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Lewis hine


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Published in: News & Politics, Business
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Lewis hine

  1. 1. LEWIS HINEBy: Taylor Sowders
  2. 2. BackgroundBorn in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1874Died in 1940TeacherLived in poverty1907 began working with the National ChildLabor Committee (NCLC)
  3. 3. BackgroundTraveled to take photosHad to sneak into factoriesWWI, worked with red crossphotographed the living conditions of French1930-31 took photos of the building of theEmpire State Building
  4. 4. Girl worker in Carolina cotton mill 1908The machine in the mill creates a line makingthe girl look tiny compared to the machine
  5. 5. Icarus atop Empire State Building New York, 1931 The background makes this photo. Conditions were dangerous for the builders of the Empire State Building. The wire creates form and the shape of a circle.
  6. 6. Poor Home, New York City Tenement 1910The tiny space of thetenement lookscrowded. Just by lookingat this photo, it isobvious that the livingconditions weren’t good.
  7. 7. Children working in cotton factoryThe cotton machines create form, shape and rhythm.The young boys had to stand on the machines to usethem.
  8. 8. Workers on Steel Beamof Empire State Building The men create unity and a line in this photo, the background is included.