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Senate info keynote


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Maine Senate Race information for MJHS Mock Election 2012.

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Senate info keynote

  1. 1. Election 2012U.S. Senate Candidates
  2. 2. CYNTHIA DILL DEMOCRATBorn on January 6, 1965 in New York.She went to the University of Vermont.Before entering politics she was a civil rights lawyer.She currently is part of the Maine Senate representing the7th district which is greater South Portland.
  3. 3. ANGUS KING INDEPENDENTHe was born on March 31, 1944 in Virginia.He graduated from Dartmouth College and the Universityof Virginia School of Law.Before he went into political work, he was aLecturer(teacher) at Bowdoin College in Maine.He was the 72nd Governor of Maine, right before JohnBaldacci.
  4. 4. CHARLIE SUMMERS REPUBLICANBorn January 3, 1959 in Illinois.He graduated from Blackhawk College (a communitycollege in Illinois) and University of Illinois.He was part of management of South Portland Motor Inn.He also was part of the U.S. Navy.He is now Maine’s Secretary of State .
  5. 5. THINKING ABOUT THE ISSUESWho should you vote for? Well, that’s for you to decide.Think for yourself, instead of relying on others to think foryou. Don’t let the label of a political party guide your vote.On the next slide, you will see 15 issues. Choose a few thatare most important to you. Find out which candidate(s) hassimilar opinions to yours.Choose wisely! Every vote counts!
  6. 6. The IssuesEconomy - National DebtEconomy- Jobs OverseasEducation - Abstinence Only in Health Care - RequiredSchool InsuranceEducation - Private Education Immigration(voucher system)Education - Federal Role TaxesEnvironment - Climate Change War on TerrorGun ControlGay Marriage
  7. 7. Economy - National Debt The Angus Cynthia CharlieCandidate King Dill Summers Their Cut gov’t spending Raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans Wants to make taxes on businesses wisely, make the taxopinion on code simpler, get rid of (Buffet Rule). Supports the Jobs Bill to create 2 predictable so they can be prepared and loopholes so gov’t the makes more money. million jobs in America and cuts taxes for concentrate on creating jobs. Wants to Congress doesn’t get national paid until budget it working people, but keep taxes low for puts a tax on rich everyone, cut gov’t passed. debt people. spending {Back To The Issues}
  8. 8. JOB ISSUES.The employment rate, and what they are going to do to get more jobs The Angus Cynthia CharlieCandidate King Dill Summers She will co-sponsor the Employee Free Adopt an idea that Expand markets Choice Act will create and Their for fishing, Support union support well paying forestry, and workers jobs to let small opinion businesses get agriculture Voted for the bigger Paycheck Fairness act.
  9. 9. Economy - Jobs Overseas The Angus Cynthia CharlieCandidate King Dill Summers Wants to make Supports bringing Their smarter trade high-speed internet to rural areas to make Keep taxes low on deals so Maine businesses so they canopinion on Maine more business- hire workers and can keep friendly. Supports people can buy our jobs businesses here, Maine moving into the 21st century economy way out of the bad like New Balance economy. overseas with more tech-based sneakers. jobs. {Back To The Issues}
  10. 10. Education - Abstinence Only The Angus Cynthia CharlieCandidate King Dill Summers Include both safe Their sex and Does not support abstinence Abstinence Only Unknown opinion education in education. health class. {Back To The Issues}
  11. 11. Education - Private Education The Angus Cynthia CharlieCandidate King Dill Summers Does not support make our schools private. She Not convinced of the is concerned that Approves of charter benefit of charter vouchers would take Their schools, but has an needed money away schools, school vouchers, and magnet open-mind. Doesn’t from public schools. opinion want public schools to Does not want public schools. Wants students to have school choice. lose money. money to go to religious schools (separation of church/state). {Back To The Issues}
  12. 12. Education - Federal Role The Angus Cynthia CharlieCandidate King Dill Summers Federal gov should not tell school districts Federal Gov. must make Their how to run schools, but they should sure every student has the opportunity to be Decisions in education should be made by opinion continue to fund education and provide successful. More money states. to education funding. research. {Back To The Issues}
  13. 13. Environment - Climate Change The Angus Cynthia CharlieCandidate King Dill Summers Yes, climate Yes, climate Their change is change is No, climate happening and happening and change is not opinion humans humans human-related. contribute to it. contribute to it. {Back To The Issues}
  14. 14. ENERGY If they want to support it or not. The Charlie Angus King Cynthia Dillcandidate Summers Their Use U.S. and renewable Wants to “develop our Promotes “Made in resources, but keep theopinion on environment safe. Is open nations rich energy America” energy minded to nuclear power, reserves” rather than Nuclear policies, cut ties to but thinks that they need relying on other countries. Supports oil, Middle East, limit to find a place for the Power/ waste before they are coal, natural gas, and long-term effects allowed to expand. nuclear power. Energy on environment.
  15. 15. Gun Control The Angus Cynthia CharlieCandidate King Dill Summers Supports guns Believes strongly Put stricter laws rights, but in the 2nd Their on assault believes in amendment and weapons, like background wants no new opinion those used in limits on gun checks for school shootings. ownership. purchasers. {Back To The Issues}
  16. 16. Gay Marriage The Angus Cynthia CharlieCandidate King Dill Summers Opposes same- sex marriage, but Their Supports same- Supports same- believes same-sex sex marriage. sex marriage. couples can be opinion protected by civil unions. {Back To The Issues}
  17. 17. Health Care - Required Insurance The Angus Cynthia Charlie Candidate King Dill Summers Believes the Affordable Care Act takes away Supports the provision Supports the provision Their in the Affordable Care in the Affordable Care individual choice. Thinks people should be Act (ObamaCare) for Act (ObamaCare) for opinion required insurance. required insurance. able to go across state lines to buy health insurance. {Back To The Issues}
  18. 18. Immigration Charlie The Angus King- Cynthia Dill- Summers- candidate Independent Democrat Republican Wants to create “effective and No automatic citizenship enforceable” immigration laws for illegals; Yes Their that do no punish children of illegal immigrants who can’t Wants to end having to temporary Visas for prove you are a resident workers; Return illegalsviewpoint on help their status. Come up with a plan to get illegal immigrants in order to get a driver’s to their country beforeimmigration to come out and pay taxes and become citizens. license. considered for citizenship {Back To The Issues}
  19. 19. Taxes The Angus Cynthia CharlieCandidate King Dill Summers Wants a flatter tax that Would get rid of Bush- Supports Bush-era tax is equal among all Their era tax cuts when the time is right. Would not cuts for those making less than $250,000 per levels of income, wants to extend Bush-era tax opinion take a pledge to not raise taxes. year. Wants a small tax on stock trades. cuts, signed a “No Taxes” pledge. {Back To The Issues}
  20. 20. War on Terror Charlie The Angus King- Cynthia Dill- Summers- candidate Independent Democrat Republican Wants to reduce our Wants to reduce our troops in Afghanistan, military spending to Their but build a future for spend it on things at Increase military that country. Would be home, wants to pull out spending, give our hard-viewpoint on careful about entering of Afghanistan working military the the War on any other costly wars. We need to build up our according to President Obama’s timeline, wants tools they need to keep us safe. Terror alliances around the world. to reduce our nuclear weapons because we have too many. {Back To The Issues}
  21. 21. SourcesWikipedia