SEQC Football Quiz Finals


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SEQC Football Quiz at the Day of Quizzing 2013

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SEQC Football Quiz Finals

  1. 1. SEQC Football Quiz Finals
  2. 2. Team Ranks Average1 1,9,18 9.32 2,10,17 9.73 3,11,14 9.34 4,12,13 9.75 5,7,16 9.36 6,8,15 9.7• Teams will be divided as given above
  3. 3. • 1stprize sponsored by Mr. Sandeep Sardesai(Rotary Club Margao)• 2ndprize sponsored by S.S KakodkarCompany(Contractor and Builder)• 3rdprize sponsored by Kenybab’s Restaurant
  4. 4. First Half StartsWarm UpsClockwise+10 right answerNo negatives6 Questions
  5. 5. Q1:When he was studying at Saint Xaviers College atCalcutta.He was credited for scoring the first Hat-Trick in an openfootball tournament in India, for Saint Xaviers againstSovabazar. He also served as Secretary of the Indian FootballAssociation. But he famous for something he did 3 years later.Who am I talking about?
  6. 6. Norman Pritchard
  7. 7. Q2:These two players with another player share a veryunique record. I want the record and the other player.
  8. 8. Diego Forlan. 3 generations of the same family tohave won the Copa America.
  9. 9. Q3:The finals of the Euro 2004 was played betweenGreece and host nation Portugal at the Estadio da Luz.There was a peculiarity about the final fixture.What was it?
  10. 10. The opening and final fixtureof the tournament were same
  11. 11. Q4:Connect
  12. 12. 1• Stadiums are share by two teams• San Siro-Milan & Internazionale• Allianz Arena-Bayern Munich & 1860 Muunchen• Stadio Olympico-AS Roma & SS Lazio
  13. 13. Q5:The Capital of this country is Teguchigalpa.Itmade it to 2010 South Africa, the second time everin the World Cup finals in its history, It also foughta war triggered by a football Match. Which Country?
  14. 14. • Honduras
  15. 15. Q6:Founded in 1987,they are the most successful club inEnglish Womens Football,11 FA Women PremierLeagues,!0 Women Premier League Cups and theUEFA Womens Champions League.Name the Club
  16. 16. Arsenal LFC
  17. 17. Kick Off• 6 Questions• Anti-Clockwise• +10 right answer• No Negatives
  18. 18. Q1:Having lost his father at a very young age, but nevergave up on his ambitions of playing football which he didright from a young age during his schooling atDon Boscos.He took a career-shaping step when he waschosen to play for Dempo for the first time under coachJoseph Ratnam, who taught his wards how to play footballwith discipline. “That was a very important phase of mycareer as far as shaping the destiny of my football talentwas concerned as I got picked for a big club - Dempo,” hereminisced. He made Dempo his abode for the next 14 yearsto come, as a player. Who am I talking about?
  19. 19. Armando Colaco
  20. 20. Q2:The Company was founded by Harold & Wallace Humphreyin Wilmslow, Cheshire, England inspired by the growinginterest for football nationwide. The company’s kit madeits debut at the 1934 FA Cup Final, when bothManchester City & Portsmouth wore the uniforms made bythem. Name this brand, known for making some of the mostelegant kits?
  21. 21. Q3:After a 2 year ban was put on Mohun Bagan,it was lifted for a fine of Rs 2 Crore,however the ban ontheir captain continues,Who is their captain?
  22. 22. • Odafe Okolie
  23. 23. Q4:After being called in to replace injure goalkeeperNeri Pumpido, this player became a star as he encounteredtwo back to back penalty shootouts in the quarter-finals andsemi-finals taking Argentina to the finals. Which goalkeeper?
  24. 24. • Sergio Goycochea
  25. 25. Q5:Between 1984 and 1992 this Serie A club had itsgreatest run with a Serie A win in 1991-1992 season,3 Italian Cups and 1 European Cup in 1990.Powering them werethe ‘Goal-Twins’ of Roberto Mancini and Gianluca Vialli.Name the Club
  26. 26. Sampdoria
  27. 27. Q6:What do you make of this list?Simon BolivarJose Gervasio ArtigasBernando O’HigginsJose Miguel CarreraManuel BerganoJose Joaquin de OlmedoAntonio Jose de Sucre
  28. 28. The Libertadores,freedom fighters of South Americaafter which the Copa Libertadores is named
  29. 29. Half-Time• Infinite Pounce• Clockwise• +10 normal• +15/-5 on ponce• 6 Questions
  30. 30. Q1:India won the 2008 AFC Challenge Cup, India was also thewinner of the fair play award and the India captainBaichung Bhutia won the most valuable player award.In the finals Sunil Chettri scored a hattrick while Bhutiascored a brace. India won the final 4-1(FatkhulloFatkhuloev).Which team did India defeat in the finals?• Hint:They were the 2006 Challenge Cup Champions
  31. 31. Tajikistan
  32. 32. Q2:Which team are these people representinghere?
  33. 33. Catalonia National Football Team
  34. 34. “When I was a kid I used to watch Brazil play”.“I wasn’t bothered about what Pele was doing, though.I used to watch out for Rivelino,on the other side of thepitch. He was everything I wanted to be as a player. Hisdribbling was flawless, his passes perfect and his shotsunstoppable. And he did everything with his left foot. It didn’tmatter if his right foot was only good to stand on, becausethere was nothing he couldn’t do with his left. To me it wasbeautiful.Q3:”Who is the aspiring lad?
  35. 35. “• Cigarette smoking is injurious to health
  36. 36. Q4:Thierry Henry defied soccer geometry and physics,highlighting another tremendous effort with an improbablebending goal directly off a corner kick for NY Red Bullsagainst Columbus CrewWhat is this type of a goal called?
  37. 37. Olympic Goal
  38. 38. Q5:“I don’t know where I will play the previous gamesbefore it, I just want to play against Sunderland. When thefixtures come out I look for three games – City,Liverpool and Everton. This time I checked the Sunderlandgame. If there is one team that I want to beat this season itwill be Sunderland.”Who said this and what was the reason?
  39. 39. Wayne Rooney after Sunderland Fanscelebrated when City scored two stoppage timegoal to win the league
  40. 40. X is a country which reached the world cup final.The players of X were threatened by their leader(Y)before the match who sent them a telegraph which whentranslated meant ‘do or die’.Luckily X won the final to which the opposition goalkeepersaid I may have conceded four goals but at least I savedtheir livesQ6:Identify X & Y.
  41. 41. • Italy• Benito Mussolini
  42. 42. Free-Kick• 6 Questions• Connect of 2 pictures.• On the buzzer.• +10 right answer• -5 wrong answer• Questions will be passed anti-clockwise ifwrong answer given on buzzer
  43. 43. Q1:Connect
  44. 44. • Syed Nayeemuddin, only man to win both theArjuna as well as the Dronacharya Award
  45. 45. Q2:Connect
  46. 46. • I’m Still Standing
  47. 47. Q3:Connect
  48. 48. • Both have nicknames the translates to‘the kid’ in their respective languagesDavid Villa-el guaje-asturianTorres-el nino-spanish
  49. 49. Q4:Whats the funda?
  50. 50. • The only World Player of the Year neverto play in the WC finals.
  51. 51. Q5:Connect.
  52. 52. Paolo Rossi & Salvatore Schillaci, only players to havewon both the Golden Ball and Boot in the same WC.
  53. 53. Q6:Connect
  54. 54. Clubs from the same country played in the finalsR.Madrid vs Valencia-2000Man U vs Chelsea-2008
  55. 55. Penalty Kicks• 3 Clues• 1stclue:+15/-10• 2ndclue:+10/-5• 3rdclue:+5/-0• All answers to be given written• 4 Questions
  56. 56. • Identify• He has played in 5 world cups which is more than anyother outfield player.• He also holds the record for playing the most worldcup matches• He is the most capped player of his nation of all time,retiring with a total of 150 appearances. Identify Him?
  57. 57. • Lothar Matthaus
  58. 58. • Identify• It originally established in 1927 as Eveready Association.In 2006, it was renamed as United Sports Club•  The club clinched promotion to the first division of theI-League in 2007.• In 2011 Chirag Computers choose to cut ties with theclub and the Chirag United SC became United SC
  59. 59. • Prayag United SC
  60. 60. • Identify• The club was formed by workers of a optical factoryin 1903 in the German town of Jena• It reached its peak in the 1970’s winning couple ofleague titles as well as the playing in the League Cup.• It currently languishes in the outer layers of theGerman football System.Which Club?
  61. 61. • Identify• This youngster had to frequently change schools, from Bahai Schoolin Gangtok to Bethanys in Darjeeling, and from Loyola School inKolkata to the Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan in New Delhi• After starting his career for the Delhi-based City Club hetransferred to Mohun Bagan and remained there for three seasons.• On February 2013, it was announced that I-League side Churchill Brothers have taken him on temporary loan for theremainder of the ongoing 2012–13 season from Sporting CP.
  62. 62. • Sunil Chettri
  63. 63. Stoppage TimeAll on the buzzerNo pass, no bakwass+10/-106 Questions
  64. 64. Q1:Which Stadium is the second largest stadium inthe world by capacity with a total capacity of120,000?
  65. 65. Q2:Identify.
  66. 66. • Mohammed Bin Hammam,Former AFC Chairman
  67. 67. Q3:Except 1896,which is the only other time footballwas excluded from the Olympics?
  68. 68. • 1932 Los Angeles Olympics
  69. 69. Q4:Which footballer was calledthe ‘Indian Footballer of The 20thCentury?
  70. 70. Q4:Which footballer was calledthe ‘Indian Footballer of The 20thCentury?P.K Banarjee
  71. 71. Q5. Which is the only Asian country to reach thesemi-finals of the FIFA World Cup?
  72. 72. • South Korea
  73. 73. Q6:.If you are supporting a team with the nicknamethe’ magpies ‘which team would you be supporting?
  74. 74. • Newcastle United