The RH Way


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Create or Sell. There should be nothing in-between.

The RH-Way is a Business Management Strategy, which balances the Organizational and the Human Need for Development.
With a Framework of Democracy, Open Information and fair Gain Sharing RH addresses the Innovation Blockers of Scaling, Hierarchy, Apathy and Ignorance at their Roots.

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The RH Way

  1. 1. If you remember nothing else about theWay of Resourceful Humans, remember this:Nobody eats a Burrito for the Wrap!
  2. 2. 1948 Dave Packard respectfully disagreedwith his entire CEO Generation. Hebelieved in the Balance of Responsibilityand meaningful Contributions.His Peers laughed at him.
  3. 3. The HP Way invited, enabled and rewardedInnovation at all Levels. A Mindset of Trust andResponsibility pervaded the Company’s DNA.The RH-Way is based on this Truth and madeDevelopment the single most valuableCurrency for People and Organization alike.
  4. 4. The Core was to understand that thePower of Organization lies in Collaboration,not Survival of the Strongest. The Speciesbest able to adapt and collaborate survives.
  5. 5. Organizations require two Kinds of Innovation:evolutionary and revolutionary.
  6. 6. It is not an either-or Scenario. In a soundorganizational Culture, Revolution piggy-backs on Evolution.
  7. 7. And any quantum Leaps forward allowsEvolution to take new Paths.
  8. 8. The RH Wrap ensures innovation through:Democracy, Information and Gain Sharing.Nobody buys a Burrito for the Wrap.Nobody buys a Product for great Management.All the Taste is on the Inside.Translated to Organizations: Create or Sell.There is Nothing in-between.
  9. 9. Which Problem does the RH-Way address?1901 Annie Taylor already demonstratedwhat is wrong with our current Way ofWorking and applying Knowledge.
  10. 10. Annie was the first Woman to survive a Fallover Niagara. So clever Engineers looked ather Barrel and concluded the perfectDesign for a “Niagara Barrel”.
  11. 11. My Question to you: Would you go overthe Edge based on their Design?No? So why would you build your Culturebased on the latest Harvard Business Reviewcase?
  12. 12. The RH-Way addresses the underlyingProblem of Command & Control Structuresin Environments populated by ResourcefulHumans required to Innovate.Size. Hierarchy. Motivation. Ignorance.
  13. 13. In order to eliminate those Points ofConstraint, the RH-Way enables creating theResourceful Humans Innovation Collider.
  14. 14. Premise being that Nobody bets on Strategy.You bet on People.RH provides a Meta-Framework to design aunique Way with your Teams. Put all Talentdirectly into the Value creation Process! Focuson ‘loving to...’, not ‘having to...’
  16. 16. This Way, Power and Process are legitimateddemocratically. Let Adults choose how, when,where, whom with and what they work on.Meaningful, informed Choice. A Prerequisite forKnowledge Workers to excel.
  17. 17. And in today’s World, who isn’t a KnowledgeWorker? Every Role requires Innovation ineither Process or Design.
  18. 18. To enable this new Generation, reduce allNoise in the Organization.Rid yourself of redundant and non-sensicalProcesses, Policies and Procedures.Focus all Teams directly on the externalCustomer. Team, organizational and ProductDevelopment gradually become unified.
  19. 19. How? For Information Sharing switch todistributed Systems and let People follow.When People share Information freely througheg. Twitter Feeds, measure Value of Messagethrough Followers and their resulting BusinessSuccess.Don’t underestimate Resourceful Humans on ameaningful Mission to find and adapt relevantInformation!
  20. 20. For a Gain Sharing Model, imagine designing aSystem from Scratch, together with yourTeams.Forget about evolving the old Paradigm withexternal Consultants. Create One that treatsResourceful Humans like owners of theSystem.This Way you infuse Trust, Responsibility andEntrepreneurship in its very DNA.
  21. 21. Imagine a Star Bonus.Every Employee can log into a System andaward Stars to Anyone else in theOrganization for their Contribution. TheRecipient can log into her Star Account andsee why and from whom she received Stars.At the End of the Year, a Star’s value istransparently monetized through Profit.No more need for Central Command.
  22. 22. Dynamic n v atioPredictability I nno Operat ions RH Zone HR Zone Unpredictability Procedures
  23. 23. The RH-Way unleashes the Power for both,evolutionary Innovation (The Balmer SweatZone) and revolutionary Innovation (TheBranson Visionary Zone).
  24. 24. More than a Club. RH looks beyond short-termCause and E ect at evolutionary Correlation.Lionel Messi in some B-team? Little Impact.Just replicating a Star Bonus System? Won’t dothe trick.It took Barcelona 20 years since Johan Cryu todesign a System of Total Football, which onlynow reaps the Rewards. Commitment toStrategy and Execution is core.
  25. 25. Design a Strategy that constantly evolvesyour Company by asking “The Three Whys”.Try Groucho’s Idea with it any 10 year old.Why do you wear a Suit at Work, Dad?Because everybody else does.Why does everybody else do it, Dad?Because we look professional.Why do you look professional with a Suit? you want an Ice-Cream?
  26. 26. With ‘The Three Whys’ and a co-designedSystem, Teams organically unify in aCorporate Federation under One Value Chain.Connect Individual Purpose to a Sense ofcommon Team Mission, Product & CompanyVision.
  27. 27. With this in Place, agree on clear Goals andsimply let Teams design their own Way ofWorking within the RH Framework.
  28. 28. Prototype with a clear Design ThinkingMethodology, but without the Illusion of aclear Roadmap. Trust People’s Intuition.Leadership has to persevere in enabling theRH relevant skills through Business-centricCoaching and Mentoring.
  29. 29. Ensure basic Hygiene Processes to addressknown pain points and foster Collaboration.For example Size. Force Cell-Division.Regulate maximum Team-Headcount.Be open for unforeseen Start-Ups.
  30. 30. The RH litmus Test for your Teams:What does Captain Kirk earn?Best Answer: Who cares!RH enables this Answer with a simple Equation:Little Wrap + best Crew + coolest Mission= Lasting Success.
  31. 31. ...if the best Leader is the One who is notneeded by his Team anymore......if we should live the Change we wish to seearound us......and when everything just works and evolves,what is the Function of Central Managementand HR?
  32. 32. To distribute Knowledge, Competences andResponsibility directly into the Value CreationChain, set an RH Framework in place, andthen get out of the Way.
  33. 33. Resourceful Humans Create or Sell. The RH-WayDemocracy. Information. Gain Sharing.