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Content migration - CSV to Drupal 8


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Leveraging the migrate module for migrating content into Drupal 8 from CSV files

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Content migration - CSV to Drupal 8

  1. 1. Content Migration: CSV to Drupal 8 Hector Iribarne @hectoriribarne Track: Development & Performance Level: Intermediate
  2. 2. @hectoriribarne Hector Iribarne ( Drupal Site Builder & Developer (since 2007) Broward Drupal co-founder iribarne on and IRC Contributed Contentin and Contentout modules (D7 sandbox modules) #FLDC16
  3. 3. #FLDC16@hectoriribarne Main Topics Demo migrating content into D8 from a CSV file Demo migrating users into D8 from a CSV file Let’s look at some D8 code!
  4. 4. Basics: Migrating Content CSV into Drupal 8 @hectoriribarne #FLDC16
  5. 5. @hectoriribarne #FLDC16 Drupal 8 - Migrating from a CSV source - Basics : ● Drupal 8 contrib migrate modules: ○ Migrate Plus ○ Migrate Tools ○ Migrate Source CSV ● Great example (reference for this presentation) on migrating content into Drupal 8 from Lucas Hedding, the maintainer of the Migrate Source CSV module: https://github. com/heddn/d8_custom_migrate
  6. 6. @hectoriribarne DB from Site 1 (D7) CSV file (users) [(h)header, (c)content] Site 2 (D8) Site 1 (D7) CSV to Drupal 8 Content/User Migration: Contentout (One-click to generate CSV file from Site 1) d8_migr8_csv2pages 1 2 Legend: (h) header (c) content Sandbox module Custom modules Demo number #FLDC16 Presentation in one slide 1 h c c c CSV file (pages) [(h)header, (c)content] h c c c migr8_users SQL query (generate CSV file from Site 1 DB) SELECT FROM WHERE
  7. 7. Demo 1: CSV content into D8 @hectoriribarne #FLDC16
  8. 8. Demo 2: CSV users into D8 @hectoriribarne #FLDC16
  9. 9. What we covered in both demos @hectoriribarne #FLDC16
  10. 10. @hectoriribarne #FLDC16 Drupal 7 content to export:
  11. 11. @hectoriribarne #FLDC16 Create CSV file in Drupal 7 using Contentout:
  12. 12. @hectoriribarne #FLDC16 Pages.csv file:
  13. 13. @hectoriribarne #FLDC16 Import CSV content into Drupal 8:
  14. 14. @hectoriribarne #FLDC16 Voila! Content migrated to D8:
  15. 15. @hectoriribarne #FLDC16 Drupal 7 users to export:
  16. 16. @hectoriribarne #FLDC16 SQL query for users:
  17. 17. @hectoriribarne #FLDC16 qb_users.csv file:
  18. 18. @hectoriribarne #FLDC16 Import CSV users into Drupal 8:
  19. 19. @hectoriribarne #FLDC16 Voila! Users migrated to D8:
  20. 20. Let’s look at some code!!! @hectoriribarne #FLDC16
  21. 21. @hectoriribarne #FLDC16 Links: ● Code/files: CSV to D8 Migration ○ ● Contentout sandbox module ○ ○ git clone --branch 7.x-1.x contentout ● Content Migration: CSV to Drupal 7 ○ migration
  22. 22. Questions? Hector Iribarne @hectoriribarne
  23. 23. If you liked my presentation, follow me on Twitter: @hectoriribarne Go Fish:Details: Hector Iribarne d.o. username: iribarne #FLDC16