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Infiltrate to Collaborate: Becoming an Integral Partner in Online Course Development


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Infiltrate to Collaborate: Becoming an Integral Partner in Online Course Development

  1. 1. Infiltrate to Collaborate: Becoming an Integral Partner in Online Course Development Dartmouth October Conference October 18, 2013 Heidi Steiner Burkhardt Head of Digital & Distance Education Services Kreitzberg Library, Norwich University
  2. 2. TODAY’S STRATEGIES Identifying stakeholders Planning your approach Making an impact Keeping efforts sustainable
  3. 3. Are online classes offered at your institution?
  4. 4. Is your library a partner in online course development?
  5. 5. Norwich University • 3300 FTE • Two on campus undergraduate lifestyles: Corps of Cadets and civilians • College of Graduate and Continuing Studies entirely online • 9 graduate programs, 2 certificates, 2 Bachelors Completion degrees • Enrollment 1200 – 1/3 of all students
  6. 6. Online Course Creation at NU Program administrators Course Developers Instructional Developers Instructors LIBRARY!
  7. 7. Environmental Scan
  8. 8. Centralized or Decentralized
  9. 9. Who?? Designs/develops Builds Teaches
  10. 10. Find your in
  11. 11. What can you offer?
  12. 12. Be. Awesome.
  13. 13. “The library section was a great tutorial!!” New Online “The best part of Student the orientation was the library course. It was Orientation usefulextremely and taught me a lot about how to use it.” “The library orientation tutorial was particularly helpful and I am confident now that I will be able to navigate the online library portal and am kind of looking forward to it.” “I found the library tutorials most helpful.”
  14. 14. Show You Care
  15. 15. Become an Expert
  16. 16. Pick Your Battles
  17. 17. Color Pallete Fuji Apple by kristi // CC BY-NC-SA Credits Images 1. Link by marfis75 // CC BY-SA 2. - Chess - by teliko82 // CC BY-NC 3&4. manos al cielo by ruurmo // CC BY-SA 6. Finger face having an idea by Tsahi Levent-Levi // CC BY 7. High Point State Park views from the summit by jason jenkins CC BY-SA 8. Apples by temporalata // CC BY-SA 9. Baby African wood-owl (Strix woodfordii) by Arno Meintjes // CC BY-NC 10. Key note by william.neuheisel // CC BY 11. Project 366 #239: 260812 Stay On Target! by comedy_nose // CC BY 12. Heroes by Angelina :) // CC BY-SA 14. T2i Red Heart by @Doug88888 // CC BY-NC-SA 15. Hotline by splorp // CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 16. You Choose Your Path by James Wheeler // CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 17. Frog-not-ready illustration by // CC BY-NC-ND 18. Untitled by Duncan Rawlinson. // CC BY-NC 19. 11/365: "?“ by anieto2k // CC BY-SA 21. goodbye by woodleywonderworks // CC BY
  18. 18. THANKS! Heidi Steiner Burkhardt @heidisteiner