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  1. 1. Universidade do Minho Reitoria – Medievel Building at Braga City Centre
  2. 2. Universidade do Minho Braga - University Campus Gualtar
  3. 3. Universidade do Minho Research and Technology Campus Gualtar and Guimarães
  4. 4. University of Minho • 33 years old (founded in 1973) • 2 Main Campus ( Braga and Guimarães ) • 11 Schools ( Engeneering school is the biggest ) (Architecture, Arts and Human Sciences, Child Studies, Education and Psychology, Social Sciences, Economics and Management, Engineering, Law, Nursing, Sciences, Health Sciences )
  5. 5. Universidade do Minho •1.200 (circa) Professors (850 PhD) • 600 Tech & Admin Staff • 17.000 (circa) students • 1st Cycle, 15.000 • 2nd Cycle (MsC Degree) and 3rd Cycle (PhD Degree)
  6. 6. University of Minho Teaching Courses, ICT related • 1st Cycle: • Informatics Engineering • Computer Science • (Tele)Communications (integrated 1st+2nd) • Information Systems and Technologies • Industrial Electronics (integrated 1st+2nd) • 2nd Cycle: • Master Degree (several courses) • Research Dissertation •3rd Cycle • PhD Degree • Research Thesis (at least 2 year of applied or fundamental research)
  7. 7. University of Minho Shools of Education:  Institute of Child Studies ( IEC )  Institute of Education and Phsicology ( IEP)
  8. 8. University of Minho IEC and IEP , both schools in the same building Campus of Gualtar - BRAGA
  9. 9. IEC
  10. 10. IEC 1. IEC – Institute of Child Studies Departament of Child Education Sciences (DCEC) Multimedia Lab Departament of Integrated Sciences and Mother Tongue (DCILM) Natural Sciences Lab Maths Lab for Social Sciences and Languages and Infant Literature Departament of Artistic Expression and Physical Education (DEAEF) All the Departments have their own Resource Centre
  11. 11. IEC Master-Degree Child Studies •Personal and Social Development •Psychosocial Intervention with children, adolescents and families •Mathematics Teaching and Learning •Environment and Health Promotion •Visual Communication and Art Studies •Physical Studies and Leisure •Music Education Textual •Analisis and Children’s Literature
  12. 12. IEC Early Childhood Education •Multicultural Education and Parent Involvement •Methodology and Supervision in Early Childhood Education Special Education •Learning disabilities •Early Intervention •Sociology of Childhood
  13. 13. IEC Ph.D. on Child Studies •Visual Communication and Arts Studies •Curriculum and Supervision in Elementary Education •Dramatic Education •Special Education •Physical Education, Leisure and Recreation •Music Education
  14. 14. IEC Ph.D. on Child Studies •Environmental Studies •Social Studies •Portuguese Language Studies •Teacher Training •Elementary Mathematics •Child Literature
  15. 15. IEC Ph.D. on Child Studies •Investigation and Supervision in Early Childhood Education •Elementary Education Organization •Developmental Psychology and Education •Child Health •Sociology of Childhood •Information and Communication Technologies