Sorting Thoughts Reference Card (Mac OS X)


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Quick Reference Card for Sorting Thoughts v1.0.2 (Mac OS X)

Sorting Thoughts is a personal information and knowledge management software.

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Sorting Thoughts Reference Card (Mac OS X)

  1. 1. v1.0.2 / English / Mac OS X Sorting Thoughts - Reference Card Simple Thought More Information Simple Thought in mobile sync Handbook: Project Download: Task Report a bug: Event Bug Tracking: ShortcutCreate thought ⌘+NDuplicate thought ⌘+DRename thought ⌘+RMark thought with a color ⌘+FCreate sub thought ⌘+KSelect active thought in tree ⌘+LPrint thought ⌘+PSave thought ⌘+SSave all thoughts ⇧+⌘+SClose thought ⌘+WClose all thoughts ⇧+⌘+WShow shortcuts ⇧+⌘+LShow settings ⌘+,Follow link ⌘ + left mouse buttonAdd tag ⌘+TFull screen (on / off) ⇧+⌘+F