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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Links Scientific Name Range Diet Physical Description Breeding info Special Behavior or Unique Anatomy Weird Info Conclusion
  2. 2. Scientific Name The Tiger’s scientific name is Panthera Tigris
  3. 3. Range Asia Turkey west to the eastern coast of Russia.
  4. 4. Diet Sambar Gaur Chital Barasigna Wild Boar Nilgali both Water Buffalo and Domestic Buffalo Leopards Pythons Sloth bears Crocodiles.
  5. 5. Physical Description Black Stripes, Golden In some cases White with Black Stripes Gold With white.
  6. 6. Breeding Info November and April 3-4 cubs
  7. 7. Special Behavior or UniqueAnatomy Solitary Not really a threat to humans only if it feels that it has to protect his territory or her cubs Swimmers
  8. 8. Weird Info Spray Urine to mark their Territory.
  9. 9. Conclusion The Tiger comes in 3 Colors and many sizes. They spray urine to mark there territory. There Scientific name is a Panthera Tigris.