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Heidi Pollock FOWA '07


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A Pocket Web Guide

Published in: Business, Technology
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Heidi Pollock FOWA '07

  1. Pocket Web Guide Text Text 3rd Oct 2007
  2. 176px and 10k 3rd Oct 2007
  3. Everything you need CODE <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC quot;-//WAPFORUM//DTD XHTML Mobile 1.0//ENquot; quot;;> Markup: div, span, p, br, b, small, form, input, select, option, textarea, table, tr, td, img, style, class CSS: color, background-color, border, margin, padding, text-align, 3rd Oct 2007 vertical-align, font-size TOOLS Firefox Extensions: Modify Headers, User Agent Switcher, WML Browser, XHTML Mobile Profile WURFL (
  4. What to take mobile • Your users are bored or in need • Preserve your brand with logo, colors and copy • Navigation links are over-rated 3rd Oct 2007
  5. During development • Have a device list • Think like a phone • Learn to live with it 3rd Oct 2007 • Mobile acid test (
  6. Thank You Text Text contact: