Ask Masters Finding Funding webinar series


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Ask Masters series webinars will equip your non-profit organization with development strategies and fundraising techniques that increase revenue and deliver a strong return on your investment. Each session delivers actionable strategies and tools to leverage hidden opportunities to increase your resources now.

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Ask Masters Finding Funding webinar series

  1. 1. Finding Funding provides the tools to uncover hidden opportunities to increase contributionsand easy-to-follow guides to help board members, volunteers, and staff become high performingfundraisers. This series guides you through setting both organizational and personal fundraisinggoals and then provides the step-by-step methods that result in increased contributions. FindingFunding is effective for board members, young organizations, small shops, adding generaldevelopment efforts, and pre or post campaign activities. “I am now one session away from completing the course and the change in not only my personal ability to raise money, but also in the entire approach of the organization to fundraising has been so positive that other members are volunteering to be involved!” ~ Kathi Krouch, Mid-America Freedom BandSession 1 – Put the FUN Back in Fundraising!In addition to setting goals we examine who is responsible for fundraising, the life-cycle of a donor andwhat that life cycle looks like in your organization.In this session you will  Determine personal reasons for supporting cause  Describe two fundraising models  Identify donor life-cycle fundraising activities  Evaluate current prospect base  Establish methods to re-engage donorsSession 2 – Establish Your Fundraising PlanWhat does an integrated development plan look like? How can your development plan be adaptableduring a fiscal cycle? What are the donor pipelines you use and which ones do you need?In this session you will  Evaluate your sources for philanthropic revenue  Identify areas of opportunity for increasing fundraising results  Select methods for securing contributions  Set fundraising receipts goals using specific methods by philanthropic source  Set fundraising goals by prospect with step-by-step methodsSession 3 – Identify Donors and ProspectsWhere are all the donors? You’ve got donors, but you need more. You need more contributions. Youneed new donors. You need a different kind of donor.In this session you will  Identify the four ‘donor crops’ you harvest  Learn to identify the donor pipelines that give the best return on investment  Learn to identify the fundraising activities that give the best return on investment  Grow your prospect list and fill your contributions funnel
  2. 2. Session 4 – Tell Your StoryWhy should someone support your organization? How do you tell your ‘story’ in the best manner toconnect with donors and prospects?In this session you will  Personalize your cause’s Mission Statement  Learn how to use a specific ‘case statement’ structure for written materials  Create your own short stories to get someone involved one-on-one with your cause  Learn how to present your cause in 30 seconds or 30 minutes to one person or one thousand to generate supportSession 5 – Connect Budgets to ResourcesIn this session you’ll discover presentation and donor opportunities that are hiding in your organizational,campaign or project budget. We’ll discuss how to present the opportunity to change lives from a financialand other resources standpoint.You will  Identify your cause’s tangible programs that will attract revenue  Learn to present your cause’s operating budget to generate unrestricted contributions  Establish naming rights and price points  Discover non-cash, budget alleviating gift opportunities in your cause’s budgetSession 6 – Plan Your Fundraising CallIn this session you will examine the goals, structure and roles for both a solicitation call and a cultivationcall.You will  Learn how to set yourself up for a successful fundraising visit  Set goals for each cultivation and stewardship visit that make your next request successful  Establish the structure that keeps you in control of the meeting  Set your next actions to follow-up and close that giftAsk Masters webinars supports your goals whether you are a volunteer or a staff member! Each AskMasters Finding Funding webinar session is an hour filled with information and exercises that give youthe tools you need to increase resources right now. Action steps are assigned for each session and eachsession builds upon the practice of the previous activities. Finding Funding is available for the seriesprice of $799. Enrollment includes access to six sessions, per-session worksheets and exercises andunlimited email access between sessions with a top professional fundraiser.Presented by For more information contact Heidi Hancock, CFRE 800.485.0742