Physical properties of Aldehydes


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Physical properties of Aldehydes

  1. 1. Aldehydes  Physical Properties of Aldehydes
  2. 2. Because of the carbonyl group , aldehydes are polar molecules In this structure , the oxygen atom is not bonded to a hydrogen , so there is no hydrogen bonding between aldehyde molecules. Consequently ,they have lower boiling point than the corresponding alcohols and higher boiling points than the corresponding ethers
  3. 3. The carbonyl oxygen atom allows molecules of aldehyde to form strong hydrogen bonds with water molecules Low molar mass aldehydes dissolve in water due to hydrogen bonding . Hydrogen bonds are formed between the oxygen atoms and also between the hydrogen atom of water and also between the hydrogen atom of the aldehyde and the oxygen atom of water.  Low molar mass aldehydes are more soluble in water  As molar mass increases, solubility decreases Have pleasing taste and smell The lower the molar mass aldehydes have sharp odor As molar mass increases the odor becomes more fragrant