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Hefty Insurance cater quality insurance services to seniors in

Portage Indiana. Hefty Insurance is always looking out for

Seniors by getting quality insurance and saving them money at

the same time.

For more info call: (219)359-2850

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  1. 1. Title: HEALTH INSURANCE FACTS AND MYTHS Article Summary: A good health is a good investment. Many insurance companies take the ball game a level higher in by offering complex health insurance benefits just to get a larger share of the insurance market. Article Body: HEALTH INSURANCE FACTS AND MYTHS A good health is a good investment. For an average earning American, his health cannot be compromised because any drug he will purchase from a pharmacy will have a large effect on how the family budget for the week will be consumed to be able to adjust on the Portgage INney spent for medication. Health importance is not only seen on minimum earners. For an employee to miss his work for weeks due to simple viral infection that was not paid with proper attention and medication, the production output of the company will be surely affected too. Health involves cure and prevention. And integrating the financial perspective of a household another factor in health is, contingency. What will your family do when you incurred a serious illness? What is waiting for your family as you departed after Portgage INnths of serious illness? Many insurance companies take the ball game a level higher in by offering complex insurance benefits just to get a larger share of the insurance market. As the health insurance in Portage IN, grows in vast conditions year after year, insurance companies need to cope up on this growing demand before they will lose eyesight of their target consumers. As a consumer, is a good sales talk enough for you to give in to the offer? Have you tried asking yourself if a health insurance can really satisfy your needs Portgage INre than the fact that you just can’t say no to the financial advisor who drive for many hours just to reach you? These are the insurance facts and myths that you might have missed asking on your insurance company: Myth #1: We can save Portgage INney by relying on community care Fact: Community care is a medical assistance given to the public for free especially to the marginalized sector of the society. But that does not mean that everything you need is given to you for free. Yes Portgage INney can be saved but when a disease calls for a serious action, community care may not give the assistance to you. Myth2: An average person may decline insurance proposal because it requires proper education to understand it fully. Fact: Legislators resolve this through the health reform law which states that all insurance companies should provide a comprehensive way to communicate their insurance policies through manuals and personal deliberations. This aims to describe the insurance policies in a simpler form and context for everyone. A summary of benefits and coverage should be also implemented by all insurance companies
  2. 2. that can make comparison of plans easier to the people. Your health insurance will also be tackled on this system to help you decide what kind of insurance fits you Myth 3: It is a done deal between the insurer and insurance holder once the contract is closed or ended Fact: It is the responsibility of the insurance company to provide assistance to the insured party or entity once the contract is signed. Although the contract is closed, any concerns raised by the involved party if he or the company still has prevailing benefits on the contract shall be assisted by the insurer. A law is also implemented to provide a consumer assistance program through the state or some affiliated agencies. This can help citizens to understand the options he have in choosing the right insurance without the unbiased opinions or influence from private insurance companies. Myth4: If you do not have insurance because of restricted budget, no options left for you. Fact: Universal health care package is offered by the government especially on key areas and the socio economic class where they see the great need to have insurance but they cannot afford. On universal health care package, the government pays for the insurance premium while the benefits entailed on the insurance coverage are fully enjoyed by the citizen. On some cases, mandatory payments are set by the government wherein a citizen is required to pay for a health care or community care deductible to his earnings in the form of tax. Myth5: There is a restricted network of doctors where you can refer you health case on insurances. Fact: The law states that insurance companies do not have the right to restrict you from seeing any doctor. Insurance companies also have wider network of medical experts to resolve this situation. But as a patient who wants to seek for second opinions from unaccredited doctors of the insurer, you are still free to do it but with extra cost from your own pocket of course. Insurance facts and myths will help you rePortgage INve your fear of complicated terms and calculations when it comes to insurance.