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Pyland - 3 minute intro


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Quick presentation introducing Pyland, including a screenshot of the upcoming alpha

Published in: Technology
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Pyland - 3 minute intro

  1. 1. Tuesday 19 Aug Ashley, Ben, Heidi & Joshua
  2. 2. Aims To provide a fun and creative environment on the Raspberry Pi to aid children learning programming and more general Computer Science concepts.
  3. 3. Target Audience ● Age group - 11-12 year olds ● Environment - Semi-supervised learning outside the classroom e.g. after school clubs or at home. ● Experience - may have had exposure to visual block-based programming such as Scratch. Not assuming any prior experience.
  4. 4. Approach (1/2) ● Educational game: programming skills applied in new contexts, using problem solving & creativity ● Integrated Tutorials: to introduce/refresh programming concepts ● Motivating Programming: demonstrating how programming can used to achieve goals much faster
  5. 5. Approach (2/2) ● Optimised for the Raspberry Pi ● Broad appeal: not your typical computer game, e.g. catering for range of abilities and gender neutral theme
  6. 6. First Alpha Release
  7. 7. Thoughts & Questions Ask us about Pyland and life as a cambridge undergraduate @ProjectPyland pyland/pyland