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More solds preferredvendor_invitation

  1. 1. The Easy-to-Use Online Contact Management and Software System for Real Estate Agents Introducing MoreSolds Premium Local Area Version The best way for your business to reach all of the real estate agents in the entire area...YOUR EXCLUSIVE PREFERRED VENDOR OPPORTUNITY and INVITATION Now you can easily… • REACH all of the local Real Estate Agents in the Entire Area • GENERATE a steady stream of new client business leads • BECOME the Preferred Vendor for real estate agents and their clients • MARKET to Realtors without cold calling • GIFT agents with the ONE tool that is transforming their business • TAP a goldmine of new opportunity 1
  2. 2. presents… Your Exclusive Preferred Vendor Opportunity YOUR SPECIAL INVITATION: Partner with us and reach local agents... MoreSolds is now NOW YOU CAN EASILY REACH ALL OF THEthe perfect way for REAL ESTATE AGENTS IN YOUR ENTIRE CITYservice providers to Since 2008, MoreSolds has been providing real estate agents across North America with the most easy- reach realtors to-use online contact and transaction management system. With the new Preferred Vendor Program, MoreSolds will partner with just 10 exclusive area sponsors to bring this phenomenal tool to all the real estate agents in your local market. You Help Real Estate Agents Succeed! Each agent in the entire city now has access to the premium version of MoreSolds absolutely free. This is our complete premium ’Cadillac’ package with all the bells and whistles. This version of MoreSolds normally costs $14/mo or $168/yr per agent. NOW it’s completely FREE! How? We partner with preferred vendors! ______________ Exclusive Preferred Vendor ProgramEVERY AGENT IN Now vendors can market directly to the most influential group in their area: Real Estate Agents. We have placed a large banner ad position at the top of the MoreSolds software dashboard. As agents logYOUR AREA GETS into MoreSolds throughout each day, they will prominently see these sponsors. The sponsor banners rotate constantly. This is an extremely limited opportunity for vendors because there are only 10A FREE PREMIUM banner positions available in your market (and only ONE spot per business type)! ACCOUNT! The BEST Way to Reach Realtors Perhaps you are currently marketing to agents using methods like convention booths, lunch-and-learns, cold calling, magazine ads, sponsored office meetings or your own website. All of these methods require the agent to go out of their way to notice you. In todays fast-paced world of real estate, its no wonder these methods have lost effectiveness in recent years.Earn thousands of Now consider the way top companies like Google and Facebook market. By reaching your targetdollars in recurring agents through their online software system, you are meeting them where they are. real estate agent Every day, and throughout the day – day in, day out – week in, week out – these agents are seeing you! This is an exclusive and limited opportunity. We recommend you lock in your position as the business referrals preferred vendor before someone else does! How does it work? Easy as 1, 2, 3... MoreSolds is partnering with only 10 vendor sponsors per city! 1. We make a commitment to provide every agent in your area with a free complimentary ______________ subscription to MoreSolds premium version (a $168/yr value)! 2. We place your ad at the top of the MoreSolds dashboard for every agent to see through- out each day. PLUS, we market to the tens of thousands of these agent’s clients.HURRY! 3. You generate new business relationships and revenues for years to come. Most vendors will make their entire year’s investment back after just one new business transaction! We only allow ACT NOW... 10 This is an exclusive and limited opportunity. If you are interested, you need to lock in your spot today – get to it before your competitor does.Exclusive Preferred Local Vendors 2
  3. 3. How does it all work? Preferred Vendor Program To help you better understand how simple this program is, con- This is Your Exclusive Invitation sider the following analogy. Imag- ine that a new trade publicationIf you are a vendor looking to effortlessly work with more just began being printed in youragents in your area, why not offer agents the one tool that can city. The purpose of the newdramatically increase their productivity, resulting in more closed magazine was to introduce service providers to real estate agents.transactions for them and more referrals to you? Now you can. Each month the publication was printed and mailed to every realAccording to the National Association of REALTORS, gifting estate agent in your city. Well,agents a tool like MoreSolds Premium is one of the TOP 3 thats basically what this is. Butways to assure agent loyalty and retention! (March/April 2012 instead of a printed monthlyissue of REALTOR Magazine, page 27). magazine, we are offering some- thing much more practical to get local services in front of agents -Now more than any other time in history, agents are specifically MoreSolds.requesting more technology tools. Vendors are struggling to re-main relevant and stand out. We make it easy. Build your loy- Service providers in your area knowalty and increase agent business relationships by providing that real estate agents are their bestthem with the one tool that helps catapult their success, target audience, bar none.and yours.Think about it. If you could promote your business by provid-ing agents with a tool that will help them build and manage theirbusiness and generate leads, why would they ever want to work with Thats because savvy business ownersanyone else? Well, now you can... with MoreSolds Preferred Ven- know that marketing directly to consum-dor Program. ers is an expensive and time consuming proposition. They realize that a key to long-term success is getting their servicesYour monthly investment is extremely low. As a preferred ven- in front of the one target group that hasdor, your custom clickable banner appears on every page, re- the most influence, real estate agents.minding agents of you and your company’s services. PLUS… Because realtors are constantly workingNo more cold calling! Now you can warmly contact agents, with active buyers and sellers, getting inknowing that you are providing them with the tool that is help- front of these key players can bring ser- vice providers multiple sales for years toing them to succeed. come. In the past, service providers in yourThese banner positions are exclusive! There is only one of each market have struggled to find the perfectbusiness type allowed (i.e. one lender, one title company, one way to get their service in front of agents.landscaper, etc., and there are only 10 banners per market! Se- Conversely, agents have struggled to find the right vendors to refer their clients to.cure your custom banner position today, before the position isfilled. Now, vendors can market directly to the most influential group in their area: real estate agents.Dont Delay – ACT NOW. If you are interested in securingthis valuable custom banner position you should act now With MoreSolds you can now get your business directly in front of active realbefore that slot is filled. Call today to reserve your position estate agents on an ongoing basis.or simply fax or email your enrollment form. 3
  4. 4. Preferred Vendor Program Key Points and Vendor Benefits• INSTANTLY become the preferred vendor for your entire market area.• The LOW INVESTMENT cost can pay for itself after just one single transaction.• Your business relationship with just one realtor can bring you several new jobs per year! NO COMPETITION! In the banner ad positions, our FREE for y• you are the only Exclusive Vendor in your category. A Entire ARE• Exclusive Opportunity for service providers to get in front of all agents! There are only 10 exclu- “The best way to reach local agents sive custom banner positions available! AND all of their contacts”• Local Area Service Directory. Businesses can also market their services in our local area service direc- tory, marketed to all area agents. We only allow 3 ser- vice providers in each category and you get a FREE listing with your banner ad.• Sponsors also reach tens of thousands of poten- tial new clients! Vendors are also featured in RealtyRave, the monthly email newsletter sent to tens of thousands of area homeowners.• PREMIUM VERSION FREE TO ALL AREA AGENTS. As an Exclusive Preferred Vendor, you are gifting every agent with a free complimentary sub- scription to MoreSolds premium version, helping to ensure their loyalty. Each agent can lead to repeat relationships for years to come. Your LARGE Sponsorship Banner goes here!Dont Delay – ACT NOW.If you are interested in securing this valuablecustom banner position you should act nowbefore that slot is filled.Call today to reserve your position or simplyfax or email your enrollment form. 4
  5. 5. About MoreSolds is the software system that realtors use every day. It’s a powerful and easy-to-use online contact relationship manager and trans- action manager. “Now you can EASILY reach all of the agents in your market area AND their thousands of customer contacts…”For agents, the MoreSolds online software system features lots of must- use real estate tools in one. Some of the many features include: • Easy-to-Use and Complete Online Contact Manager • Online Transaction Manager with Client Portal • Online Document Storage • Lead Incubator/Manager with Web Capture Forms • Online Calendar with Scheduling Tools • Action Plans • Showing Scheduler and Showing Feedback Survey System • Drip Email Campaigns Module • Custom Branded Monthly E-Newsletter • Listings Manager • And Much More MoreSolds helps real estate agents: 1. Organize and streamline their business online 2. Reduce expenses 3. Produce more business and more income by maintaining contact with their database 4. Stay on top of their transactions from anywhere in the world 5. Generate a non-stop supply of leads 5
  6. 6. Build Agent Loyalty, Retention and Agent Production:As an extraordinary value-added benefit to real estate agents, national software giant, MoreSolds now offersa FREE Local Area Version to Realtors. As the exclusive area preferred vendor, you receive the credit forgifting each agent in the area with their own premium version. This is the complete MoreSolds premium’Cadillac’ package with all the bells and whistles. This version of MoreSolds normally costs $14/mo or$168/yr per agent.The idea is simple. You gift agents with an incredible contact management and transaction management so-lution, positioning you as a conscientious and revolutionary preferred vendor. You position yourself as a pre-ferred vendor for the entire area. Reach Local Agents AND all of their contacts... MoreSolds is the smart way to reach all of the Agents in your entire area AND their ex- tended database of tens of thousands of contacts. Your banner is prominently displayed in each monthly emailed issue of RealtyRave email newsletter. Each month, agents send out RealtyRave eNewsletter to their database. Our sponsors are prominently featured. By sponsoring the agent in your area, you could be introduced to a loyal client base of tens of thousands of potential consumers each month. 6
  7. 7. MoreSolds Preferred Vendor ProgramADVERTISING OPTIONSOption A Option BLARGE BANNER AD LISTING SERVICE DIRECTORY LISTING• REACH ALL Local Agents • REACH ALL Local Agents• NO COMPETITION! Limited to only 10 businesses • Limited to only 3 businesses per category (only ONE per business type) • Ad will run month-to-month. No Contract.• Ad will run month-to-month. No Contract.• BONUS: Get a FREE Service Directory Listing Which Option is Right for You?Option ALARGE BANNER AD LISTINGWith a Large Banner Ad Listing, you will be promi-nently featured on the main dashboard of MoreSolds.Agents will constantly see you throughout the day asthey are logged in and working in the system. The ban-ners rotate constantly and are limited to only 10 pre-ferred vendors. It’s ultra-exclusive because there is onlyONE vendor in each category! PLUS, you also get afree directory listing (a $99/mo value).This is the perfect option if you want:• maximum exposure to agents in your area.• the ability to reach agents constantly throughout the day.• to become the prominently featured ex- clusive preferred vendor in your category. LOCAL AREA SERVICE DIRECTORYOption B “The List More Local Real Estate Agents Refer to ”LOCAL SERVICE DIRECTORY LISTINGWith a local service directory listing, you can be a partof our exclusive area preferred vendor list. This ser-vice directory is featured on the dashboard of everypage in MoreSolds and is sent to all of the localagent’s contacts each month. The preferred vendorlist is very exclusive. It is limited to no more than 3businesses in each service category.This is the perfect option if you want:• to be a part of the area’s most widely cir- culated Realtor preferred vendor list.• the ability to reach all of the contacts of each local agent on a monthly basis.• to be one of only a few local businesses that agents refer all their clients to. 7