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Pit Bulls For Adoption at Franklin County Humane Society

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  1. 1. Currently the Franklin CountyHumane Society Is Very Full. THE MAJORITY OF THE DOGS BEING HOUSED AT THE SHELTER ARE PIT BULL OR PIT BULL MIXES…
  2. 2. Franklin County Humane Society 1041 Kentucky Ave. Frankfort, KY 502-875-7297 We all know the stereotype that surrounds the Pit Bull breed, but here is what many people surprisingly do not know…
  3. 3. Franklin County Humane Society 1041 Kentucky Ave. Frankfort, KY 502-875-7297 This breed, made up of terrier and bulldog blood lines, is most known by canine professionals for their extreme desire to please their owner, loyal behavior, as well as their high intelligence and easy ability to be trained.
  4. 4. Franklin County Humane Society 1041 Kentucky Ave. Frankfort, KY 502-875-7297 Also, their breed is known for very minimal health risks associated with them. The average pit bull has a litter of 5-10 puppies and with the vast number of people who do not spay or neuter their animals it is no wonder shelters are not only crowded to begin with but the majority of the dogs in the shelters are pit bulls.
  5. 5. Franklin County Humane Society 1041 Kentucky Ave. Frankfort, KY 502-875-7297 Here are some of the Pit Bull and Pit Bull Mixes who are available for adoption at the Franklin County Humane Society!
  6. 6. BabyPit Bull Terrier Adult Female  Hey there! My name is Baby! I have been living at the Franklin County Humane Society since February 1, 2012. I was seized from my original home by Animal Control because I was extremely emaciated and still trying to nurse my 5 puppies. I waited at the shelter for a month waiting to find out if they would get custody of me, my puppies and my boyfriend Peanut in the court case. While I was waiting I got tons of food every day and finally put back on my appropriate weight! I was so pleased when I found out I had won the court case and was going to be able to be spayed and get all of my shots and then be adopted by someone who would love and care for me the way I deserve since I am a very sweet girl! All of my puppies have gone to rescue and I am still waiting for someone to come and fall in love with me the way I know I will them! Most dogs like me would hold resentment because of all I have been through; however I use my past as a reason to love everyone as much as possible! Please come see me at the Franklin County Humane Society!
  7. 7. TimberPit Bull Terrier Adult Male  Hello there! My name is Timber! This is my second time at the Franklin County Humane Society. The first time I was brought in by Animal Control. After that I got adopted and my owners had to bring me back, they were broken hearted to do so. They were so sad when they dropped me off, they kept saying what a good dog I was, I just couldn’t stay with them because I kept wanting to play too rough with this toy they had, I think the human word for it is a cat. I play way to rough with those kinds of toys and everyone says I probably shouldn’t go to a home that has those. It’s ok though because I know I have plenty of dog and human friends! I even like those little humans they call children! Those are my favorite because they like to throw toys for me and love on me! I hope you come to visit me and play with me in the play yard to see my true personality because I can be a little shy in my kennel. Maybe I could even show you some of my favorite things to do when I am outside! I think we would have a blast! Hope to see you soon!
  8. 8. NikkiPit Bull Terrier Adult Female  Hey Ya’ll!! My name is Nikki! I am a playful girl but know exactly when it’s a time to play and a time to behave! I was picked up by Animal Control, brought to the Franklin County Humane Society, and preceded to wait for 5 days to see if anyone would claim me. After no one came looking for me the shelter staff spayed me, gave me all of my shots and told me it was time to put on my game face on because I am officially up for adoption!! This was the greatest news of my life! How could anyone not want me? I am great with other dogs and kids. I listen and stay right by your side when we walk, and I am very attentive to whatever you are asking of me! I am the entire package as you humans say! I really hope you come see me sometime; there is no doubt in my mind you will leave with me if you do!
  9. 9. TupacPit Bull Terrier Adult Male  Hey! What’s going on? Wanna play? Will you throw that ball? Wanna go for a walk? Can we cuddle? OH MY GOSH, can I give you kisses right now? What about a hug? Oh, yeah I am supposed to be telling you about me, I am sorry, I got distracted! My name is Tupac! I am an aspiring pro-football line backer! I love to play, run, go for walks, cuddle on the couch, just about ANYTHING that involves being right there next to you! I am house broken and love other dogs as long as they aren’t real small. I am not a fan of cats, they resemble squeaky toys just a little too much for me! When it comes to you and I, I promise to be a gentle giant! I will do nothing but show you love and give you my whole heart! I have been at the shelter for a VERY long time and really need to get out of this place soon! I really hope you come and see me, you may not only be my soul mate, but my saving grace! I hope to see you soon, gotta go chase this tennis ball!!!
  10. 10. DaisyPit Bull Terrier Adult Female  Hey There! My name is Daisy! I am such a good dog and do some really fun tricks! I don’t get why my humans tied me up to a pole in a park in Frankfort and just left me there! I told them I loved them every day! I am moving past my abandonment and starting to figure out other dogs and already know I DO NOT like cats! It might take me some time to warm up to you (give me about 5 minutes) but it is only because when I fall for someone I fall hard and I don’t want to be hurt again! Everyone talks about how cute I am, and I really hope you feel the same way because I would LOVE to find a forever home!
  11. 11. GingerPit Bull Terrier Adult Female  Hey Everyone! My name is Ginger! My original owners brought me to the shelter after I was done having puppies for them. I have been pretty sad here because I have never been much for other animals, just people. I am already house broken and I am a pretty laid back dog once you get to know me. I will be your best friend no doubt, but like most mothers I like some time to myself as well. If I was stranded on a deserted island and could only bring three things with me it would be my food bowl, a bag of dog food, and my new best friend (that’s YOU, the human reading this by the way). I really hope you come down to the shelter and check me out! We could discuss vacation ideas!
  12. 12. ShelbyPit Bull Terrier Adult Female  My name is Shelby, I am a bit shy so I am going to do my best telling you about myself. It was about a month ago that I realized oh my goodness I am just wondering around lost! I was so scared and didn’t know how to get home! That is when this man in a white truck picked me up. He told me everything was going to be ok and he was going to take me to the Franklin County Humane Society where they would try to find my owner. After no one came looking for me I was spayed and given all of my shots! That is the day that told me I was officially up for adoption!!! I thought what? Adoption? Me? Well this isn’t going to be fair! I am not nearly as vocal or outgoing as these other dogs! I like to just keep to myself, mind my own business and cuddle up with a good book next to my owner! I love to have that one on one time with a person and just really hope someone can look past my shy side and find the room in their homes and hearts for me to join their family. A family, that’s all I want! Please come visit me at the shelter and see if I am the right addition to your home! You could be the answer to my prayers!
  13. 13. DrakePit Bull Terrier Adult Male  Ok, I am just going to start off by saying…My name is Drake, and I am simply the most handsome and masculine man you will ever meet! I know I know, it comes across a bit conceited, but let’s be honest when you look like me it’s not a matter of being conceited, just the truth. I really don’t care much for the other dogs; they really don’t fit into my daily routine of gym, tan, and laundry aka “GTL”. I love to work out, if you haven’t noticed, so someone who would want to run and play with me would me AMAZING!! I am really looking for the special person who shares my interests and will love me forever!! Come visit me at the shelter and you will see what a REAL dog looks like!
  14. 14. CleoPit Bull Terrier Adult Female  I was so happy when the shelter staff asked me to write this and not speak it! I have a bit of some trouble talking because I split my tongue before I showed up at the shelter! It doesn’t affect that way I eat or drink, or the way I love, or the way I LOVE to play with the water hose! I am telling you that thing is the greatest invention ever! I could spend my entire day rolling around with that hose! The other dogs are alright too, don’t get me wrong I like playing with them, but that HOSE! I just can’t get over it! I really hope you come to visit me at the shelter! I would love to have a forever home with you! I promise I will love you just as much as I love playing with the water hose!!!
  15. 15. AbigailPit Bull Terrier Adult Female  HEY!!! My name is Abigail! I arrived at the shelter after Animal Control picked me up wondering around Frankfort. No one came to claim me so the shelter staff spayed me, gave me all of my shots and put me up for adoption! How cool is that?! So now I spend my days playing with my toys (one of my absolute favorite things to do is play!) and I watch the people walk through and wonder who will pick me!! I really hope it will be you! I am great with other dogs, but I have not figured cats out just yet. I LOVE playing with kids! They always have just as much energy as me! I really hope you will fall in love with me and take me home with you! Please come see me at the shelter, I promise you won’t be disappointed!!
  16. 16. FranklinPit Bull Terrier Adult Male  Hi, my name is Franklin! Everyone tells me I am a Pit Bull Terrier, but I swear I must be a Chihuahua! I like long walks on the beach, candle lit Purina dinners, cuddling, and giving kisses. I promise to give you my whole heart as long as you give me yours! I thought I was in love once, but the sad truth is I got lost and Animal Control picked me up. I spent 2 months at the Franklin County Humane Society before my original owners (and first loves) even realized they should be looking for me. They called after they saw my picture posted on the shelter’s Facebook page. When they were told I had been there two months so I had been neutered and given all of my shots they said they no longer wanted me because I was neutered. My heart was broken knowing they didn’t want me anymore, but the nice people at FCHS assured me it wasn’t my fault and I would find someone who loved me. I spend my days now playing with the other dogs and dreaming of who my soul mate might be! I really hope my true love sees this and comes to meet me at the Franklin County Humane Society. I am already house broken and would at most need a reminder and I promise to love you forever if you can love me back!