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Apps for journalists


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Aplicaciones para reporteros

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Apps for journalists

  1. 1. Apps for JournalistsTipsheetApp   Tool   Use  AP  Mobile   both  Android  &  iPhone  major  news  push  notifications  Banjo   both  Android  &  iPhone  track  social  media  chatter  around  breaking  news  locations  near  you  or  far  away  Camera+   iPhone   better  quality  pictures  than  the  camera  that  comes  with  iPhone  but  a  bit  clunky  to  use  Dictionary   both  Android  &  iPhone  look  up  words,  spelling  in  a  hurry  Dragon  Dictation   iPhone   dictate  your  notes  with  voice  and  it  transcribes  for  you  DropBox   iPhone   universal  system  using  the  cloud  to  put  documents,  pictures,  video  to  share  with  other  regardless  of  platform  Elements   iPhone   text  editor  Evernote   both  Android  &  iPhone  take  notes,  write  scripts  and  copy,  track  locations  visited  FlightTracker   both  Android  &  iPhone  track  airplanes  in  the  sky  live  through  a  camera  lens  Galaxy  SIII  camera  mount     both  Android  &  iPhone  NOT  an  app  per  se,  but  cool  device  to  mount  to  use  your  iPhone  or  Android  camera  on  a  conventional  tripod  Genius  Scan   iPhone    Google  Maps   both  Android  &  iPhone  find  out  where  you  are  or  where  youre  going    Google  Now   both  Android  &  iPhone  gives  info  based  on  your  searches  HootSuite   both  Android  &  iPhone  track  social  media  on  various  platforms-­‐-­‐    COST  TO  USE  iENG   iPhone   multi-­‐media  platform  where  you  can  record  video  or  still  pictures  then  send  them  in  to  the  newsroom  seamlessly  iJuror   iPad   details  on  jurors  at  trial  iTeleport:  VNC   iPhone   access  home  computer  LiveATC   iPhone   listen  to  air  traffic  controllers  anywhere  in  the  world  MapQuest   both  Android  &  iPhone  good  map  app,  use  it  like  a  GPS  Merriam  Webster   both  Android  &  iPhone  dictionary  for  look  up    PF  Air   iPhone   track  airplanes  in  the  sky  live  through  a  camera  lens  Plane  Finder   iPhone   watch  planes  in  flight  on  radar  with  flight  numbers  Reporters  Committee   iPhone   immediate  legal  resources  for  reporters  in  the  field  from  the  Reporters  Committee  for  Freedom  of  the  Press  RoadNinja   iPhone   terrific  app  to  show  food,  lodging,  gas  stations  at  exits  along  the  way  when  on  the  road  Scanner  Radio   both  Android  &  iPhone  police  scanner  ScannerLoader   iPhone   scan  and  load  documents  to  manage  them  SoundCloud   both  Android  &  iPhone  voice  recording  Statute  Apps   both  Android  &  iPhone  for  state  laws  
  2. 2. Textastic   both  Android  &  iPhone  text  editor  Trapcall   both  Android  &  iPhone  unmask  blocked  calls  Tripit   both  Android  &  iPhone  business  travel-­‐-­‐keeps  up  and  reminds  you  of  all  your  upcoming  booked  travel  plans  Tweetdeck   both  Android  &  iPhone  social  media  aggregator  Twitter   both  Android  &  iPhone  keep  up  with  latest  news  via  tweets…  especially  useful  on  breaking  news,  elections,  fluid  situations,  well-­‐known  people  announcements  VoiceMemos   iPhone   record  memos  with  your  voice  or  do  interviews  as  old  fashion  audio  recording  Wickr   iPhone   secure  communications  between  parties  (both  have  to  sign  up)  with  timed  destruction  to  get  rid  of  all  communication  after  certain  time  WolframAlpha   Android   tech  knowledge  engine  app  WordPress   iPhone   publishing  WorldMate   both  Android  &  iPhone  travel  WriteRoom   both  Android  &  iPhone  writing  app  RecordMyCall   Android  only   record  incoming  and  outgoing  phone  calls