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To Whom Are You Speaking?


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To Whom Are You Speaking?

  1. 1. Target Audiences To whom are we speaking?
  2. 2. Men humor features and benefits non-intrusive shareable quick Toys
  3. 3. Momma
  4. 4. Bud
  5. 5. Women Household practical Luxury emotional Take time Impress other women
  6. 6. That Thing Your Hair Thinking About
  7. 7. Marina
  8. 8. Youth spontaneous rebellious original adventurous/thrill-seeking early adopters
  9. 9. Pioneers
  10. 10. Tweens Peer Pressure Followers of each other Followers of teens Self absorbed
  11. 11. Teens Original Opposite of adults Crave freedom and responsibility Concerned with peers Socially responsible Self absorbed
  12. 12. Collegiate Experimentaiton Learning about self Socially responsible Early adopters of technology Self absorbed
  13. 13. Activision
  14. 14. Early Workforce Worried about money Worried about future Worried about status Experimentation Early adopter Self-absorbed Very social
  15. 15. MFCEO
  16. 16. Married with children Family absorbed Work balance Less social at night conservative
  17. 17. The Force
  18. 18. Boomer freedom downsizing conservative disposable income desire youth
  19. 19. Harley
  20. 20. Senior physically limited restricted conservative discretionary spending