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  1. 1. “ The Remodel” A Project Of Buying A House, Tearing It Apart and Putting It All Back Together (In One Year or Less)
  2. 2. The Back Story Interestingly enough, this was the very first house my realtor brought me to look at in February of 2010 when I began my search for a home to buy. At the time it was in “short sale” status and based on the climate of Oregon banks, offers on short sales were unfortunately being ignored. After months of looking at other houses and waiting for the banks to figure out if they wanted some business, on July 6 th this house popped back up on the market as a foreclosure. My offer was accepted on July 7 th and I finally received the keys to my new home on….(wait for it)….September 24 th .
  3. 3. The Back Story Only a mere 80 days after my offer on this home was accepted, I was able to get the keys to unlock the front door. Yay! Admittedly, the house wasn’t in the greatest shape. I don’t know the entire story but I believe the original owners never lived in the home, instead, purchasing it as an investment and renting it out. The house was rented by various folks from 2002 to 2009, and then sat vacant for two years before I saw it. As many are aware, renters do not always take the best care of the house, and while this wasn’t the worst I’d seen, it certainly wasn’t looking new anymore.
  4. 4. The Back Story I decided to jump right in to some necessary renovations prior to moving in to the house and immediately went to work. As you’ll see in the following pictures the house has undergone many changes. It is easier to say what hasn’t changed rather than what has. The only things which haven’t been remodeled (yet) are the kitchen cabinets and the upstairs bathrooms. The cabinets are in great condition and I don’t have any plans to change those. The two bathrooms will eventually get a new look, but I’m going to give myself some time before I tackle those projects. I’m still a little weary from all the work that’s been done. 
  5. 5. A First Look – The Outside
  6. 6. A First Look – Kitchen
  7. 7. A First Look – Kitchen
  8. 8. A First Look – Kitchen/Dining Room
  9. 9. A First Look – Family Room
  10. 10. A First Look – Entryway
  11. 11. A First Look – Downstairs Bathroom Oops! Yes, this is me taking a picture of myself
  12. 12. A First Look – Stairway
  13. 13. A First Look – Upstairs Landing