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Heidi Eckart

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Heidi Eckart

  1. 1. Technology: A Key Ingredient for Student Success Presented by: Heidi Eckart
  2. 2. Key Ingredients in Student Success Student Achievement Preparing for the 21st Century Professional Development Costs
  3. 3. Key Ingredients in Student Achievement Improved Test Scores Decrease in Effectiveness Absenteeism of Instructor Better Change in Understanding Attitudes Of Concepts
  4. 4. Preparing Our Students for the 21st Century Increased Collaboration Exposed to new material Higher reasoning and problem solving skills
  5. 5. “The effectiveness of technology is directly tied to the effectiveness of the instructional design, content, and teaching strategies employed by the teachers.” -Thomas K. Glennan & Arthur Melmed, Fostering the Use of Educational Technology: Elements of a National Strategy
  6. 6. Benefits to Teachers Students take a more active role in the classroom. • Self esteem is enhanced • Attitudes towards school improves • Student motivation is improved • Fewer discipline problems occur • Absenteeism is decreased • Exposes students to material previously unavailable • Test scores improve • Students are engaged in the learning process
  7. 7. Teachers Using Internet-based Instruction Comparison of Midwest Schools with a 50% Minimum of Teachers Using Internet-based Instruction, 2004-05 Source: Palozzi, Vincent & Spradlin, Terry (2006)
  8. 8. Outcomes of Professional Development for Teachers Increase in Knowledge Students learn more in less time More learning styles are reached
  9. 9. Benefits to Teachers cont. Proper Willingness Learning Better Training to Change time Instruction It All Boils Down to Improved Student Learning
  10. 10. Costs involved in implementing technology into schools Hardware and Professional Software Development Using available Troubleshooting resources
  11. 11. Recap Costs involved Key Ingredients Professional Student Development for Student Achievement Success Prepared for the Future

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