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Company ppt


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Company ppt

  1. 1. Transform Yourself and Find a Better You
  2. 2. Lingua-Franca Language Academy is a well known brand in the education sector owned by Eminent Learning Resources Pvt. Ltd with different brands in its bouquet. Incorporated in 2004. A trusted name in the field of education. Good track-record in training and placements. Has gained the faith of students, professionals, as well as parents.
  3. 3. Lingua-Franca Language Academy (LF) for Spoken English Foreign Languages, Personality Development, Programming Languages Institute of Commerce and Management (ICM) for Finance, Management and Accounting Courses Institute of Creativity and Designing (ICD) for Multimedia & Animation, Interior Designing, Graphic Designing Web – Designing Sound and Video Editing Auto – CAD and Designing Software
  4. 4. Director – Mr. Heerendra Bagchi MBA, B. Ed. , B. Sc.
  5. 5. Lingua Franca is a well-known brand in the education industry. At LF, you will find a variety of ways to challenge your mind, explore career avenues of interest and develop skills in various areas. We believe in having the intellectual, linguistic, moral skills that will make a student stand for the rest of his life. And yes, you and we together can make a perceptible difference.
  6. 6. Staple – The Basic Course A comprehensive course for those who want to know the nitty-gritty of English Vital – The Advance Course A course for those who want to polish the fluency of language and enrich their vocabulary
  7. 7. • Pinnacle – for Personality Development and Soft-skills Training For those who want to work on their soft-skills and professional etiquette and be productive to their organization in a better way. • Foreign Languages – French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese etc. • Hospitality Management – For those who dream of having a career in Hotel, Aviation and Tourism Industry. • Call Center Training – For those who want to make a career in Domestic or International Call Centers. • Programming Languages – C, C++, JAVA, .NET, PHP, Oracle, Android etc.
  8. 8. LF, one of the premiere institutes, is heading towards catering to the language training needs of thousands of individuals.  At LF, we know that good communication skills are the key to success!  In LF, the course is structured to take you quickly to the proficiency of the language and strengthen your skills & competitiveness for dealing with new challenges in the modernized world.
  9. 9.  LF understands that every person learns a language differently & at his or her own pace.  Unlike traditional school, that only teaches grammar out of a book, we teach people how to understand & speak Languages.  Through our unique BFM (BRAIN FEEDING METHODLOGY), students listen, read, write, speak and practice Languages in a fully immersive environment, which helps them achieve a deeper understanding of the language.
  10. 10.  LF certainly encourages students “to put a lot in ” and then we empower them to “get a lot out”, making rapid & effective language learning possible, and having a lot of fun along the way !!  We are the only Language training institute in Central India, which guarantees to make you SPEAK RIGHT LANGUAGE RIGHT FROM DAY ONE WHY LINGUA-FRANCA ?
  11. 11. Other f For the new-age moms of today
  12. 12. For the smart kids of present era
  13. 13. Other f For the courses related to Multimedia & Animation, Interior, Graphic and Web-Designing
  14. 14. Other f For the courses related to Finance, Management and Accounting
  15. 15. Join Lingua Franca and feel the difference
  16. 16. Contact us - Web-site – Like us on Facebook – Lingua Franca - Institute of Creativity and Designing (ICD) – Institute of Commerce and Management (ICM) – Help-line – 0731-3296634, 930 1323 930, 930 2323 930