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Strategies Virtual Library Presentation

  1. 1. The Virtual Library: Heidi E. Blanton, ITT Technical Institute, TB133 - Strategies
  2. 2. LRC Hours: Monday – Friday: 8am to 10pm, Saturday: 7:45am to 5pm, Sunday: Closed
  3. 3. Staff: Liao, Sandy, and Heidi Liao, Liao,
  4. 4. Services: Make up tests and turn in homework
  5. 5. Services: Test Out information and proctoring
  6. 6. Tutors available ~ Services
  7. 7. Lost and found ~ Services
  8. 8. Services Check out materials
  9. 9. Loan Period and Policies: *Due dates vary by type of item, usually 2-3 weeks. *Student ID or valid license or State ID required to check out.
  10. 10. Library Catalog
  11. 11. http://library.itt- ~ The Virtual Library
  12. 12. Selected Textbooks
  13. 13. Books ~ Ebrary • Ebarary Exercise: Search for “communication”. How many results do you get? Narrow your results by checking the box next to “Interpersonal Communication.” Click on the book Say It Right the First Time. Browse the Table of Contents • Gale Virtual Reference Collection Exercise: Search for “Steve Yzerman”. Click on Yzerman’s name to see the article. What year was he born?
  14. 14. Books ~ NetLibrary
  15. 15. EbscoHost Exercise: Click on EbscoHost databases. Search for “global warming”. Narrow your results by clicking on “Periodicals” on the left. Narrow them again by clicking on “Energy Conservation” on the left. Choose one article from your results. From the icons on the right choose the one for “Cite this Article” to get the proper APA formation (hint: mouse over the icons to see what each one is). Periodicals~ EbscoHost
  16. 16. ProQuest Exercise: Click on the “Publications” tab at the top of the site. Enter “Detroit News” as search terms. Click on the result for the The Detroit News and search within the publication for “automobile industry” and browse the results. Periodicals~ ProQuest
  17. 17. Dictionaries: Oxford Reference Online; Encyclopedias: Britannica Online; Almanacs: InfoPlease Almanac; Directories: ReferenceUSA ~ Reference Resources ReferenceUSA Exercise: Search U.S. Businesses. Type “Microsoft” for company, “Redmond” for City, and choose Washington for the state. Click on the link of the search result and look over what information you can get from corporate profiles here.
  18. 18. * Resume and Job Links * Employment Projections *Occupational Outlook Handbook ~ Career Reference Resources
  19. 19. Program Links
  20. 20. Ask-A-Librarian: 24/7 Live Reference Help via Chat or Email 24 Hour Virtual Reference
  21. 21. Evaluating Web Resources * Question Authority, who wrote the content? * Question Accuracy, can you back up in other sources? * Question Relevancy, is it up to date? Web Evaluation Checklist in PDF form is available at UC Berkeley: beval-QuestionsToAsk.pdf
  22. 22. Research Help