The english in north america #2


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The english in north america #2

  1. 1. The English in North America Heidi Jones
  2. 2. American Colonies 6- VirginiaThe colony of Virginia was one of English claimed and colonized in 1580’s. Spanish and French mariners explored the coast north of Florida and South Acadia. They named the new colonial establishment Virginia, in honor of Queen Elizabeth I. However the expedition proved to be very expensive- resulting to many failures. They were initially going to see if the land was profitable for gold. So instead they made slow developments of plantations including tobacco. However the escalation of confrontation between the English Colonists and the Algonquians Indians, who defended their lands and culture against the intruders.
  3. 3. American Colonies 6- Virginia The English Queen could not afford to pay for any further oversea colonies especially after the war that erupted in Spain in 1585. 16th Century England concentrated on wealth and on power- an aristocracy. Even thought the power was a monarchy and the power belonged to the King. In the later 16th century, the lower “Sort of Englishmen” grew in number but deteriorated in circumstances. The economic growth couldn’t keep up with the population. Poor people started coming out of the rural villages and the seaport cities- especially London. Under employment reduced the wages that people got, because the unemployed and the workers couldn’t afford the cost of living. The solution at the time was to send the poor to the colony in Virginia so that they could Labor raising and transporting commodities.
  4. 4. American Colonies 6- Virginia Jamestown is one of the most wellknown colonies that happened in theVirginia area. Captain ChristopherNewport was the person who led theexpedition and when they arrived at theChesapeake Bay- they were at thesouthern side by the Atlantic. The founda desirable place that had a gooddefensive position against any enemyships and there they establishedJamestown. There purpose was to findgold and other precious metals to send tothe investors in England. The coloniststraded with the Natives Americans, butthey didn’t already share items. They alsospread diseases. Despite all of theattempts for mining minerals, growingsilk, and exporting tobacco, no profit wasmade and it was unknown if thesettlement was even going to make it.
  5. 5. American Colonies 6- Virginia Jamestown- By 1613 six years after itwas founded, the organizers and theshareholders of the Virginia Companywere desperate to increase theirprofits. The harvest of Tobacco wasvery successful the following year.John Rolfe married the daughter ofan Indian tribe- making peacebetween the English and the natives.In 1691 they assembled the firstchurch, “to establish one equal anduniform government over allVirginia.” Virginia became a royalcolony in 1624, even though therewere ups and downs it continued toprosper. It is currently known as thenation’s oldest county as James CityCounty, Virginia.
  6. 6. American Colonies 9- Puritans and IndiansThere were several different tribesof Indians, and the Puritans felt asthough it was their mission toconvert and educate them. Whenthe diseases were given to thePuritans, they believed that it wasGod’s way of giving the land tothem, as well as the items they stolefrom the graves. The Puritans didn’tbelieve the Indians were inferior, butthey thought that they were here tolearn the gospel and the devil wasagainst them. And that is where thePuritans stepped in.
  7. 7. American Colonies 9- Puritans and Indians In 1646 John Elliot established Praying Towns which were settlements where the Indians could relocate in order to convert and learn English Culture. These settlements helped tribes who were in despair from disease, lack of money, and needed protection. Even thought the Indians were “required to convert” most of them stayed diligent in their own religion traditions on the down low. The Puritans killed or harmed over a thousand Indians during the 1637 Pequot War. They were killing or enslaving all of the fleeing Indians who were not being already burned inside of their houses. Puritans believed that this was done out of God’s work and that they were killing the devil’s “minions.”
  8. 8. American Colonies 9- Puritans and IndiansIn 1675 The Metacom’s War- or King Phillips War was an uprising against the English. The English outnumbered the Indians 55,000 to 12,000. The war was about a Christian who educated an Indian who then betrayed him. Then there was an uprising of the colonial leaders. This war was a combined effort of many tribes and the lasting effect was a weakened number of Indians that died and over 800 Puritans died. And 2 dozen towns were destroyed. The war proved that the stronger tribes were willing to risk their lives, to keep their values and traditions.Some Puritans saw the war as God’s punishment and the Mass. They believed that long hair on males, and females not being supervised.
  9. 9. American Colonies 9- Puritans and IndiansAll of this conflict with Indians meant that the British had to come upwith some way to handle Indians in a more appropriate way.Attempts to deal with Indians will lead to tensions between colonistsand the “mother country”. The Puritans and Indians continuouslyfought over the land, religion, and values. The Puritans destroyedthe Indians resources and the Indians rebelled against their thoughtsand values. Overall- this wasn’t a great relationship, but it did makea difference in History.