Chaidari, Our Home Town


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This ppt is made by the Greek team of e-Twinning project "The trees of friendship" (2008)

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Chaidari, Our Home Town

  1. 1. Please, come with us toPlease, come with us to introduce you our town!!introduce you our town!! Welcome to Athens, ChaidariWelcome to Athens, Chaidari
  2. 2. Our town’s name is Chaidari and it located at west of Athens. This is a town park, with an old building that has wall paintings of Gyzi, a great Greek painter.
  3. 3. This is a small palace, built by the first king of Greece Today is the public library and the landmark of Chaidari.
  4. 4. This is Prophet Elias, the uppermost hill of our town, with the spectacular view of Athens.
  5. 5. Enjoy the view of our town This is our school building
  6. 6. The west part of our town with the sculpture heart on Pikilo Mountain
  7. 7. The wonderful Orthodox church of our town named “Little Madona”
  8. 8. If you like swimming here it is the pool
  9. 9. If you like art you can enjoy watching a film at “The Spring” cinema.
  10. 10. We have not to forget to visit the famous Byzantine Monastery of Dafni and admire its amazing mosaics
  11. 11. It is the most important 11th century monument in Attica with Greece’s finest mosaics. It is on the list of the UNESCO’s World Heritage. Here is a view of Daphni Monastery
  12. 12. Greek nature will help us to relax Shall we walk inside the Diomidis Botanical Garden? It is the largest of the South-eastern Mediterranean
  13. 13. Did you get tired? Let’s have some fresh orange juice in a cafeteria under the pine trees.
  14. 14. Did you like our town? You are welcome, friends, any time!
  15. 15. Till then you can try a vitrual visit… To Diomidis Botanical Garden To Daphni Monastery