HEDGE-SQUARE                                                    Beyond Consultancy.                       Case Study – Bus...
3.2    In 1st Week of an assignment we put together the framework and finlised the strategy for going       towards it.3.3...
4.4    Most importantly, timely action became possible and hence client got an opportunity to bid at                      ...
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Case study - International expansion of business in 4 markets


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This is a case-study reflecting the business setup done by Hedge-Square Consultancy for a client in 4 different countries.

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Case study - International expansion of business in 4 markets

  1. 1. HEDGE-SQUARE Beyond Consultancy. Case Study – Business Setup In Four Overseas CountriesI. Background:The Client had appointed us, for setting up its business in 4 (Four) overseas countries including ofNigeria, South Africa, Bangladesh and Nepal. Our team had required to reserch the various issues and iaspects from different angles to make the setup as smooth as possible.II. Issues & Roadblocks:2.1 The Client had realised that entry in to the overseas markets would require robust and effective services. Further dealing with various vendors in al these four countries and that to in between all cultural and linguistic barrier is cumbersome task.2.2 Different legal & administrative system of all the four countries was one of the weighty road blocks. Client did not have any arrangement for the place for registered office i those in jurisdictions. Further requirement as to local director and local shareholder was also one of the major roadblocks.2.3 Set up was required on urgent basis as client had to bid for projects in all these countries. basis, countries Action needed to be taken rapidl ction rapidly.2.4 The Client had to comply with Indian Corporate Laws viz. Foreign Exchange Regulations and Company Law Regulations.III. Role of Hedge-Square (HSQ) ):3.1 Our team had studied the business of the client in both the Indian markets as well as in global markets or in the country overseas. 1
  2. 2. 3.2 In 1st Week of an assignment we put together the framework and finlised the strategy for going towards it.3.3. To start with we used research based approach in which our team members have completed approach, preparing reserch templates. Said templates included the features of various types of legal entities, registration procedure and taxation aspects in the countries. These templates made task of decision making very easy and practical.3.4 After decision as to the type of entity detailed rese rch was done at our end. List of various research documents required for whole process of registration of an entity, had been sent to the client. ents The issues, in which need felt for the appointment of vendors overseas, appointment was made and related formalities completed thereto Problem as to the requirement of registered place thereto. of business, local director and local shareholder was taken towards solutions.3.5 After registration of an entity completed, various tax an payroll registrations had been and completed. Our team had completed the process well within the time which helped the client in bidding for projects at very early stage.IV. Benefits:4.1 The client need not engage itself with the various vendors in different jurisdiction and we were different single point of coordination for all the operations in four jurisdiction. e4.2 Due to proper reserch in advance and problem solving approach various issues such as approach, language, culture, co-ordination with authorities were minimized. ordination4.3 The client need not utilize his resources for this task and hence they been utilized in other productive tasks. 2
  3. 3. 4.4 Most importantly, timely action became possible and hence client got an opportunity to bid at imely very early stage as compared to its competitors.V. About Us:We assist Companies in to their international and domestic operations/ expansion. HSQ acts as one / expansionstop solution providers for setting up and running the business in India as well out outside India. We takecare of compliance, legal, accounting, taxation as well as management side of your business going businessesoverseas. We are in process of pioneers in the field of BPO/ LPO services by providing various research .documents, insights of industry, payroll services and serving such other projects. Based on research ofbusiness performance, Industry analysis and our expertise, we offer compelling set of practical insightsfor organisational problems and then solutions t that aspire to high performance. 3