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Great PowerPoints by Mr. Langhorst in Missouri

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  1. 1. English started creating g g settlements in America because they hoped to find: • Gold • New job opportunities
  2. 2. English had not expected g p the dangers •Illness •Harsh climate •natives
  3. 3. SIR WALTER RALEIGH Sponsored first p American colony in i 1585 R Roanoke f il d k failed ge/raleigh.jpg due to lack of http://bookoseadogs.org/imag food and trouble with natives
  4. 4. JOINT STOCK COMPANY People p money together p put y g to fund colony projects Shared ownership of colony – profits and losses l fit dl
  5. 5. INVESTORS People that put money in p p y the joint stock company Shared profits as well as losses
  6. 6. MERCANTILSIM http://police-securitydirectory.com/images/world-map.jpg Economic system used by European nations to make money
  7. 7. Colonies provide the raw materials to the mother country in Europe The colonies then buy the finished products from the mother country in Europe
  8. 8. CHARTER written contract, issued by , y government, giving the company th right t the i ht to establish a colony
  9. 9. JAMESTOWN http://www.williamsburgprivatetours.com/j_tours.htm Established in 1607 Founded by Virginia Company of England
  10. 10. http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/1 161361main_image e_feature_682_ys_4.jpg
  11. 11. aunchinMaine.jpg 0/t/8/GodspeedLa about.com/d/dc/1/0 http://z.a Ships sailed into Chesapeake Bay and then up the James River th J Ri
  12. 12. http://www.utd dallas.edu/~pkj j010100/US/jam mestown.jpg
  13. 13. First Jamestown settlers searched for gold and riches instead of getting food and shelter http://cache.eb.com/eb/image?id=83680&rendTypeId=4
  14. 14. http://www.keithrocco.com/store/images/lg_jamestown-1650s.jpg Many of the original Jamestown settlers died in first years
  15. 15. JOHN SMITH Took control of Smith.jpg /300px-CaptJohnS the situation in Jamestown wp/en/thumb/e/e0/ Made people work om/main/content/w if they wanted to y content.answers.co be a part of settlement ttl t http://c
  16. 16. k don’t eat! work, you declared : If you don’t John Smith http://w www.visionforum m.com/hottopics/b blogs/dwp/john_smith.jpg
  17. 17. http://content.a answers.com/main/con ntent/img/getty/2/5/293 31025.jpg JOHN ROLFE local chief Married Powhatan daughter of Pocahontas,
  18. 18. Rolfe improved the p cooperation with the natives and found a way to make the settlement money http://www.electricfreeze.com/art/tobacco/little_plant.jpg
  19. 19. TOBACCO Soil easy grows tobacco yg and soon plants are everywhere h http://www.oldhalifax.com/county/images/tobacco2.jpg This crop begins to make the colony a profit
  20. 20. HEADRIGHT A 50 acre land grant to g anyone who paid their own way to Virginia t Vi i i
  21. 21. INDENTURED SERVANTS Person who works for a set time without pay in exchange f f h for free passage to America
  22. 22. p assembly First representative http://www.charlo ottesville-area-real-estate.com/virginia%20house% %20of%20burgesses.jpg HOUSE OF BURGESSES
  23. 23. It elected representatives p once a year Passes local laws and taxes
  24. 24. ROYAL COLONY Ruled by king’s appointed y g pp officials