cal Poly Performing Arts Center's website
  8. 8. Connect Safely "Is Kate a Web Addict?" Directed and edited this video along with 5 others in same series for